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12. 77. and 42.

My five favorite songs right now are

When You Were Young - The Killers.

Boston - Augustana.

Comedown - Bush.

Blackbird - The Beatles.

Wasting My Time - Default. 

Chocolate or Vanilla?

I always say vanilla, but then I put so much chocolate syrup on it that it basically turns to dark chocolate ice cream. When it comes to milkshakes though, I always pick chocolate.

If you’re being extremely quiet, what does it mean?

It depends on the situation, really? 

I mean, when I’m around someone I’m very comfortable with I either talk way too much, or I don’t talk at all. I’m odd at being able to be in someone’s company and not be able to say a word and be extremely comfortable. A lot of my friends find it uncomfortable, and always think there’s something wrong with me. 

But if I were to be in public and was being very quiet, that would mean my anxiety is acting up and I’m not sure how to act, or what to say, not wanting to talk a lot so people wouldn’t look at me. Or, if I’m around someone that I don’t know well, I won’t talk very much because I’m not comfortable around them.

RGB, you rose bush killer-you destroyed those pretty yellow roses!! 
For some reason I kept talking to myself and repeating that line while drawing this. XD

After seeing Mod’s picture of Hero as a grown up my imagination immediately went wild with headcanons of what would happen if after the events of The Property of Hate RGB went back to the real world to see Hero again. The ongoing webcomic is nowhere NEAR done and knowing Mod, this probably won’t be entirely possible…

But I’m allowed to dream :D

RGB’s suit design was one I fan-created in a TPoH fanfic The Property of Clothes. At first I was going to go with a green one I did in another TPoH fanfic My Hero, but I wanted him to stand out more, and I didn’t feel like doing a purple one from the same fanfic (because I’m too lazy to do the lilac pinstripes down his pants ^^;)  So I went with the ‘peppermint bowtie’ outfit! :3

After I settled on RGB’s colors, I decided to make the roses yellow and orange to A) contrast with  RGB and B) red and pink roses have been done a MILLION times.

Backstory time! 

A long while after the events of TPoH, RGB wants to revisit the real world to see Hero again. Not to meet her face-to-face, being the coward he is, but just to see how she’s doing. He also has no idea how much time exactly has passed in the outside world. He first tries her house, thinking she may still live there, but turns out it’s just her parents-he suspects Hero is now grown up and has moved out. Luckily he hides until the home is empty, snoops around, and discovers what appears to be a letter to Hero’s mom from Hero. He finds the envelope with the return address (Hero’s address, presumably), steals the envelope, and runs off. Turns out the address is a good three hours away by car, in an old but comfy home with a huge backyard aka garden. RGB stands on the roof and starts to get nostalgia about when he first met Hero. He then hears someone shout 'HEY!’, which makes him lose his balance and fall from the roof into a thick yellow rose bush. While he’s try to untangle himself from it, he hears the same voice say 'Are you okay?!’. He finally gets a good look at the owner of the voice…and slowly realizes it’s Hero…as an adult.

And she immediately recognizes RGB.

And happy tears are shed. ;w;

Hero’s hobby is gardening-hence the beautiful garden and what she was doing earlier. She’s now in her early thirties and a stay-at-home-mo–whoa whoa whoa, I’m getting ahead of myself here. I think I’ll save the rest of my headcanon/dream details for another time X3
End of backstory time :)

The Property of Hate and characters belong to Mod