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AHH prompt request Russel hiring a live-in Hispanic maid, Murdoc crushes on her and tries making conversation in broken Spanish (much to her amusement bc she speaks fluent English too)

(Yessssss, this prompt gives me LIFE. Murdoc would have the worst accent ever but like he tries. Im gonna try to do it justice.) 

Murdoc watched as the new maid cleaned up the living room. Her hair up in a messy bun, and very casual jeans and the T-shirt sporting The Killers logo. 

Even having the “worked all day” look she managed to take his breath away. He had heard her singing to herself in Spanish earlier that week and had deduced that she probably didn’t speak English. At least he had never heard her speak it, so he could only assume. This created an interesting dilemma. He wanted to eat take her out, but if he couldn’t communicate with her, how would he get consent ask her? 

He did know very limited Spanish, given he was in Mexico for quite some time. What could go wrong? He sidled on up to her, clearing his throat to get her attention.

“Hola Senorita, yo soy Murdoc Niccals de Gorillaz” He paused a moment, then quickly realized that was the only phrase he was 100% positive about “Tu gusta-” he paused “ehh- tu gusta… café?” he finally got out, having not been able to conjure the word for ‘lunch’.

She was surprised by this, as she had worked with them for a couple weeks now and this was the first time Murdoc showed and interest in her. At this point she had a couple options. She could mess with him and respond in Spanish, or take mercy on his poor soul and let him know she spoke English.

“Amo el café! ¿Está tratando de invitarme a salir, señor Murdoc?” she chirped back, batting her eyelashes innocently. She knew full well he was trying to ask her out, but it would be too easy to just answer his question plain and simple.

He sighed frustrated at only understanding bits of the sentence. He knew she also said something about coffee, and of course he knew she had said his name. Those were his only clues.

He resorted to gestures. He pointed to the both of them “We-” he made the fingers walking motion “go-” and finally a drinking motion “ café?”. He was pretty proud of himself, language barrier be damned, he thought he was doing well.

It took a lot to not laugh, but she managed to keep a straight face, making the ‘walking’ gesture back to him “Ohhhh,  café! Si, me gusta!” she said, much to his pleasure. He understood the ‘si’ and that was good enough for him.

He grinned and turned to leave “boy, this whole situation would be a lot easier if you spoke English” he said and chuckled softly. 

“boy, maybe you should ask next time” her perfect English pulling him to a screeching halt as he whirled to face her. Her grin said it all. He didn’t know if he was more upset, or impressed that she got him.

“are we still on for coffee?” she asked arching an eyebrow at him.

“wouldn’t miss it, love.”