killer panda


Dangerous Panda!

Today our Alice wears an outfit that screams LOOK AT ME!

Combining the cuteness of all things panda with the danger of black vinyl, todays outfit is a masochistic panda fan’s wet dream.

With vinyl pants, dangerously furry black vest  and sheer, see through white top, and the cutest goddamn hat you have ever seen.

Today Alice says.. FRIDAY.. I’M HERE.. COMMIN TO GET YA!


From Norway with Orcas. You can be really lucky in Norway with close encounter with orca.

“SeaWorld announced Thursday [3/17/16] that it will stop breeding killer whales in captivity and will phase out shows that feature the majestic orcas performing tricks.”
“it is realigning its business and will instead showcase its 29 killer whales at three parks in tanks with more natural settings but will not replace them once they die.”

[Source: The Mercury News]

If SeaWorld can change…

You can too.

Fish don’t belong in bowls any more than orcas belong in swimming pools. Let’s make a better life for aquatic animals in captivity together.