killer of ovaries


I’m so dead when David starts to sing… and his “sooooo”… yup… I’m so dead right now… and my ovaries too.

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Dear Tom Hiddleston

Happy birthday to one of the most talented british actor. He has ruined our ovaries more than once, he made us cry in The Deep Blue Sea, he made us laugh in mostly everything. He made us wonder why Loki doesn’t exist or if they are actually the same person (they are). He proved us how gentleman he is or how he supports feminism. He teased us with his bromance with Benedict, he killed us with the Ice Bucket Challenge. He made us a demonstration of his driving skills as a villain in the Jaguar commercial or with his adorable glasses in Top Gear. He danced way too much with his evil hips, he also showed us his lovely voice in Tinker Bell. He is such a fan of Shakespeare it is so adorable, he made a magnificent performance in one of his plays “Coriolanus”. He never stops being a wonderful guest in all the shows he goes in, he is so f*ucking nice with all of his fans and is so greatful to them. He just can’t help but put everything in his mouth. He also speaks a lot of languages which is more than pleasable to hear. Did I mention he is one of the cuttest creature in the world? well he is believe me.

That’s for all these reasons and a lot more that I didn’t say, that we LOVE you Tom Hiddleston, Loki, Ovary killer, whatever his name is, thank you for being who you are and for everything you do. I am sure the best is to come, again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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