killer sound

What do famous people think about Brandon Flowers
  • Robbie Williams: The Killers sound is unique and I think Brandon Flowers is one of the best songwriters on the planet.
  • Tyler Joseph - Twenty One Pilots: You know what, I want to be the next Brandon Flowers.
  • Imagine Dragons: Always making Vegas proud.
  • Paul Banks - Interpol: He's a great great singer.
  • Nick Jonas: Brandon Flowers of the Killers is really talented. Would love to work with him one day.
  • Mike Posner: Hey Brandon Flowers ... I just wanted to say I'll buy and listen to anything you do.
  • Nick Petricca - Walk the Moon: I had this strong sensation of like being at church and Brandon Flowers is like our direct connection to the lord. (...) We got to meet Brandon Flowers when we played a gig in Vegas. I got to talk to him and tell him that his band was the band that made me want to be in a band.
  • Tom Smith - Editors: Such a soft spot for everything Brandon Flowers does.
  • Van McCann - Catfish and the Bottlemen: Brandon Flowers sent me an email a while ago because we covered one of their songs in Australia and he said he liked the cover and I was just major buzzing off that. He’s inspired most of the songs in my head.
  • Dallon Weekes - Panic! At the Disco: Idol? dont know. I def have people I admire. Brandon Flowers. Hes a musician/Mormon/family man and pulls it all off. I try to.

I’ve been in… a really gay mood lately, playing Jenny by Studio Killers on repeat so I finally decided to sing it myself. This has been my second time singing it aloud ever and I recorded it and actually kinda liked it??… minus forgetting the tune sometimes ahhh. Also pardon the fact I don’t have any background music; if I could play any instrument I would’ve totally done that. 

One More Life (Halloween!5sos) (Serial killer!calum AU) [Part Two]
  • trigger warning: scenes of violence, manipulation and drug abuse

Part One

It was so fucking dark.

Or was it just you blacking out? How long have you been out for? Do you know?

Have you eaten at all? Had he returned at all?

“Good you’re awake.” Calum said. You turned towards the direction of the voice.

“I’m sorry.” You replied simply.

“You are now. I’m going to to get you some water now, wait.”

Calum padded towards the staircase where there was a tiny table with a jug with water and a jug. Within your blurry line of vision, you took this chance to scope out the horrors that this place had been sentenced to. What you’d been sentenced to.

There was barely any light there just a tiny bulb hanging right above the staircase.

“Do you miss them?” Calum demanded, holding up the glass of water. You shook your head feverishly. 

“No.” You croaked. Calum sighed before tilting the glass towards your mouth, you quickly gulped down the water. 

“You’re lying but it’s okay. You’ll forget about them soon enough.” Calum said confidently. You bit your lip and looked at the floor, afraid he’ll see the doubt in you eyes. 

“Let’s get you up, I have something really cool to show you.” Calum said, suddenly excited. You felt your insides freeze. 

Last time he said that he made you shoot someone.


“It should start in three minutes exactly. It’s gonna change everything!” Calum said gleefully. He had carried you up the staircase. You pretended not to notice the dried blood on railings. He even brought you a new dress, something your size in black from Target. 

“Y/n quick sit down I don’t want you to miss it!” He said, pulling you down. It took all your willpower to not flinch.

He hated you flinching at his touch.

“What is it?” You asked weakly. Calum only shushed you and turned on the tv. The words Breaking News floated into the screen and it changed back to the same woman you saw last time who was reporting your kidnapping.

“New developments on the kidnapping show that the police have found a body and have identified her as Y/n Y/l/n.” You felt your breath get knocked out of your body.You felt your head start to spin. 

You were dead?

“Y/n’s body was found along with serial killer Calum Hood’s in a car crash that resulted in a fire. Te labs had managed to recover blood samples of the two by a miracle but we’re sorry to say that we’ve lost Y/n Y/l/n, her funeral is being held at-” The screen went black. You blinked at it before turning to face Calum who looked like a little boy who’d received a new toy. 

Your mind played a montage of pictures, you parents crying. You sister shutting herself in her room. Your friends staring at the empty seat in class.

You couldn’t help it, you launched yourself on him, clawing at his face. Calum yelled out, his hands tangled with yours to stop you. You managed to punch him as you shot up and sprinted towards the front door. Your hand flew up to the door handle when you felt a pair of hands dig into your sides. Calum glared at you smirked before gripping your wrists and painfully forcing them behind your back.

“You’ll regret that Y/n.” Calum spat at you. 


“Y/n love come here for a second!” Calum called from upstairs. You dropped your work and hurried to the bathroom. Calum stood in front of the taps and was holding up tow bottles of hair dyes.

“Did you want blue or red dye?” He asked, squinting at the labels on the red dye bottle. You crossed your arms and frowned.

“I wanted green doofus.” You laughed. Calum’s shoulder slumped, indicating his day hadn’t gone well. You quickly ran to his side and put you hand on his shoulder.

“I-I was kidding, I don’t need green. Blue’s fine.” You rushed out. Calum looked up at you.

“Really? Okay good, I wanted to see you in blue hair.” Calum replied happily.

“Sure Calum anything for you.” You smiled, making him smile before he kissed you.


Sometimes you wondered how you ended up here.

Sometimes you didn’t even need to wonder you’d have nightmares about that day. 

And then you’d wake up in the same arms that tried to kill you.


“Calum I’m heading to the store, hurry up!” You called out, standing by the doorway. Today was the second time he’s allowed you out of the house. It always makes you beyond excited and happy.  Which makes him happy too apparently.

“I’m here, I’m here.” Calum said, locking the door and then kissing your cheek.

You and Calum browsed through the aisles at Target, shopping for new pans and tupperware. The increasingly domestic life with Calum, while it revolted you, also made you happy. There was no way you’d be getting out anyway so what was the point of fighting it right?

Or atleast that’s what Calum had drilled into your head.

Your eyes zeroed in on the limited edition box of tic tacs displayed at the end of the aisle. The sight made you shudder as you stood there, rooted to your spot, remembering.

“I just want us to be happy Y/n! Why is that so fucking hard to understand?” Calum growled as he dragged your body across the floor of the house. You were screaming, kicking at his hands but he continued to drag you. Finally, he reached the door of the basement.

That’s when it all goes blank.

After that all you remember is waking up and feeling the pain hit your body like someone dunked you in cold water. Sometimes you’d wake up and see Calum’s face roaming above yours.

“I don’t want to have to hurt you Y/n. Stop making this so hard for me.” Calum hissed. He forced your mouth open and then dropped a tiny pill on your tongue. You swallowed it, almost choking on it.

 Within minutes you felt your eyes glaze over, your vision started to blur. You saw the different colours of objects split before your eyes. Calum was getting closer, his hands were on your cheek.

“Say you’ll stay with me.” Calum’s voice floated into your ears. It didn’t sound like him, his voice sounded more and his face was stretching into a huge black hole.

“I’ll stay with you.” Your own voice sounded shaky and wishy washy even to you. What was wrong with you?

“Say you love me.” Calum said. There was a vine growing out of ear now. The leaves started to bloat suddenly, making you giggle. You reached out to poke it when Calum shook your shoulders.

“Say it.” He demanded. Your mind suddenly had a flashback.

Calum had a gun pointed to your head, a body lying at your feet begging for mercy. Do it.

“I love you.”

“Y/n what wrong-oh.” Calum said. He moved in front of your line of vision, blocking your view of the display board.

“Y/n don’t do this to yourself. I’ve helped you stop your addiction before and I’ll do it again if I have to but it’s not good for you.”

“I’m sorry.” You replied automatically.

“I love you, you know that right?” Calum said rubbing your shoulder. His grip tightened when you only nodded.

“You have no escape Y/n I’m your new family.”

“I love you too.” You said robotically.