killer insects


Cordyceps, the Killer Fungi.

Spores from the parasitic fungi called the cordyceps infects an insects brain and directs the insect upwards towards the forest canopy where it latches onto a plant to eventually die. 

After growing for about 3 weeks within the dead insect, the cordyceps unleashes spores into the forest, infecting other insects within the immediate area. There are thousands of different types of cordyceps fungi and each specialise in just one type of insect species. 

So I was ringing this old lady up at the register (I work in the Garden center at Walmart) and she put some insecticide and cupcakes on the check out and she was like
“Just the normal stuff, insect killer and cupcakes” and she laughed a little and my response was
“ Well mix em together and you’ll end up with someones life insurance”
And I just….
The fuck is wrong with me?