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hold on let me get this straight scott mccall and his gang have been running around for 5 years defeating shit like goddamn poisonous lizards and scary men on horses who kidnap people right??? countless people have died or gone missing. scott battled the beast in the fucking library right in front of how many teenagers

and yet nobody is afraid until corey heals when his hand is stabbed with a pen. what the fuck. this is why beacon hills is a supernatural beacon. everyone’s a fucking idiot.

Been re-watching ‘endeavour’ & there is such a big place in my heart for when Morse gets completely bowled over by Big emotions like s1e2 when the killer escapes from the library and he’s so upset & sorta crying in frustration that he doesn’t even notice he’s been stabbed, or when he bumps into Monica in the department store and is so happy he forgets what he’s doing there

The person who recommended this book gave it rave reviews, telling me that Mankell was one of Sweden’s greatest mystery writers (of which I could only list one other - Stieg Larsson. And the book cover agreed with him, with an LA Times quote on the front, “Sweden’s greatest living mystery writer.” Which I’m just now realizing was a purposeful addition of the word “living” since Larsson is dead. So I went into this book with really high expectations, and came out disappointed because of it.

The book opens with a really great setting of the crime scene, almost Law & Order style. I kept waiting for the “dum dum” noise to indicate a scene change. Or Jerry Orbach to make one of his bad jokes. But while the opening crime set the table for a great crime novel, I felt the rest of the novel never really carried it out. It delved into Kurt Wallander (protagonist and the detective) and his broken marriage/family, his struggle to solve the case, and briefly touched on immigration issues in Sweden (open borders, acceptance of refugees in the late 90s). But the meat of the book, the murder mystery, was never really suspenseful and then the big break was a blip in the story all too conveniently placed (in my opinion). The wrap up was a quick one, especially considering the case had taken like seven or eight months within the novel.

An interesting character in Kurt Wallander, but the overall mystery of the novel just fizzled.

Force Bonds, Sever Force Abilities and Wounding the Force: How it all ties everything together from Kylo Ren and Rey, Ben’s fall to darkness and Snoke’s Goals

I’d first like to thank @loveyournightmare​ and @theboywhocan11​ for the insightful discussions the past few hours, as it led me to delve further into research and thinking, hence the creation of this theory.

Be prepared for a long read.

Before reading this, it would be best to refer you to the following for relevant information:

The Jedi Massacre and the Jedi Killer <–PRIORITY READING

Reylo Meta Library 2.0 (see FORCE BOND)

For this theory, I have condensed certain aspects of those previous theories and have divided it into parts:

I.  The Jedi Massacre and the Jedi Killer

Let us begin with the purported Jedi Massacre. In this theory, which we will now coin the Sever Force Theory, Ben Solo does not actually kill his fellow padawans in Luke’s Academy. What he does is something worse: he uses the Sever Force Ability on everyone in Luke’s Academy, stripping them of their powers. To further expound, Sever Force is the ability to essentially cut a Jedi’s connection to the Force, thereby rendering said Jedi powerless. And so, having sealed his fellow Force users to a fate worst than death, Ben Solo gains the monicker ‘Jedi Killer’.

In the most extreme cases, using the Sever Force ability can actually create a Wound in the Force.

Think about Jedis as extensions of the Force. If you cut them off from the Force, that’s essentially amputating limbs of the Force, thereby wounding it. If this theory proves true, then Ben created a massive wound in the Force by severing connections of several Jedis at once from the Force.

It could very well be that Ben even severed his Uncle Luke’s connection to the Force, and so the once most powerful Jedi in the galaxy is now in essence ‘impotent’. This explains why Leia, for all her Force sensitivity, could no longer sense her brother and needed a map to find him. The same goes for Kylo Ren and Snoke.

Losing his Jedi powers may also be why Luke went into hiding, and why he searched for the First Jedi Temple. It could be in the hopes of finding a way to re-establish his connection with the Force, which is actually possible if you’re in an area that has a high concentration of Force energy (Kyle Katarn went to the Valley of the Jedi to re-establish his severed Force connection).

II.  Reylo Force Bond

Now, enter the purported Force Bond between Kylo Ren and Rey. It’s natural to assume that upon the discovery of this Force Bond, Kylo and Rey will be very confused when they could suddenly communicate with each other across vast distances, see visions of each other and feel each other’s emotions. Perhaps Rey will consult with Luke, who will consult with the Force Ghosts of Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin (if rumors are true), and that’s how we come to learn of the Force Bond. Kylo and Rey will of course want the bond severed, and since there are only three ways to sever it (death, change of feelings/kinship from both parties and Sever Force ability), this could be the reason why Kylo was allowed by Luke to go alone to Ach-To, in order to sever the bond he had formed with Rey. It helps that in Ep7, it’s established that Rey does not want any part of being trained in the Force. I think she may very well agree to losing her Force abilities, especially since Luke won’t be able to teach her at all, what with his lack of Jedi powers.

Now, there will be concerns that Kylo may very well kill his uncle, but I don’t think so. Luke, without his powers, poses no threat. In fact, Kylo Ren will need what little knowledge his uncle has of the Force Bond in order to effectively sever the one he has with Rey.

In comes more complications. I will be discussing the dynamic of Meetra Surik and Darth Traya/Kreia, as this is the most credible source we have yet of Force Bonds vs Sever Force Ability.

From my what I read up on Meetra Surik and Darth Traya/Reia (they had a very powerful Force Bond which Surik wanted to sever, and Surik was talented in Sever Force Ability), it seems Surik was actually not able to effectively or voluntarily sever the bond through the Sever Force Ability. The only reason she was able to do so was due to collateral damage. She had to cut off her own connections to the Force in order to protect herself and in so doing, rendered herself powerless, and her bond with Darth Traya/Kreia severed. Then, she was able to re-establish her connection to the Force, gaining back her powers as well as the bond she had with Traya/Kreia.

Later on however, during her final duel with Darth Traya/Kreia, Surik managed to sever the bond she had with her old master, but there doesn’t seem to be an indication that she used the Sever Force ability; only that she cut off her former master’s hand, and thereby ended their Force Bond. In this case, I do believe what happened was not the use of Sever Force, but it was the change of kinship/feelings between Meetra Surik and Darth Traya/Kreia. Cutting off her master’s hand was symbolic of the change of kinship/feelings between both parties, forever cementing them as adversaries instead of the former master/apprentice they once were.

Going back to the change of kinship/feelings as a way to remove a Force Bond, this can only happen if the feelings of the two individuals had when they first established the bond change at the same time (To break a bond, your feelings would have to change [sic] – Wookiepedia). In the case of Traya/Kreia and Surik, they established the bond as master/apprentice with sympathetic feelings, and ended it when they became adversaries with little to no sympathy for each other.

Applying to Kylo Ren and Rey, if we are to look further into the novels, their Force Bond was formed during a time Kylo Ren was drawn to Rey, and Rey was drawn to Kylo Ren. Their Force Bond was born at a time when they were drawn to each other, despite their status as adversaries. And by the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like those feelings of being drawn to one another despite their own misgivings will change anytime soon (light and dark, opposites attract), so this method of breaking the bond is out of the question.

Kylo’s Sever Force ability will then be the only course of action (Death is out of the question of course, especially since even with Death, they would feel that void forever). But what if in trying to use the Sever Force on someone as powerful as Rey, he is slowly creating another Wound in the Force? This could be what happens in the rumoured Ach-to Hut scene: Kylo Ren, trying to use the Sever Force to break his bond with Rey, only to have the hut disintegrate, and an overwhelming void come over them, then Luke (or even the Force Ghosts if they’re present) shouting for Kylo to stop when he realizes what was happening. Kylo, still imbued with the side of light, stops, confused and perhaps terrified as well, and that’s how they’ll begin a conversation about Wounds of the Force.

III. Snoke and the First Order Weaponry

We all have been trying to figure out who Snoke is and while Andy Serkis, the actor who plays Snoke and even Pablo Hidalgo have already stated that Snoke is a new character, fans are quick to point out his similarities to other Sith Lords such as Darth Plaguies (officially debunked) and even Darth Scion and Darth Nihilus.

Snoke, as we all know, leads the FO and has their superior military might and weapons at his command. He approved the use of the weapon on the Hosnian system and would have done it to the Ileenium System had the Resistance not been able to stop Starkiller Base.

Remember the Death Star blowing up Aldeeran? That created a Wound in the Force. Imagine the massive wound SKB must have created when it destroyed all those planets in the Hosnian System.

IV.  Snoke and The Wound in the Force

And here we get to everything that ties the previous parts together. If you notice, all of them have one thing in common: A Wound in the Force

  • Ben Solo using the Sever Force ability on his fellow Force users created a wound. 
  • Kylo Ren attempting to use the Sever Force ability on Rey to break their bond creates or almost creates a wound. 
  • The First Order destroying those planets creates a massive wound. 

Connecting all those together, and you can see what Snoke’s ultimate goal is: to Wound the Force. 

  • It is why he manipulated and used Ben, not only so he would use the Sever Force Ability to wound the Force, but also to ensure no other Jedi can stand in Snoke’s way.
  • It is why Snoke is using the First Order’s military, so he can create more Force Wounds should he wish it simply by ordering the destruction of more inhabited planets. 
  • It may very well be that Snoke knew Kylo Ren was secretly going to Ach-To, but allowed him anyway in the hopes that Kylo will use the Sever Force on Rey, creating another wound and decommissioning another would be Jedi.

If Snoke’s goal truly is to create a wound in the Force, he would hardly be the first to have the same goal. Darth Traya wanted to do the same, because she hated the Force and felt that it controlled all life and that beings do not have true Free Will because of the Force.

But what of Snoke? What would be his motives?

It could be as complex as Darth Traya’s. Or something very simple.

Here’s how Kreia/Darth Traya explained in (Wookiepedia)

There is a place in the galaxy where the dark side of the Force runs strong. It is something of the Sith, but it was fueled by war. It corrupts all that walks on its surface, drowns them in the power of the dark side—it corrupts all life. And it feeds on death.

―Kreia, speaking of Malachor V, to the Jedi Council

And further explanation (wookiepedia)

Wounds in the Force were created whenever a massive loss of life occurred. All life in the galaxy was interconnected and when a significant number of lives were suddenly ended, the Force sustained a localized injury much like a sentient who had lost a limb. The epicenter of the wound became a dark place, filled with the reverberating echoes of the pain, terror, and suffering of the life forms who had lost their lives. Wounds in the Force were most often centered in astrographical locations where traumatic events took place, such as Malachor V or Alderaan

From these, we can interpret that Force Wounds can become a source of power for the Sith. Simply explained, Snoke wants to wound the Force so as to make the Dark Side of the Force stronger, and perhaps because of that, more Force Sensitives will be inclined to go to the Dark Side rather than the Light. In this aspect, Snoke’s motivations parallels that of Luke’s: Snoke wants to re-build the Sith whereas Luke wants to rebuild the Jedi.

Further Implications

Taking all these into account, it could pave the way for Kylo Ren—once he fully understands what was happening and how he has been used by Snoke—to ally himself with Rey and the Resistance. There could be future construction of more planet destroying weapons. More space fights. Perhaps even a rise of Dark Side users because of the Force Wounds that had been inflicted. Perhaps even Rey herself, with her lack of training, will be corrupted by the influx of Dark Side energy. There’s so much that could happen but one thing’s for sure: if all the theories posited here come to light, then episodes 8 and 9 will be very dark indeed.

Library books, September 2016.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
Don’t Touch by Rachel M. Wilson
Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
Killer Instinct (The Naturals #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Why yes, that IS my first CoHo book. Looking forward to reading these!

Comics to Read Today, May 7

There’s a few first issues this week so let’s jump in!

Warning this is very gory. But if you like stories about serial killers and rainy towns this book is for you. This is a very strong first issue setting up the premise and defining some of the key characters. Again this is gory. (Confession: I once spent a summer reading practically every book on serial killers in my library so this book is perfect for me.)

Kinda the Breakfast Club, Kinda like a lot of Stephen King stories. A high school, with its silly, but so incredibly important when you’re that age, teen cliques and angst gets transported to another world. The first issue is all set up but there’s some fun moments and some gory moments.

The second issue of Dead Letters is out and while it would be hard for it to reach the amazing heights of the first issue - it’s still pretty good.

Red Sonja is horny and stinky in this issue and it’s very funny. We also learn that you should never judge a warrior by her cover. 

Such a good book. Good and scary.

Neither DC Comics or Marvel provided me with preview copies but here are the comics of theirs I’ll be potentially picking up this week.

What’s on your list today?

I’m a huge Killers fan.

Brandon Flowers has been releasing singles and videos from his new solo album The Desired Effect. The video here is from Lonely Town, where we see a girl dancing to his poppy tunes in a dark house.

When these singles first started coming out I was kind of suspicious that Brandon Flowers was going full pop, but after listening all three of the singles available, its becoming increasingly clear that there’s more in common with The Killers than is immediately apparent.

The last bit of the video takes a really dark turn, where we realize she’s being watched by someone outside. If you listen to the lyrics you start to get the impression that there’s definitely something more sinister going on here.

Now I’m standing outside your house
And I’m wondering, Baby
Do you hear the phone when I call?
Do you fill the void when I fall?
Do you hear the crack when I break?
Did you lock the door when it shut?
Can you see the knife when it cut?
Do you keep your ear to the ground?
For the kid in Lonely Town

This, coupled with the two other singles off the album he’s released “Still Want You” and “Can’t Deny My Love,” which are equally a little creepy, and it harkens back to The Killers’ original dark side. There’s three songs in The Killers’ library that are considered a sequential trilogy:

Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf (Sawdust)

Midnight Show (Hot Fuss)

Jenny was a Friend of Mine (Hot Fuss)

If you listen to the lyrics, the trilogy (in this order) is a song about a man obsessed with a girl named Jenny (Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf), who he then kills and buries in the desert (Midnight Show), with him being arrested at the end (Jenny was a Friend of Mine).

(There’s some other songs that you could tie into it as well, such as Mr. Brightside, about a guy obsessed with a girl he thinks is cheating, etc)

Is this a little weird and creepy? Yeah, but the band is called The Killers after all. It just makes me excited to see some more of this playful darkness that they started with coming back (even if its only a solo album by Brandon Flowers). It gives me some hope that The Killers’ next album will be a return to form.