killer costume


The Flash 3x06 Sneak peek

Can we discuss Caitlin Snow’s supervillainhero’s symbol? 

1. it’s beautiful. 

2. is it supposed to be a snowflake’s extremities? Dorne’s flag? probably the snowflake. I like how simple it is (right @andromeda-phoenix​ ?)

3. CONTEXT. If there’s a parallel scene to 101 Barry getting his lightning symbol from Cisco…

Well of course 307 not-very-nice Caitlin could also make her own suit (like comic Caitlin which is cool) but then it wouldn’t be a Christmas team gift… and if it’s her “villain” costume then I don’t know if nice Cait will want to wear it again (cough, Jesse Quick in Trajectory’s costume, cough), which is a problem because this suit needs to be used for more than one episode.


♥GhostlySparkles Commission Post♥

So I’m finally free to start commissions for Props, Costumes and Wigs again! Above is some of the work I’ve done and if you’re interested in commissioning me, please email at

If you could reblog this just to get the word out that would be more than amazing! Thank you so much and if you have any questions or anything feel free to send an ask.

S.Coups: It’s Halloween and I’m tired but the fans want us to dress up. Ehh, I’m not really into that though. I guess I’ll just throw on some red contacts and say I’m a vampire. That’s the easiest costume, right?

Wonwoo: Idk I’m going as a vampire too since the fans say that I’m one anyways. I mean, I have a lot of black clothes already I'l just throw on some eyeliner and eyeshadow. Slick my hair back since it’s a “special occasion” lmao. I like Halloween but I’m not really SUPER excited about it, y’know? Hey Mingyu, what about you?

Mingyu:  *hires a special makeup artist to make his costume look realistic*

*spends $1,100+ on a vintage 1800s costume*

*Buys $500 eye contacts*

*gets a real cross he stole from the Pope himself*

*gets a $300 hair treatment*

*spends $200 on candy alone*

*secretly decorated the entire Pledis building and made the dorm an Addams Family replica*

*literally hires an actor to play his victim and follow him around for the week*

Mingyu: Hm? What? Me? Uhm yeah haha uh I’m pretty chill about Halloween too