Train Ride | Sam x Reader Imagine|

Okay I know I said that AU week was over but this was just TOO hard to ignore. So I swear, this is the LAST one!

Also, bit of a heads up for those who don’t live in Europe…

In Europe there are trains that travel from place to place. The reason is because the major cities like Paris and London are close to each other. They can also pull into towns that have train stations.

Lesson over. Go enjoy.

I sighed, plopping down in the coach seats and pulled out my phone while silently hoping that the battery would last for the entire 7-hour trip.

But before I set in my headphones and tried to sleep off the long hours I was stunned to find out that there were no other passengers in sight.

But the moment I said that…

A really cute guy walked in.

He was really tall. I mean tall, tall. With killer dimples, long brown hair that touched his shoulders, and brown eyes that looked tired and worn by more than travel or sleep.

A small blush crept it’s way onto my cheeks and I forced myself to look away. As if… a guy like that must definitively have a girlfriend.

With a small growl I curled into my seat just as the train departed from the station.

My eyes snapped open at the sound of whirring gears and rain beating against the window.

“…The hell?” I mumbled.

“Hey… are you awake?” A concerned voice echoed from the darkness.

I ripped off my blanket and tried stumbling towards where I heard the sound, “Yeah… I’m awake… what happened?”

“I’m not sure. I think something happened to the generators… “ My hand drifted over the hand of the guy and I just realized that there was nobody else in the train.

Let me rephrase that.

I am alone. In the dark. In a train. With a hot guy. For who knows how long.

“Ah… when do you think it will start back up?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe a few hours?” My eyes widened, not like he’d be able to see anyway.

“What!?” No way… I needed to get back to London by tomorrow!

The tall man sighed, sinking to the floor and resting his head on the seat’s side. With an awkward shuffle I fell beside him and tried my hardest to force the words out of my mouth.

“So… what’s your name?”

After a pause I finally got my answer. “Sam… Sam Winchester”

“Y/N L/N” I hastily followed.

“Nice to meet you…”

I could practically cut the atmosphere with a knife it felt so thick. 

“So, heading home or just traveling?” I asked.

“Just… running” Scoffing, I slowly let the tenseness in my muscles dissipate.

“Yeah, I know the feeling” Sam tilted his head towards me in mild curiosity.

He blinked, “From?”

I ran a hand through my hair, “Life? Debt? Problems? Take your pick… What about you?”

“…Family” I shook my head, looking at the traveler.

“Sam let me tell you something. If you’ve got a family that cares about you then you don’t dare run away” My voice snapped.

The Winchester looked at me sadly, “What about you? Don’t you have family?”

“Nope. I ran out on them when I was 15. They called once. Just once. Saying that if I get into that train and if I leave then I should never come back. Five months later I’m alone and broke, come back home for help. They never even opened the door for me”

“I’m sorry…” Sam’s hand found mine and held it tightly in reassurance. I don’t think I’d ever admit it but it felt gut-wrenching to spill out all my problems like this.

It felt so good… So damn good to have his hand holding mine. Like I was a burning in fire and he managed to pull me out of the flames.

I shook my head, “Alright then, Winchester, I gave you my backstory and now it’s your turn.

“Fine. When I was a kid my mom, she… died. My dad went crazy trying to hunt down her killer and… he… he screwed up our lives. He trained us like soldiers when he wasn’t getting drunk and beating my brother, Dean. He always took the fall for me… always protected me… and one day I wanted to get out of the job” Sam’s brown eyes were clouded with guilt, and a desire to change what he’d done in the past.

“I went to college. Life was good… and my father practically disowned me” With a depressed chuckle I gave him a look that said, “We’re in the same boat”

“My girlfriend was killed by the guy who killed my mom” My stomach dropped, pity flooding through my veins.

A blurry tear clouded my vision as Sam poured out his feelings to a complete stranger. Why? Why was he doing this? He didn’t even know me…

“I joined up with my brother to find who killed her… the bastard ended up gutting my father a few months later”

“Holy shit…” I muttered. I can’t believe it. Here I am, going on about how shitty my life is. When Sam has had to go through hell.

“Eventually… I killed him. The one who killed Mom, Jessica, Dad…” Now most would have been scared, at least startled at the fact they were sitting next to a killer. But I didn’t feel anything…

Sam’s breathing became slightly uneven and I could barely hear his voice under the sound of the storm. “I was too far in. I got my brother into bad shit. And even after all of that I still dragged him down. I got into a bad crowd… I…I…”

I my grip on his hand tightened, trying to hold onto the tragic soldier so he wouldn’t disappear.

“Eventually I brought up hell. I started the apocalypse. And my brother still thinks we can stop it. Like we can fix what I broke…” His words confused me but I could still make out what he was trying to say.

And it broke my heart.

“Sam…” He seemingly broke out of his stupor, looking at me strangely with downcast eyes.

“Hey… I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t have…” I shook my head feverishly, trying my hardest to comfort the tortured soul.

But in one instantly almost all the lights flickered on and the train jerked into motion once again. With the awkward position we had assumed on the floor we were sent down the isle and in a stumble… he managed to fall on top of me.

“Y/N-” I cut him short by pressing my lips onto his before he could say another word.

Sam’s eyes widened, shocked still by the feeling of my lips on his. But just as I was starting to think I had crossed over the line and should pull away he slowly ran a hand through my hair and settled on the back of my head, pulling me closer to him.

When the oxygen in my lungs began to burn with deprivation I was forced to pull away, gasping for breath.

“Wow…” I breathed out.

“Yeah… wow…” Sam muttered in return.

With a blush spreading across my cheeks I could only manage a small jumble of words before collapsing from the friction developing between our bodies.

“So… can we do that again?”

Let’s just say, it was a very fulfilling ride to London.

Wow… that was longer than expected. But it turned out so well!!

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my hair makes me feel like a different fantasy creature everyday and i guess today i was a mermaid… or merman?

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Inuyasha's animation in Episode 146

This is my favorite art style in the anime in terms of animation, particularly Inuyasha’s! I have noticed that whenever its the “Inuyasha’s fluffy bangs” artstyle, his movements (especially his hair ♥) are exaggerated alot and I really, really, really love that omg!! I always squeal!!!♥