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This is what would happen if an asteroid hit New York

“Thousands of years ago, cities were a minuscule fraction of Earth’s surface; practically all asteroid strikes were guaranteed to occur over virtually uninhabited areas. Today, urban areas now cover more than three percent of Earth’s land area, meaning that out of every 100 asteroid strikes our planet receives, roughly one of them will strike a city. And if that asteroid is around 100 meters in size or larger, the effects would be catastrophic.”

Asteroid strikes are among the most destructive natural disasters to ever impact planet Earth. While an extinction-level event, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, are exceedingly rare, we face city-killer impacts somewhere on Earth’s surface every few hundred years. If one such event happened over an actual city, the chain reaction of destructive events would begin with a fireball, followed by thermal radiation, causing millions of people to die. Buildings would be leveled for an even greater distance, while inevitable destruction would continue far beyond that. But the greatest number of people would suffer from burns, even from scores or hundreds of miles away.

The asteroid that struck Lake Michigan yesterday was luckily harmless, but the threat of a city-killer is a real one we’re woefully unprepared for. Find out what would happen today!

Random question tag

I was tagged by @viva-monteor! I already answered the first part so I’m just gonna do the second half

Nickname: I have a lot of nicknames but y'all can call me Dolly
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 5'4 ½ (I think)
Time Right Now: 9:15pm
Favorite Musical Artist: Marina and the diamonds, Diveo, Studio Killers, Minutes from June, Lake, Sleigh Bells, KKP, KKB, etc.
Song Stuck in your head: 'Hoverboard’ by Diveo
Last Movie Watched: P2 (one of my favorites I tell ‘ya)
Last TV Show Watched: 'Homicide Hunter’
What Are You Wearing Right Now: Soft blue dress, white socks, off white cardigan
When Did You Create Your Blog: January 2017 gosh it’s only been that long?
Do You Get Asks Regularly: N O P E itsa barren desert over here!
Why Did I Choose My URL: It’s the name of my town and I am not that creative lolol
Hogwarts House: I don’t know anything about Harry Potter but Hufflepuff sounds pretty rad so Imma go with that 
Gender: Female
Pokémon Team: I don’t play Pokemon go if that’s whatcha mean but I’d say team instinct or just team skull
Favorite Colour: Pink, all the way
Average Hours of Sleep: 3 or 5 hours
Dream Job: *avoids question*
Cutest Baby Animals: Kittens, duh

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A video of The Killers covering the Bob Dylan classic ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ has finally been shared on YouTube.  The Killers covered this song during their Lake Tahoe show on August 31, 2016.

Many, many thanks to missatomiccribs via Twitter for sharing the video.