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Comeuppance - Jughead x Reader

I wrote most of this on the plane lol.
I hope it’s alright! Enjoy!

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You groan inwardly when you see Reggie and his gang come through the door and into the student lounge. Your day was already going bad enough; the last thing you need right now is to hear him spew half-thought out, condescending comments from his mouth. Shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you reposition your laptop on the desk, trying your best to ignore them.

“Didja hear what I got up to this weekend?” he guffaws, “I’ll tell ya she was….”

You can’t quite see what he’s doing with his hands but you guess it’s probably some lewd gesture because hoots and cries erupt from his friends followed by what sounds like hearty slaps on the back.

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The Hand Unit

William Afton was the co-owner of Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria back in the day, and was a big influence to the Boss to re-open the place with new animatronics that he would built.

In the middle of the 90′s, William met a staff of the FFP called Hans, he was younger than him. They get along pretty well.

Though all the confusion and transicion to clean the reputation of the franquice and make a new building along with animatronics, Hans were always helping William with anything he needed, this slowly turn into a friendship that grow up along the years, unti eventually.

It turn in a romance.

William was married with a woman, but he didn’t love her more than a friend. He always felt attraction to boys, but that was unacceptable in the time he grow up, so he always manage to hide it, until his parents began to force him to get a girl, get married and have childrens. William ended up getting married with his best friend, who never show any attraction to the boys or girls in her life and her parents were forcing her to get a family. Both marry each other and decided to have kids, but never feeling any romantic attraction to the other.

The romance between Boss and Worker wasn’t a problem to William’s marriage, but they had to keep it as a secret, the word wasn’t a safe place for them back there.

Hans was part of William’s life and family, he met all his kids, they were used to see him around as a friend of his father. On 2003, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria make his re-opening, being a success with the new Toy Animatronics. The Boss was so happy by this that decided to give Afton the chance of make his own “spin off” pizzeria based on FFP, William took the chance and began to built Circus Baby’s Pizza world, attraction that was ready on 2005. Hans was transfered to work in the Circus.

The whole Circus had a lot of mechanism that were really advanced in that time, along with the animatronics. There was a room called “The Scooping Room” that clean the animatronic’s insides after a day of work, breaking it to clean evey cheese or dirt that could enter inside their systems. The mechanism was safe for the animatronics.

But it was dangerous of the workers. One day, Hans enter to the Scooping Room to check no animatronic part were there, he enter a few minutes before the room activate. He was “scooped” and died.

Nobody expected this, not even William, who was in shock by the scene.

The love of his life died in the pizzeria he built, he felt guilty, he felt sad, broken… but before the bad feelings took control over his actions, he felt something touching his back…

A screen of the Circus took one of the wires that connect it and touch the owner of the pizzeria.

Hans’s spirit was transfered to the security system that William was making for the Circus, the quick and surprising death of the technician make his soul take control of a mechanic being.

Hans was alive inside the Hand Unit system, William could transfer his data to another body and have his lover with him again. But an AI and a human soul were different things, what if a normal animatronic wouldn’t accept his soul? what if his soul were erased when he tried to bring him back? William Afton had to experiment first… create prototypes, design different models, experiment with human souls.

He had to create a kidnapping system to his animatronics to get childrens, he had to torture childrens in order to imitate the Scooping Death, he had to get a human soul and experiment with robots and prototypes, he had to kill innocent people in order to give the Hand Unit a body.

He had to turn into a killer

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(Its me again!) im watchin the episode in which Gohan goes SSJ for first time and his hair is long but it doesn't remain down. So canonically SSJ Raditz would have his hair up. I am screamin G HOLY CRAP

I went to have a look and…. omg.

His hair is desperately attempting to stand up but droops under its own weight!  Does that mean Raditz’s hair might not stick straight up, but stick out parallel to the ground?

Raditz, please go home.  Your hair is so drunk.

New records part two!

Appetite For Destruction by Guns n’ Roses


Sam’s Town (Picture Disc) by The Killers


I picked these two up last Thursday from HMV. 

Huge price drop due to their ‘Vinyl Week’ celebrations meaning I got both for just £17.

It was so refreshing to see cheap vinyl, when most of the time a single LP is around £25.

Appetite is one hell of a rock record and this purchase was fuelled by the fact I was off to see them on the Friday!

I’ve always loved The Killers first two albums and I adore the single, When You Were Young.  For £7.99 on picture disc this was really a no brainer.

wish shark week would stop the sensationalist programming and shit. im here for informational yet entertaining shark documentary, not “great white serial killer shark lives” and “megadolon’s still alive the crappy fakementary”

Twice Fanfics

Hey all, since I just finished my third Twice fic on AFF I’m just gonna take the time to promote some of the fics I’ve written so far. Please note: these fics do NOT contain any smut. They’re like PG/PG13 level fics.

1. Through the Night - a Michaeng centered horror/comedy AU about the Twice members being dared to stay in a haunted house overnight for jokbal. Killer books, possession, spin the bottle…this fic has it all. And it’s not really scary, I promise.

2. I Walk the Line - the sequel to Through the Night. A second person perspective fic centered around Michaeng, 2yeon, Satzu and another mystery ship I won’t spoil. It deals with the aftermath of Through the Night and features some really cute moments.

3. Strange Times - another Michaeng centered fic, but this time it’s a witch AU. Mina, Nayeon, Sana and Jihyo are college students who are a coven of rookie witches living together in an off-campus apartment. When Mina and Chaeyoung get into a fight, Nayeon and Sana take matters into their own hands and cast a spell to make them understand the world from each other’s perspectives. The spell’s effect is quite literal and creates a body-switching mess. It’s a light-hearted comedy.

4. I’m currently working on an X-Men AU based on the powers the girls have from the Signal mv. This one is gonna be Michaeng centered (of course) but will also feature Saida and Namo. So stay tuned for that!

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I'm really new to wrestling but what can you tell me about aleister black?


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HI! So I just finished binge reading APSHDS and Whatevenami's beware the killer rabbits spin offs (all of them). THIS UNIVERSE YOU BUILT IS AMAZING!!! (sorry for shouting... It just came out :) I was wondering, do you have a master list of all the inspired works? The gift tag only shows the gifted and not inspired fics--like the ones you link to at the end of some of the chapters. I wanna read them all, but I don't know where to start >.< thanks<3

I didn’t have a master list, but I’ll make one now!

The Main Series: Alexander Pierce Should Have Died Slower

The Daddy Issues Series: A set of fics co-written by myself and ravenously, in the same setting as APSHDS, but not within the continuity.

Beware of the Killer Rabbits Series: A set of fics by perplexedhedgehog.  The first two stories are within the continuity of APSHDS, the third and fourth are AUs of the series, the fifth is based on the Daddy Issues series, and the sixth is an APSHDS/Everyone Deserves a Chance to be Small crossover.

Monster Theories by vironsusi: A set of fics exploring just what monsters are in the APSHDS verse.

Que Sera by VoiceOfNurse: Various shorts inspired by APSHDS.

APSHDS Inspired by OMOWatcher: Various fics set in the universe.

A Little Series by Anonymous: A series r with both Steve and Bucky as littles taken advantage of by Pierce.

Other APSHDS-inspired stories that aren’t part of a series:

I believe those are all of the APSHDS-inspired works (and please let me know if anything slipped my mind!).  I’ll update this list if more are added.

Volleyball!BTS AU

So like the only AU I will ever do I will do with all my favorite groups.

Kim Seokjin + Kim Namjoon:

Position: Middle Blocker

These two, oh my goodness, would make great middles. Jin and RapMon are both very tall and very muscular.  Blocking and attacking would be a strong suit for both, giving the team the much needed balance they need. At the net, every swing will be a “bombs away” swing. That also could be a bad thing as they wouldn’t like to mix it up, but we don’t see much of that in men’s volleyball compared to the women’s sport. That just makes it easier for the other team to predict the angle they will attack at. Both of these middles will be very expressive when they get a kill, Seokjin yelling and pumping up his team while Namjoon would probably do a dorky dance. These two will both run tradition routes, but in this case, nothing is wrong with tradition. They execute efficiently and their hitting percentage will be very high, even for middles. I’m sorry this isn’t as descriptive but I see them being very similar attack wise. Jin would probably get to serve out of the two as I see him as being more athletic, he’d have a killer top spin jump serve racking up aces left and right. Namjoon would be the captain of the team, representing them in all foreign promotions. His composed being would always spread a good word of the team.

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Min Yoongi:

Position: Libero

Okay, hear me out. I see Yoongi being a very great libero, despite the stereotype that he is very lazy. Liberos need to be on their toes at all times and ready to move and dive for balls. Sure, in person, he may seem very relaxed and carefree, but on stage he comes to life; this would be the same on the court. He’ll get very cocky when he makes a spectacular up. He’ll probably turn to Jimin and say “You’re welcome, it was perfect.” I can also see the team tricking him into wearing the wrong jerseys. Like he’ll come wearing the black jersey, cause he thought everyone was wearing white but the whole team ends up with the black ones on. “What the fuck guys, I though you were wearing white?” “No, YOU were supposed to wear white.” “Fuck you.” He ends up having to change because it’s 1 against 6. He’d also be very possessive of free balls, because when you are given a free ball, you need to terminate. “Free balls are mine, we need a GREAT pass.”  This attitude will not be taken negatively however. He is respected and loved as he knows what is needed for his team to succeed.

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Park Jimin:

Postion: Setter

This little fluff ball would be a composed setter. If you follow NCAA women’s volleyball, you’d probably know about the setter change at Penn State. For the last few years, the setter there was the star of the show and shining in the spotlight. This year, a “freshman” took over the spot, but not the show. She doesn’t get as much recognition and she isn’t as offensive as her counterpart. I see Jimin being this way as well. He would be very reserved as a setter, not being worried about getting kills but being worried about spreading the love and getting his hitters the best opportunities. He’d be all about getting his hitters one on one with the other team’s blockers, giving his team the full advantage. He wouldn’t be as strong as a blocker when he rotates to the front row, but he has a kicking opposite in V that will guard the line to help him out. The only reason it’ll be a little tough for him to block would be due to his height. He has the muscle to get up there, but it delays the timing just a tad. On the court, he’d be quiet and focused on the task at hand. Off the court, he’d be a ball of sunshine bonding with his teammates. Would trick Yoongi into wearing the wrong jersey.

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Jeon Jungkook + Jung Hoseok:

Position: Outside

These two dancers would make excellent outside hitters. When your pin hitters are hitting above .300, you’re having a successful set. It’s rare for these boys to hit anything less than that.  Of course they have their off days, but their kill to swing ratio is usually through the roof. Their strength makes stuffing the right side attack and putting balls away so much easier. They are all about technique, perfecting swing blocks to get the highest wall. Hoseok would be so loud on the court, demanding he gets the set, and would be the only voice you hear when he gets a kill. He’d mix up all the shots, even his serve. He would have a hybrid jump serve, in which you will not be able to tell if he is hitting a top spin or float serve until it’s already over the net. Jungkook would celebrate internally, staying calm and composed after each kill knowing his job isn’t done yet. As for serving, it would be a top-spin serve all the time. His goal behind the service line would be to get an ace every time, which definitely gets the team some major points. However, with a high risk-high reward serve, he does stack up some errors. These two are so athletic, so they could pretty much play any position to be honest.  

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Kim Taehyung:

Position: Opposite

Tae on the opposite side would be killer. He’d be an offensive threat on all areas of the court, and playing with a team such as this would pump him up even more. He’d play across from Jimin, and that relationship would be matched by no other. He’s got Jimin’s back when he’s in the backrow, getting rewarded with the “D” ball set, which he terminates often. That is when he is the most efficient, when in the back row. Right sides are very important in your offense, as if you see your blockers camping on your outside, you can set up the right side and give them a one on one. For front row play, he can totally shut down the line shot, relieving Jimin of some of his passing duties allowing his team to stay in system. As for serving, I feel like that would be when Tae would left off a bit, only serving a jump float. When he makes a mistake, he swallows it and forgets it. He’s the player that will gather his team in times of trouble and get them back on track. After every match, win or loss, his smile will be genuine as he just loves being out there and being able to play the game with his group of friends.

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Okay some clarification on some terms:

Ace: when your serve directly wins a point, either because it landed in without a touch or a shank pass. 

Float Serve: a serve without any spin

Why Freshman is in Quotes: the student is a redshirt freshman, meaning they reserved one season for just practicing allowing them to get the full four years of playing time. 

D-ball Set: A set for the back row player in right back.

I hope you enjoyed this! I love writing these AU’s! I know a lot of people like the volleyball AU because of that anime, and I’m not sure how in depth they go into the actual sport so I decided to clarify some terms. Ace is probably in the show but I don’t watch it so anything that wasn’t really self-explanatory I wanted to clarify. 

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i hope this question doesn't sound too stupid and dumb, but the Killer Yixing spin-off will be a continuation of the reader and Yixing's story from Nine or will it have another main?

This isn’t a stupid question anon, this a clarification question! :) Patient 77 is a spin off to Nine that is the continuation of Killer! Xing’s love story with OC

Cee <3