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Three Fathers

One shot

Characters: Dean, Sam, Cas, Reader which is the little girl, and my characters Ella and Amanda.

Request/Prompt by @crystallstaircase : IDK if your requests are open but I had this idea for a fic. Probably not a good one but I know I’d like to see it for sure.TFW comes across a toddler reader whose family has been killed by witches and they all adopt her. There are scenes of Sam maybe homeschooling her, Cas teaching her about animals and Dean talking about proper car maintenance.

Authors Note: This is a great request and I am so happy to finally have found time to start on it! I hope you don’t mind that I added a little. I really hope you enjoy this and thank you for letting me write this for you!

If anyone wants to submit a request, the link is in my Bio!

Warnings: FLUFF


Sam and Dean told Y/n that her parents went to heaven because of the bad guys or in other words her parents were killed by demons. She didn’t understand at first, but she got the hint when Sam and Dean took her home to the bunker. It didn’t take long for the guys to figure out that they wanted to take her home with them. By the way she grabbed on to Deans legs and wouldn’t let go, they knew there was no way they could put her in the foster care system. She was too precious to them already, and Dean was already hopelessly head over heels for her.

Y/n’s first week in the bunker was extremely hard. She cried almost every night and wanted her mommy and daddy. She was clearly home sick and didn’t know Sam and Dean. It broke the boy’s heart to see her so upset, so they did everything to distract her. Play games, watch a Disney movie, or read her a story. At first, it was hopeless and the boys didn’t know what to do, but about a month after Y/n came into their lives, she finally adjusted to the new home and became a happy, smiley, bubbly, little ball of joy and the Winchesters were thrilled.

Cas was confused at first as to why the Winchesters took in a 3 year old, but the minute he meet her, he immediately understood. Y/n loved Cas, because he tried to teach her the sounds animals made. Y/n laughed every time Cas tried to mimic a sound, because everyone knew he sounded nothing like they normally do. Cas didn’t mind that she laughed because he loved her smile. He sometimes would mess up on purpose just to see her smile and laugh. He loved this girl.

Sam was the responsible one when it came to caring for Y/n. He made sure to feed her, change her dipper, and taught her everything she know. So far, they are currently working on the alphabet and Y/n is particularly smart for her age which made Sam proud. Every day Y/n amazed him with something she would do, whether it was get the next letter right in the alphabet or communicate exactly what she wanted without gibberish. Y/n loves playing with Sam’s hair and would constantly twist it and put it in pony tails. Sam was crazy for her, and she loved him right back.

Dean, was by far the worst of all. This girl had Dean so tightly wrapped around her finger that it seemed almost impossible. Y/n would do the smallest thing like look at him and he melted at her glance. Dean would do anything and everything for Y/n and if any monster tried to hurt her, god help them. Dean would often take Y/n in his car with him and drive around and she would sequel with joy. He couldn’t wait until she was older so he could teach her how to fix it up. Dean would play dress up and tea party with Y/n and she would love to put little tiaras on Dean’s head, but he didn’t care. Dean’s all-time favorite thing to do was read her stories. He read her Cinderella about a million times and she loved it.  Dean was obsessed with Y/n and she was the same with him.

As years went on, Y/n grew to be a beautiful girl. As much to Dean’s disapproval, Y/n grew up as a hunter. The boys tried to not have her grow up this way, but she chose it herself. She liked the idea of it and after her first hunt couldn’t have had enough of it.

The first time Y/n got hurt on a hunt was when she was 14 years old. Dean killed the werewolf ridiculously fast while Sam ran to Y/n’s side. She had a couple of broken ribs and deep wounds on her back and stomach. Sam cradled her in the car until she got home and he stitched her up and Cas healed her. It broke Cas’s heart to see her in pain so he tried to comfort her the best he could, and it worked. Dean beat himself up about it for days until he knew she was okay, but he still has yet to forgive himself about it.

As time went on, Dean meet a woman names Amanda. Dean was crazy for this girl, but Y/n came first. At the time she was 16, and hadn’t meet Amanda. Dean swore to himself that if she hated her, she was gone. Y/n loved her from the minute she saw her. Amanda knew the situation because she was also a hunter. Amanda became a mother to Y/n. They went shopping and would talk for hours about anything. Y/n loved her, and so did Dean. Dean proposed a year and a half later.

After the wedding with Dean and Amanda, she of course moved in. Suddenly, she wasn’t the only other adult female.  Sam had meet a wonderful woman named Ella and like Amanda, Y/n loved her. Ella and Y/n bonded over books and music. Like Dean, Sam needed to know that Y/n liked her before anything else would happen. Sam proposed about two years later.

All five of us living in the bunker wasn’t a problem, but Y/n was going to go to college soon. With help from Sam and Ella, she wrote a killer collage letter and got into UOI. Y/n was beyond thrilled and extremely excited to start the new chapter in her life, but it killed her to leave Sam, Dean, and Cas. After everyone helped her pack, she put all her stuff in a spare car in the bunker and Cas snapped some of her stuff to the dorm room.

The goodbye was one of the saddest moments in all the three grown men’s life. Cas gave Y/n a little stuffed animal so she would be with him when she was away, and he took credit for teaching her the sound that it made and asked her to make it just to be sure. He gave her a hug and told her to call for him if she ever needed him, and with that he was gone.

Y/n was crying when she said goodbye to Cas, but was an absolute mess when she said goodbye to Sam and Dean. When she started sobbing, a couple of tears raced down their face. They had all been through so much together, and this was the first time she would be away from them. They all hugged and Y/n promised to call every night. With that, she got into her car and drove to college.

Y/n kept her promise and called every night. She would switch off from talking to Sam, Cas, Ella, Amanda, and Dean. She told Dean first that she had a boyfriend named Alex, and Dean insisted that she would bring him home for Christmas, so she did. Y/n made the same vow to herself like Sam and Dean did for her before, if they hated him he was gone. Not to worry though, because they loved him and she was thrilled. He proposed about 3 years later.

The wedding was held in an old chapel and Sam, Cas and Dean sat in the front row after all three of them walked her down the aisle. Y/n saw that they all were crying. After she exchanged vows, and the ceremony was over, everyone went back to the bunker for pie. Y/n danced with all three of her fathers at her wedding before being handed off to her new husband.

Cas thought Y/n looked beautiful. He was beyond thrilled to have been able to have danced with her at the wedding and honored to have helped raise her into the wonderful woman that she is.

Sam was beyond proud of the young mature woman Y/n grew up to be. He was nervous about taking Y/n into their lives, but now knows it was the best decision of his life. He loved her with all of his heart and could not wait to see what the future held for her.

Dean was speechless. He never thought that he would have been able to raise Y/n, but he somehow did. Y/n helped make him into the man he is today and he brought happiness into the life he had. His little Cinderella found her prince, and he couldn’t be more proud.

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