killer pumps


Yes, I am 5'11 &no, idgaf


house of the rising sun – the animals | flesh and bone – the killers | pumped up kicks – foster the people | run boy run – woodkid | bad moon rising (cover) – mourning ritual, peter dreimanis | seven nation army (glitch mob remix) – the white stripes | gasoline – halsey | yellow flicker beat – lorde | i’ll be good – jaymes young | when the levee breaks – led zeppelin | arsonist’s lullabye – hozier | sail – awolnation | beat the devil’s tattoo – black rebel motorcycle club | ain’t no rest for the wicked – cage the elephant | play with fire – the rolling stones | lake of fire – nirvana | soul of a man – steven sterm

a revision of the previous snafu mix and graphics.


Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Drawing ladies and inspired outfits for inktober 2016 ✨ Way behind in this challenge, but keeping it up on my instagram account!

Witch - Alien - Bunny - Dinosaur - Crown - Eyes - Ghost - Zombie

Black Staedtler pigment liner 0.3
Black Snowman 0.05 in black
Gold Uniposca 0.7
Copic Ciao V12 + BV00
Moleskine Paper

Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we’re looking for recruits
If you with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute

@commodorexaranea Continued from 🌹:

Narrowing her eyes, Light turned to dig around her pack until she pulled out another bottle. She also took the tops of two thermos cups from Ignis’ cooking pack and handed one to Aranea. Popping the bottle open she poured the liquid into each cup and sat back down with a smirk.

“I doubt that. You should call Biggs and Wedge now and tell them you’ll be indisposed come morning. No way you can out drink me.”


If you’re with me, let me see your hands

Stand up and salute

Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps

Or lace up your boots

Representing all the women, salute!

The Outsiders Playlist

A Dustland Fairytale - The Killers
Pumped up Kicks - Foster the People
Me - The 1975
I am not a Robot - Marina and the Diamonds
I Wanna get Better - Bleachers
Kathleen - The Catfish and the Bottlemen
Aint no Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant
In One Ear - Cage the Elephant
Stunner - Milky Chance
Fairytale - Milky Chance
Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey
Born to Die Lana Del Rey
Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
Brainstorm - Arctic Monkeys
Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys
No. 1 Party Anthem
Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys
Why’d you only call me when your High - Arctic Monkeys
( pretty much any song from the Arctic Monkey’s album ; AM )
( also almost any Lana Del Ray song )

Feel free to add on 😀

Signs as songs from Salute - Little mix
  • Aries: Salute / Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots, Representing all the women, salute, salute! /
  • Taurus: Towers / We were built like towers, now my heart feels nothing at all /
  • Gemini: Mr. Loverboy / Boy, you keep on blowing my mind, Caught up in my emotions, You can be my Mr. Loverboy /
  • Cancer: boy / Forget that boy, forget that boy, I know a bad boy ain't good enough for you, You're holding back tears in your eyes wanna fight /
  • Leo: Competition / You don't have to come first, Second is okay 'cause you ain't ever beating me /
  • Virgo: See me now / They said I couldn't, they told me that I wouldn't, But if they could see me now /
  • Libra: Little me / I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out, talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder, tell that she is beautiful, wonderful everything she doesn't see /
  • Scorpio: Stand down / So, you see, there's no point in underestimating me, to me
  • Lock up all your thoughts and throw away the key /
  • Sagittarius: Move / Why you afraid? Don't be a big baby, Quit playing games and put your arms around me, you know what to do and we can take it down low /
  • Aquarius: A Different beat / Yeah, we must have different shoes on, We're marching to a different beat /
  • Pisces: They just don't know you / tell me you won't break my heart, you won't tear my world apart, that you be there when I need/