killer whale jewelry

Just added to my etsy shop!

Real-life star of “Free Willy”, depicted with his tell-tale chin spots and unfortunate dorsal fin collapse.

Purchase of this orca gloss necklace also come with optional donation to Orca Research Trust, founded by Dr. Ingrid Visser, expert cetologist involved in the successful release of Keiko.

Monday’s post, lots of custom orcas!  Also some new designs in there, beluga was released last night (and is sold out but should be back this weekend) and manatee will be released tomorrow in my etsy shop <3

Don’t forget, you can custom request YOUR favourite orca anytime in my etsy shop!

This was a custom J27 Blackberry order that recently shipped, I’m currently working on 2 more customs, L118 Jade and J26 Mike!

Simply click here and then select the blue “Request Custom Order” button on the left :)