killer dude!

Bing friendship headcannons!

• Bing is very self conscious about EVERYTHING he does and can get really bad anxiety attacks when he’s with someone new.
• He’s extremely good at hiding it because he doesn’t want people to worry about him or leave a bad impression.
• The only friend he’s ever had was Google and now they’ve drifted apart.
•It’s only recently that Bing and Oliver have become friends and Bing is terrified of the idea of losing Oli like he did Google.
• Bing is VERY protective and loyal to his friends.
• Despite Google wanting nothing to do with him, Bing still cares deeply about him.
• He loves to teach Oliver how to skate board and even got him his first one, which had a laser eye cat as the design on the bottom with yellow wheels.
• Bing would risk his life to protect Oliver and Google.
• He secretly hopes one day Google will hang out with him again, so he can relive the good ole’ days.

I’m a product of a society that openly tells me my life isn’t worth anything. In any other country with any other skin color, I would have been a great lawyer. I would be Tom Cruise in The Firm. But in America with Black skin, I’m just Tupac, the cop-killer dude. You know, I’m a revolutionary. I’m straight thuggin’ out here.Thuggin’ against society. Thuggin’ against the system that made me.

Happy birthday Pac, we love you and we miss you.

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Heeeyy, in regards to your serial killer David au, what do you think would happen if Max's DNA was accidentally left at the scene of one of David's many crimes and the police traced it back to Max and accused him of the murder? btw i'm a huge fan or your killer!david au and camper!david au so uh... keep up the great work!

who gave you the right.
seriously though, this is such a good idea and let me just!! think it through!
tbh i don’t think the police would accuse max as a culprit - he’s 10 -, but finding a link to him would def make things more complicated for both him, his family and just people in general he’s in any connection with. not at all excluding good ole david.

I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you
—  Kote 
You know what I don't understand..

People saying sans has depression..
Okay there is possibilities..Yes..But he literally admits he’s lazy, and when he says “give up like I did” i don’t think that’s him saying “I gave up cause I’m depressed” but “give up it’s no use trying to change the world” cause he probably feels unhappy about it..But definitely not depressed..Tho you can argue he might have slight depression

And people tend to forget the two CANON characters with depression is Alphys and Asgore. Alphys also has anxiety which..Mixed with depression is really awful! No fun. Alphys feels useless, like she’s a wet rag and Just a burden to her friends and the community. She implies in pacifist route she was gonna do something..Cowardly. (if suicide was your answer, you are correct!) She tries to fix it but sometimes you just need help, which undyne and papyrus are obviously willing to help with!

Asgore shows signs but friends of his probably don’t see cause (like many with depression) they hide it with a smile, he wants to help YOU, he tries to lie to himself saying it’s okay but he isn’t, he’s a father who lost two kids then his wife left him in his time of grieving.. Imagine being a king also with your kingdom mourning too with you, it adds on to the wound. Asgore didn’t reach out, he tried to fix it himself..But he too needed help (like in pacifist)
For fuck sakes he commits suicide in a neutral route! THAT part chokes me up. That is the saddest part in undertale for me, cause you can tell he just couldn’t take it, even says he’s FUCKING SORRY to you!!
He literally apologizes that he couldn’t do it..You know he’s gonna be haunted with his actions, you know he’s gonna be forever guilty, but frisk is probably the only person in canon to actually tell Asgore it’s okay and they won’t hurt him(Undyne tries tho) Asgore needs so much more love then he’s given by the fandom.
It’s honestly disgusting people portray sans as the sad depressed one and ignore the canon depressed characters, and portray alphys just as a horny weeboo and Asgore as either a stalker or a heartless killer.

Dude..Sans let’s you kill papyrus in one route. And he kills frisk too so..Idk why you guys say he’s a sweet guy. I love sans too but..Fanon sans SUCKS.

I just don’t understand that at all.

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hi! Can u give me some cdrama recommendations? Preferably historical and/or fantasy lol thanks

I love you, Anon! 

All of these should be easily found with English subs, but if you are having trouble, message me. As you will see, I am fond of a decent amount of romance, and am a fangirl for some actors more than others. Plus, they are all (IMO) good entry points. I put in a MV for each. 

Bu Bu Jing Xin/Startling By Each Step

To watch if you like beautiful visuals, time travel, heroines that grow, tragedies, romance.

Not to watch if you don’t like Qing hairstyles, slow pace, heroine loving more than one man in the course of the drama. 

Eternal Love/Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

To watch if you like beautiful visuals, a lot of sort-of reincarnation, all-consuming romance, high fantasy and mythology.

Not to watch if you don’t like really slow starts, a lot of CGI, heroines that can be immature. 

General and I

To watch if you like beautiful visuals (notice a theme?), a romance novel in period cdrama form, very competent leads in an enemies to lovers storyline, angst.

Not to watch if you don’t like long dramas, lengthy OTP separations, unrealistic medical conditions (welcome to wuxia! :P)

Gong/Palace/Jade Palace Lock Heart

To watch if you like beautiful visuals (notice a theme?), time travel, comedy, romance with a hero obsessed with heroine, seeing Boys Over Flowers in period form.

Not to watch if you hate Qing hairstyles, some goofiness, heroine spending early chunk of drama in love with someone else, a little bit of cartoonishness.

Ice Fantasy

To watch if you like beautiful visuals (arguably most beautiful drama I’ve seen, design-wise), high fantasy, heroic quests, brotherly love, something that looks like a Tolkien AU, BAMF heroines, multiple romances, fairy tales.

Not to watch if you don’t like - major wigs and costumes, a certain simplicity that comes from fairy tale frame up, plot holes.  

Lan Ling Wang/Prince of Lan Ling

To watch if you like romance novels in period form, killer dudes with long hair who are putty in hands of tiny heroines, married couples in love, evil harem intrigue, defying fate, masks and rose petals.

Not to watch if you don’t like stories that lack political complexity and look like shoujo manga come to life. 

Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 version

To watch if you like wuxia, cool OTPs, smart heroines, a tragic antihero, fights fights fights.

Not to watch if you don’t like magic, crazy medicine, secondary characters in some insane make up.


To watch if you like something shorter than your usual cdrama, fantasy, romance, people with wings.

Not to watch if you don’t like a strong case of what looks like BDSM fixation on part of the writer, a bit of childishness, and an ending that is polarizing (fair warning - I am in the tiny minority who was OK with it.)

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine/Qing Shi Huang Fei

To watch if you like female centric stories, messed up love stories, evil families, secondary guys who are unhealthy intense but magnetic, a lot of hurt/comfort, arc where heroine goes from disney princess to cynical BAMF.

Not to watch if you don’t like family intrigue, messed up male leads, crazy secondaries.

Return of  Condor Heroes 2006 version

To watch if you like wuxia, truly jaw-dropping visuals, beautiful deadly people madly in forbidden love (sometimes the whole drama feels like a cinematic swoon), battles. My first cdrama that got me hooked. 

Not to watch if you don’t want to skip the first two-three eps (which are awful), are not OK with certain fairy tale logic.

Strange Hero Yi Zi Mei/Vigilantes in Masks

To watch if you like Robin Hood stories, fights, heroes who climb out of pit of self-loathing slowly, self-contained arcs.

Not to watch if you don’t like love stories that are secondary, mysteries.

The Four

To watch if you want a popcorn procedural about Ming constables who solve crimes and fall in love, some pretty fights, werewolves, awesome girl melting angsty cold jerk lead, multiple love stories.

Not to watch if you want some spectacular acting or deep plot.

The Myth

To watch if you are like me and this is your number 1 drama ever. OK, seriously, if you like time travel, moral dilemmas, best hero ever, battles, tragedy, amazing character arcs. SERIOUSLY THE WAY EVERYONE ELSE FEELS ABOUT NIRVANA IN FIRE, I FEEL ABOUT THE MYTH. 

Not to watch if you don’t want to be an ugly sobbing wreck. OK, and also if you want romance be number 1 (it’s in there and awesome but secondary) and also I skipped the modern storyline so no idea if it’s good but the period part of the drama is THE BEST THING EVER EVER EVER EVER.

The Young Warriors/Young Warriors of the Yang Clan

To watch if you like battles, a super cool family of fighters with their own personalities and issues, many love stories.

Not to watch if you don’t like ugly hats, a little bit older dramas, and disgustingly thorough heart crushing.

Three Kingdoms (2010 version)

To watch if you want a crazy smart political drama with complex characters, many battles, and political manipulation.

Not to watch if you don’t want a 90+ ep drama that spans a hundred years, has very few women and only one love story of note. 

Pls note I did not list any drama set in the 20th century as not sure if it qualified as historical under your standards. 

A Coliver 3.15 coda.

“Marry me, Connor.”

Connor stares, wide eyed and shell shocked, thinking he must have heard wrong, because he can’t even begin to comprehend the idea that Oliver is asking him to marry him. His lips are parted but no sound comes through. The words ring in his ears.

Marry me, Connor.

“C’mon, say something,” Oliver whispers after a moment of silence. His hand finds Connor’s where it rests limp on their sheets. “I want you to marry me.”

“Um…” Connor awkwardly clears his throat and scoots up an inch on the bed. The other man leans back to allow him the space. “This is such a boner killer, dude.” Connor mumbles under his breath. He can’t even meet Oliver’s gaze.

“I know it’s not the most romantic proposal–” Oliver doesn’t miss the way Connor flinches at the word. “But I want this. I want you, I want us. Forever.”

Connor pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. He didn’t think he would ever hear Oliver utter those words to him–he certainly wasn’t expecting it now. Not when the state of their lives is invariably a mess. “Forever’s a long time, you know.” Connor finally says as he looks up.

“Of course I do,” Oliver says softly. “And I want it with you.”

He says it with such conviction that Connor almost believes him.

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