Here are the rest of my Men of Twin Peaks pin-ups! 

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Today is the anniversary of Laura Palmer’s death—and Dale Cooper’s arrival in Twin Peaks

There’s always one date that can be counted on by fans of the strangest, eeriest, campiest, damn-good-coffee-(and hot!)-est series in television history: February 24. It was on this date in 1989 that the body of (fictional) homecoming queen Laura Palmer washed ashore, wrapped in plastic. But because Twin Peaks is a place of duality—where there’s a Mike for every Killer Bob—this tragic exit was met with a heroic entrance. February 24 is also the date of Dale Cooper’s arrival in Twin Peaks, as committed to microcasette at the 36-minute mark of the show’s feature-length pilot, in the first of many recorded missives to his never-seen assistant, Diane.

Traveling through the darkness of future’s past to February 24, 2016, fans can be found chanting out between two worlds (the real world and the social media world) “#TwinPeaksDay,” marking the occasion by sharing memories, gratuitous pie and donut photography, and fan tributes like this gorgeous video from motion designer Gloria Gemignani.

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The spotlight shining on Maddy in “Episode 14” is an important part of David Lynch’s cinematography for the Leland/BOB revelation scene. Before the scene, the spotlight shines on The Giant in The Roadhouse–a public place–and is mirrored when Maddy comes downstairs in the Palmer’s home–a private place. The Giant transmuted both places and focused on the difference between Leland’s public appearance and his private appearance (BOB).