We’ve all seen this lovely footage of Savitar shish-kebabing Iris in front of Barry. After her death, Barry is destroyed mentally, but eventually gets a little bit better in 3x19.

In the same episode, Barry travels to the future … 2024 to be exact.



In the comics, Barry stops Eobard Thawne from killing his new lover, Fiona, by snapping his neck.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this?

My theory is that future!Barry will go back in time on April 25, 2024 to save Iris’ life by killing Savitar.

So Killer Frost knows who Savitar is. If you follow me, you know I totally believe in the “Barry is Savitar” theory, so everything I say is based on the assumption that the theory is true

Caitlin Snow isn’t gone. I honestly believe she’s just a mentally ill and scared girl who doesn’t know what to do so she’s lashing at the people who she thinks failed her (ngl I don’t blame her, but she’s being a bit extra). But like most people who have tried to kill their friends, they find themselves completely alone at the end of the day, and if it’s revealed to her that one of her best friends was twisted evil by his powers too and is EVEN MORE psycho than she is, she’s gonna jump at the chance to have a fucked up version of her friend on her side

Barry’s selfishness turned Caitlin into Killer Frost and he hasn’t exactly been keeping up with her situation unless she’s actively trying to kill someone. He’s neglected his friend and Caitlin is probably still hurt by it. But Killer Frost wouldn’t be angry at a future version of Barry who is paying attention to her, who isn’t neglecting her, who is treating her like someone important rather than someone who’s just there to save his gf from the weakly bad guy. Of fucking COURSE she’d throw her loyalty behind Savitar

In conclusion: Killer Frost is pissed off at Barry, but Caitlin Snow misses him. And Barry should probably bring a karaoke machine to his standoffs with her from now on

Why Caitlin is so scared of becoming KF.

To me future KillerFrost seems affect by the fact that Barry Allen look at her with hate in his eyes. She knew he was from the past because of that.

So what if Caitlin is not really afraid of her powers but what her powers means. What if she’s afraid that her powers are going to make her lose the people she love the most aka team flash. We all know how she didn’t want to lose Barry in season 1. We all know how she loves Cisco cause she sleep on his couch for days after Dente die. 

So what if all she needs to know to regain control is that team flash will accept her how she is and will love her how she is. That Cisco will love her even with ice power and will trust her enough to know that she wont turn full evil again. 

Killer Frost did said that Savitar making her accept who she is and accepting her as who she is cure her. 

So anyhoo ...

The Flash’s story editors seem to think that they are creating tension and suspense by needlessly dragging out the big Savitar reveal, on top of under-developing the character. 

But I didn’t see the sense in it. Whoever Savitar is, especially if it turns out to be a version of Barry Allen, he should have been revealed before the show went on its monthlong break. Now we only have four episodes left to cram in Savitar’s true origins, motives, how his plan really came together, his relationship to Caitlyn, th team’s reaction and where they go from here. 

The story is going to be hurriedly smashed together to tie up the season, and it might end up in yet another cliffhanger that leaves someone in grave peril.

It was an underwhelming comeback episode, even with the new suit, and Mirror Master and Top’s intensified powers. 

And yet a few things stuck with me: 

Would Joe West be as pleased to reconcile with Barry Allen (from 2017 or 2024) if Barry were the one who killed Iris as Savitar? I doubt it. And even if Joe West didn’t know Savitar’s identity but Barry Allen did (and he knew it was an a different version of himself) wouldn’t he be just as wracked with guilt and confusion over so utterly failing the man who raised him under his roof? Somehow I can’t see the dynamic existing between them, as presented in “Once and Future Flash,” if that is the case. 

Good and pure Cisco. Still hanging on to the hope that his old friend will return to form, reunite the team and be the hero to Central City he was meant to be. Cisco and Iris have got to be the purest, most endearing characters on that show. 

This is why … 

Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow is dead to me now and forever. Watching Cisco’s gifted mechanical engineering hands disintegrate before his eyes was the final, FINAL straw for me. Of all Caitlin’s missteps, manipulations, betrayals and “I can’t, even if I wanted to,” I just cannot abide what she did to the boy who only loved and protected her from episode one. Cisco is the one who fell to pieces as Caitlin died. He tried to stop Julian from ripping off the dampening pendant because he knew Caitlin would rather die than to live as a monster. 

Or would she? Because back in 2017, out in the woods on the edge of town Killer Frost had only completely emerged for what, an hour? And it didn’t even take long for her to flip. Caitlin Snow was still prominent, and once Savitar came out of his suit, he connected with Caitlin as much as he did with her supposed dreaded alter ego. If Plastique and Magenta (and Wally, and Cisco and Barry) have taught us anything, it’s that metas all have a choice as to who they can be with their powers. This is who Caitlin is, and I don’t care if they write her the most incredible redemption arc, which they’re not capable of doing, BTW, I’m done with her. 

One other thing about 2024: I would have preferred a different version of grieving Barry. One buried under the surface of an affluent, selfish, tatted, motorcycle riding, jerk random hooking up with random women. (Or is that too much like Flashpoint Cisco?) Yeah. I mean, he could still have disconnected from everyone, shut down S.T.A.R. Labs, but it’s not believable that it’s in ruins one day and on the other the main computers are up and running again like old times. The Loft could be left intact because he won’t change anything in there or sub-lease it out to anyone because he just wants to buy the loft next to it and keep it the same. It would have just made things more poignant to see Barry indulge in selfish pursuits, seeing as how being an unselfish hero who always chooses the greater good actually cost him almost everyone that he holds dear. And then 2017 Barry could lecture him about how blowing everyone off, neglecting Joe and letting criminals run amok is no way to honor the memory of Iris for making him the man he was. Wouldn’t you have loved to see 2017 Barry backslap 2024 Barry after seeing some random girl do the walk of shame down the hall of their building? 

I’m super worried about this Cisco and Killer Frost fight, particularly when their power blasts will clash. When Caitlyn first freezes Savitar to save Barry, she seems to be able to do so without limit. That is to say, KF will be able to maintain her icy blast without tiring (after say a few minutes).

But Cisco? When he and Gypsy clashed, the two tired out almost instantly. Granted, the next blast he puts out pins Gypsy down for a bit, but USUALLY, his blasts are of the one time, short lived sort. And even worse is the mental repercussions if he has to maintain those power blasts for an even longer period (remember those nosebleeds and that mini stroke?)

And in that promo, it looks like Cisco does that final roar - final effort move that one does when he/she reaches her limit and pours EVERYTHING into a final attack.

To put it simply, Cisco, please, don’t lose your hands 😞