killer whale pod


Trio of orcas swim by


Killer Whale Pod Of Many Nations by Doug 

From the photographer: This is a fantastically detailed sculpture found in the Seattle Aquarium. Created as a tribute to endangered killer whales and Coastal tribes from Puget Sound to Alaska, Odin Lonning’s Killer Whale Pod of Many Nations panel symbolizes the enduring bond between First Nations and killer whales, regarded as sacred by many Northwest Native peoples.

 From left to right, the whales exemplify Tlingit, Haida, Nuu-chah-nulth, Kwakwaka'wakw, and Coast Salish motifs.

Seattle | Washington | Seattle Aquarium

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J-Pod in Active Pass by Larissa Sayer

Orca Pod Orcas are easily the most beautiful, intelligent and confident animals I’ve ever had the honor of spending time with.
This photo was taken during an amazing week freediving with wild Orca in Norway.
The days are quite short in winter and the water was around 5 degrees but a thick wetsuit and gloves kept us warm enough and of course with Orca around, the cold was quickly forgotten.
The light had a really nice colour from the setting sun as this graceful pod of Orca swam by nice and close. It was a moment which will be hard to top and im glad to have this image to share it. by nthgeorgiou


Sorry about my recent lack of activity. I have a nasty flu. Last night I dreamed that I was swimming with orcas and one told me that nibbling on bull kelp would make me feel “less woozy”. I wonder if that’s my subconscious telling me that I need more potassium . ;)

These photos were taken from shore on San Juan island in July of 2015. They feature members of J pod and the K14s.