I did a bunch of photo studies of random animals with restricted color palettes over at my personal blog and it was so much fun! I really like how these turned out so here’s a compilation of them all. I think I will be doing more of these at some point.


How neat is this - video capture of Orca whales while hunting seals. Original caption:

pinnsvinn Today we can count ourselves as one of the lucky few to witness killer whale predator behavior. These are Type B killer whales displaying the typical wave predation on a crabeater seal. This seal (who we aptly named Velcro The Wonder Seal, aka Kevin) survived 35 waves by these four whales over the course of almost 2 hours, to finally evade and escape the pod. A seal escaping is almost unheard of, and hadn’t been witnessed by any of the naturalists on board - some with over 30 years of experience in Antarctica. Needless to say the ship was in a state of euphoria after this epic show of willpower and determination on both sides.


Killer whale breach, Canadian coastline