killer workout

The Wonder Woman Workout

Look & feel like a Superhero with this awesome bodyweight workout.

10 sets of the following exercises:

  • Knee-to-Elbow - 40 reps
  • Squats - 20 reps
  • Mountain Climbers - 20 reps
  • Planks with Rotations - 10 reps
  • Deep Lunges - 20 reps
  • Elbow Plank - 40 seconds
  • Sit-Ups - 10 reps
  • Sitting Cross Punches - 20 reps
  • Push-Ups - 10 reps

This workout is no joke.

But…that’s why it’s perfect for Killer Workout Saturday.

Get After It!

Today is Killer Workout Saturday!

Tell yourself you CAN & WILL kill that workout on the pavement, gym, bike, box, pool or living room.

No excuses. Get after it👍

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Today is Killer Workout Saturday!

Whether you’re racing or sweating it out on the pavement, gym, pool or your living room, push yourself.

Do a little bit more than what you’re used to.

That’s how your fitness will increase and your body will change.

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Today is Killer Workout Saturday!

Only 8 weeks til Summer.

Feel the Burn and Fight Through It.

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