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It’s funny how everyone demonize us when all we really do is appreciate and empathize with people before they committed murders because they couldn’t see other way out or were mentally ill. For sure we’re more human than people with ‘‘Burn Bundy Burn’‘ shirts who were standing outside the building he died in. What makes us different from other people is that when others see Aileen Wuornos on  tv all they see is a demonic lesbian bitch and that’s the end of story, meanwhile we see mentally disturbed woman who didn’t know a normal life. They don’t seek for answers like we do. Nothing happens without a reason. Besides of what we find fascinating about mass murders, how  bad parenting (f.ex) can influence us, we feel sorry for them and empathize with them because regardless of what they did, they are still human. We do the most christian thing  most people aren’t capable of doing. Sure, we might find some of them physically attractive, but that’s normal too. If I showed you a photo of Jeffrey Dahmer without mentioning about him being in prison, you’d probably find him attractive, too.
We do sometimes make funny posts about them, but that is called dark humor which isn’t morally incorrect. We learn important things from them. Not about killings. Not about murder. Everyone learns differently. If Eric Harris inspires you to shoot up your school, you clearly have problems and not everyone is like that. We reach to outcasts and disturbed people, maybe we can prevent something. People could’ve prevent many people from killing by just showing them some interest and understanding. Everyone’s a Dylan Klebold, Nikita Lytkin and Charles Manson. But yeah, keep imagining us as stupid, edgy  fuck ups who thirst over serial killers. In reality, we are more sensitive and good than most of you.

Of course I am speaking for myself and people I know.

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