killer tours

So I’m looking through pictures from my old phone and bumped into something really random. Short story: during the Battle Born tour The Killers stopped at a camping in Sweden for a break while driving between cities or whatever. The owner of that camping is a friend of my friend’s, so she sent me this picture. Apparently they just chilled there for a bit, Brandon and a few others went for a hike and I think they sat inside this cabin just talking/telling stories or something. I don’t remember exactly but I just thought I’d share cause it’s kinda cute

Look at how cute this creature is. This is from the Birmingham gig. After he’d signed every bit of paper thrown at him, he went to get on his tour bus but stopped when he heard a crowd of people screaming for him on the other side. There was a moment where he just looked at them. He was being told he would be late for his Paris gig if he didn’t leave that second. He threw his head in his hands, laughed a little, and then ran over to them, much to the annoyance of his crew members who tried to stop him, where he signed another hundred or so album covers. He’s just the cutest thing <3