Since AU-KG would go to a fancy school/institute, she would have a fancy uniform as well so I had to draw her in it. There are probably a bunch of variations such as with a sweater instead of the jacket or stuff but here we go.

On a sidenote, she probably has a thing where she made herself a bed in her closet to sleep whenever her big room gets to her too much and she needs to relax from it.


I promised myself i wasn’t gonna make a villain deku…but i wind up doing it anyway *cries* not to mention on deku’s birthday….terrible timing, right?

Villain!Deku-The Hero Lover: Deku snaps after years of bullying/discouragement from people around him. Tomura finds the broken boy and crowns him his own “Little brother”. Deku became Stain’s apprentice while developing his own twisted theory of what heroes are meant. It seems that deku is too far gone…and yet….there is that one scar faced boy who refuses to give up on him.

Here is my illustration for the Suicide Squad Movie :) A great fan here :D

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~☆  B-PROJECT ☆~

キタコレ [Kitakore] / MooNs / THRIVE / KiLLER KiNG

Magazine cover:

► Tomohisa Kitakado (キタコレ / Kitakore)
► Masunaga Kazuna (MooNs)

☆Officialrelease date: July 26, 2016

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underswap sans vs killer sans

 based on this comic  by @rahafwabas

this was really Really REALLY hard to finish beacause both my laptop and my mouse decided to lag on me today and alot of housework that came out of nowhere uuugh

but i guess it came out pretty good i guess?

tell me your opinion :D

and there is a speed paint and animation well come out soon so stay tuned ;)