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I'm a Hufflepuff, but I'm also harsh and cruel and careless - does that mean I won't fit in with all the other Puffs?

No! Definitely not.
You have to replace that ‘but’ with an ‘and’ bc you’re an absolutely great Hufflepuff and you’re harsh, cruel and careless. You’re still a part of our badger family (I just hope you aren’t too cruel and harsh and careless, please don’t hurt others on purpose just bc you can or want to)

Tagged by @scarlet-snowflakes for a list of my current top ten songs!!

This is hard because my favorite songs change so much and with my mood but I always love all of my songs. I never forget the music I love!

✯ Any given song by Enrique Iglesias - Today it’s “You and I

On Top - The Killers

The Saltwater Room - Owl City

 Pasos De Cero - Pablo Alborán

Lost and Found - Ellie Goulding 

Semiotic Love - Blaqk Audio

Complement Each Other Like Colors - PlayRadioPlay!

Into the Ocean - Blue October

Hey Lady - The New Velvet (BIIIIG MOOD RIGHT NOW)

Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench

✯  Transmission - Zedd ft Logic/X Ambassadors 

idk maybe I’m in a romantic/depressed/nostalgic mood but these are my songs for today!

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I found an old version of The Owl and the Tanager (then Barn Owl, Night Killer) where the lyrics are very slightly different. 


All I was wrong trembling in the cage
I was diamonds in the cage
**You stupid boy**
In seven hours I consider death
And your father called to yell at me
You little boy


Just a little changed tidbit I guess. Kind of pushes me more towards my own interpretation of this song. I listened to it like 12 times last night because it’s gorgeous and wow.