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what were the staff doin when nygma was hiding all those riddler trophies? were they cheering him on??? or like ‘that dudes at it again’ 'whats he doing this time?’ 'scaling the fuckin asylum,, without any help,, to the tippy t o p.’ seriously he straight up wins the Most Extra Villian Ever award


It all began to unfold when police were searching for 24-year-old, Shannan Gilbert, a Craigslist escort who had disappeared in May 2010 after meeting a client by the name of Joseph Bewer near Oak Beach. Something had spooked Shannan and she fled his home, screaming. She made a phone call to 911 in which she exclaimed “They’re trying to kill me!” before begging one his his neighbours for help. Her driver, Michael Pak, had tried her to get back into his car but she refused. She carried on running away. From what, nobody knows for sure. The last time she was seen alive, she was running up the street, screaming and begging for help but to no avail.

The Suffolk County Police paid no attention to her disappearance due to the fact that she was an escort. It wasn’t until seven months later that they finally investigated the case and what they discovered, would shock the entire world - four bodies evenly spaced out along Ocean Parkway, wrapped in burlap, none of which were Shannan. They found the body of Maureen Brainard-Barnes who went missing three years earlier, Melissa Barthelemy who went missing in 2009, Megan Waterman who went missing a month after Shannan, and Amber Lynn Costello who went missing earlier in the year. The women were similar to Shannan in that they were all petite women in their 20′s and all worked as Craigslist escorts. They had all been strangled elsewhere and then dumped.

Over the next year, six more bodies, and body parts, were discovered around the same area of Gilgo and Oak Beach. Among the bodies was that of an Asian man wearing a dress and a young toddler, who is believed to be the child of one of the escort’s found. Five of the discovered victims, including the aforementioned three, still remain unidentified. Authorities believe that all ten bodies are the victim of one serial killer, who has become known as “The Long Island Serial Killer” and also commonly referred to as “The Gilgo Killer.”

On 13, December, 2011, the body of Shannan Gilbert, the woman who set off the investigation, was finally discovered. She was found nearby in a swamp. Authorities ruled her death as accidental, but many people, her mother included, do not share this view due to the fact that she fits the victim profile of the women who have been killed by this unidentified serial killer. She was also discovered in the same area as the other victims and this would not explain the terror and fear of something or someone that she experienced on the night of her disappearance.

Ten more bodies have been discovered in the same area but authorities have not linked them to The Long Island Serial Killer. It appears as though the area had been a dumping ground for serial killers for many years, including Joel Rifkin.


Some New Zealand orca appreciation <3

I believe these pics are split across two encounters I had, one in the beautiful Bay of Islands and the other off the stunning Whangarei coastline.

Both out on Ingrid’s research boat, so all images  © myself (Kate O’Neil) and (not to be re-used without permission)


Jim Clemente, retired FBI agent, talks about the psychology and profiling of serial killers, as well as Jon Benet Ramsey, and Jeffrey Dahmer. He also discusses the Jodi Arias case, the Long Island Serial Killer, and more. 

love this vid. plus i kinda want jim clemente’s career. he was a prosecutor, then worked in the behavioral analysis unit, and now he writes for criminal minds. 

In the early hours of February 1, 1982, Tina Foglia (19) was at Hammerheads, a club in West Islip, New York. She went to see a local band from Queens she liked, before leaving at around 3 am. Her family reported her missing on February 3. 

That was also the day they found her dismembered body, put inside several plastic bags and left in an exit ramp in Sagtikos Parkway, in Suffolk County. The autopsy determined she had died of asphyxia by smothering, and that her limbs had been cleanly cut, possibly with a butcher’s knife.

Tina’s murder has never been solved and the case remains open, with police still asking for tips as recently as June 2017. Some have theorized that she might have been a victim of the still unidentified Long Island Serial Killer, since Suffolk County has been the area he’s left bodies and Sagtikos Parkway leads to Oak and Gilgo Beaches, his dumping ground of choice.

This is, of course, mere conjecture at this time. The LISK is listed as active since 1996, but as it often happens with serial killers, it’s almost impossible to determine the exact number of his victims or when did they really started their crimes. Tina’s sister says that shortly before she was murdered, Tina said she was dating a doctor she really liked, but never revealed his name. It’s also possible she was hitchhiking the night she left the club and her killer picked her up that way.

In December 2010, police began investigating the disappearance of Craiglist escort Shannan Gilbert, 7 months after she was last seen, running from the home of a client. They ended up uncovering more than they ever expected. The bodies of 4 missing sex workers were discovered, strangled, wrapped in burlap and dumped along Gilgo Beach. This marked the discovery of the Long Island serial killer’s work.

Another 6 bodies were discovered in the area and accredited to the unidentified killer before Shannan’s remains were finally found in a nearby swamp in late 2011. Despite Shannan fitting the victim profile, combined with the circumstances under which she disappeared, her death was ruled an accident.

Out of the 10 sets of human remains recovered, 5 remain unidentified. These 5 unidentified victims include a mother and her young child and an asian man dressed in woman’s clothing. All victims are thought to be linked with the sex industry.

Although only 10 deaths have been linked to the Long Island serial killer, there are a number of possible victims and another 10 bodies have been found in the area, however, these deaths are thought to be unrelated. The killings are thought to have spanned 20 years and the Long Island serial killer continues to evade capture to this day.

killer instinct - a collection of the best showtunes sung by villains

always a woman - 9 to 5: the musical // the bottom line - newsies // evil woman - xanadu // don’t be the bunny - urinetown // i’d fuck me - silence! // i want the good times back - the little mermaid // forbidden fruit - the apple tree // evil is hot - the toxic avenger // they don’t know - thoroughly modern millie // the hammer - matilda // spread a little sunshine - pippin // aftershocks - next to normal // pretty women - sweeney todd // forever yours - once on this island // killer instinct - bring it on: the musical // suppertime - little shop of horrors // meant to be yours - heathers: the musical // superstar - jesus christ superstar