killer teddy bears

music shuffle

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write your favorite lyrics to the first 9 songs that come up, then tag 9 people

right girl by the maine

“told me she’s over this place
needs to feel the Midwest wind in her face”

the reason why by the click five 

“it’s crazy how we lost ourselves tonight”

all the small things by blink-182

“turn the lights off, carry me home”

for him. by troye sivan

“forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons”

my list by the killers

“you should have known by now you were wrong (on my list)
when your heart is not able
and your prayers they’re not fables…
let me show you how much I care”

teddy bear by melanie martinez

“i’m so unprepared
i’m fucking scared”

robbers by the 1975

“she says, ‘babe, you look so cool’“

cough syrup by young the giant

“these zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart
a dark world aches for a splash of the sun”

drive by halsey

“it’s so simple but we can’t stay
overanalyze again
would it really kill you if we kissed?”

i feel like those evil doll horror movies would be a lot scarier if the dolls actually looked like dolls instead of looking purposefully creepy… like that annabelle doll, it would’ve been great if the movies kept the doll as a raggedy ann doll instead of whatever the hell that doll in the movie is… i mean a creepy doll doing evil stuff isn’t really scary because it’s expected but an innocent looking doll doing evil stuff is way scarier

anonymous asked:

You think the fandom will ever figure out Sally's not a killer or that her teddy bear's not named Charlie?

Mmmm probably not….
They still think Toby’s personality is that of a 12 year old on a sugar rush, and hoodie is a shy and kind precious cinnamon roll so looking at their track record probably not.

Why the Crypt and Bunker Scenes can actually be called “Destiel”

okay, i’m sticking my chin out. i’m gonna weigh in on this whole ‘violence’ and ‘destiel’ piece and why the crypt scene and the bunker scene always seem to be the subject of ‘it’s destiel!’ or ‘this is blatant violence this should never be seen as romance.’ 

now here’s the answer to this feud: it is BOTH

please don’t stone me yet, just hear me out:

violence should never be romanticized. the reason people don’t like the alley, crypt, or bunker scene is because of the blatant violence and beating each other to bloody pulps is not romantic. but we know this. we know that if you love someone, you don’t beat them up or leave them bleeding on the floor. we don’t claim these scenes as destiel because of the violence. we claim these scenes as destiel because of what happens immediately after the violence. 

In the crypt, castiel was possessed by naomi. he’d been brainwashed and used against his will, literally forced into killing thousands of copies of dean so that he might be able to kill the real dean if the need ever arose, which it did, in the crypt. now, people hate this as a destiel scene because love shouldn’t be expressed in violence. but you can’t use this argument against castiel because he wasn’t in control of himself until the last moment. that last moment: where dean reached out, touched him, and reminded him ‘this is not you.’ in all of the copied scenarios where cas killed fake!dean, fake!dean always begged for his life. but the real dean reminded cas of who he was. this is what broke cas out of his brainwashing and healed dean before running away to protect dean and his brother. 

the crypt scene is not romantic because of the violence. it’s romantic and destiel heavy because it was a moment of connection, where dean broke through a horribly traumatic situation and grounded castiel when he was nearly lost to naomi’s power forever. Cas would never hurt Dean unless under the influence of another power/brainwashed. 

now, this is slightly different, but still completely comparable, to the bunker scene. 

in the bunker scene, we have dean who is under the influence of the mark. now, before you come at me with the ‘but he’s been sane all season! he’s been better than everybody on the show combined!!’ hear me out. you’re not wrong. dean has been incredibly sane since the mid-season finale. he’s had an impressive hold on his homicidal tendencies, considering how easy it is to cave in to the need. (as we saw in season 9, first half of season 10, and briefly in the last half of s10.) overall, dean’s been a pretty great calm killer teddy bear. 

but charlie’s death changed that. the entire fandom screamed for vengeance, and can you imagine how much more dean would have been screaming for vengeance? how much the mark would have roared in joy that it finally had the excuse to unleash? without mercy? Dean caved to the Mark’s power and it ate him whole. 

this is not so different from what happened to cas. like dean with the mark, cas was at first manipulated, given equally bad options, chose poorly in the name of doing the right thing, and then gave in completely to the brainwashing. (read: killed thousands of fake!dean’s and nearly killed real!dean too.) 

dean did the exact same thing, almost to the letter. in 10x22 dean killed the entire styne family. all of them, without mercy, even the kid we all had the sinking, horrifying realization that this kid really wasn’t worthy of death at all, and still died by dean’s hand

but we know all this. what we wanna’ look at is the fight between dean and cas specifically. 

it played out remarkably close to the crypt scene. we all called it ahead of time. reverse!crypt! we were ready for it, people instantly claimed it for destiel. 

but why? the ending was completely different from the crypt? or was it.

like i mentioned earlier, dean was completely consumed by the mark at this point. he gave into the first temptation ‘get revenge, get revenge for charlie they deserve it anyway.’ and he unleashed a monster. He couldn’t pull back even if he tried. and then cas showed up at a very bad time, when dean was completely incapable of stopping himself from hurting cas. 

Since Season 5, Dean had never raised a hand to Cas. Read: Dean would never hurt Cas in his right mind. Much like Cas would never have hurt Dean if it weren’t for Naomi’s brainwashing. 

Dean beat Cas to a bloody pulp. but despite the differences between the crypt and the bunker scene, here is what stood out to me: Cas may or may not have broken through to Dean in the last moment. From the very beginning, Cas did for Dean exactly what Dean did for Cas in the crypt. “This is not you.” “The Dean I know wouldn’t do this.

Whether it was the last moment, or a build up of Cas’s pleas, (reminder: in the crypt, Dean never once fought back against Cas. In the bunker: Cas never once did anything to actually hurt or lay a blow on Dean.)

Either way, at the last moment, Dean’s hand shaking, he was unable to kill Cas. At the moment, he’s in a dangerous place between human, mark of cain, and knight of hell. He’s not an angel, so he couldn’t heal Cas like Cas did for him in the crypt. that would defeat the purpose anyway. Dean still isn’t cured, he still isn’t free from the Mark’s brainwashing. He was able to stop himself from killing Cas, despite Cain’s prophecy that he would, and he walked away.

This is why the bunker scene was claimed as destiel. This is why the crypt is also heavily destiel and not just excessive violence and angst for ratings. 

Because both Cas and Dean were forced into a position where it was all or nothing, kill or face the consequences, and they both said ‘No, not him’ and dropped their weapons and walked away. 

It’s not about the violence. It never was. These scenes stand out because they were the clearest, sharpest, most defined moments where Dean and Cas were caught in a moment of horror, not by their own will, and were able to stop it against every odd and say, ‘I refuse.

That is why these scenes are destiel. Thank you, goodnight.