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Ladies Night
  • Circe: I now call to order, THE LEGION OF FEMALE VILLAINS!
  • Harley Quinn: YEAH-wait villains legion? I thought this was a potluck! Now what am I gonna do with all these baked beans?
  • Circe: Oh please, you're one of the greatest villains in woman history!
  • Harley Quinn: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, I'm more like an anti-hero now in all honesty. Hell I also keep several weirdos at work, and have an entire FLOOR of my building just for my puppies and kitties! That makes up for all my killings ten times over.
  • Catwoman: Its true, I've seen the puppy floor, its literally the cutest thing ever. Also I'm barely evil as well, most I do is steal stuff from rich white guys, nowadays I'm kicking Bane's ass and taking the rap for my step-sister! And MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE Mrs.Wayne finally!
  • Harley Quinn: D'AW, congratulations! Mr.J propsed to me once...the ring still had a finger on it.
  • Circe: Okay, well CLEARLY Poison Ivy and Killer Frost-
  • Poison Ivy: ALSO-more of an anti-hero now.
  • Killer Frost: And I'm a straight up superhero now...whose...into the Atom and not Firestorm for some reason. Try keeping those Arrowverse fans NOW DC!
  • Circe: Cheetah?
  • Cheetah: Wonder Woman straight up cured me, she's mah girl now.
  • Circe: Doctor Poison?
  • Maru: YEAH-I haven't been seen in...a while. BUT HEY-that new movie might spark up interest! Did you see her awesome face mask? SO awesome.
  • Silver Banshee: Same with me with lax appearances AS WELL as being pretty much an anti-hero.
  • Veronica Cale: You have me for support, LEADER of Godwatch!
  • China White: And ME, China White!
  • Circe: ...I have literally no idea who either of you are.
  • Veronica Cale: Oh come on, I'm a straight up devious lady villain!
  • China White: And I was a minor Green Arrow villain they made a mainstay in the sorta good sorta bad live action show!
  • Circe: Get better names, and we'll talk.
  • Talia: I WANT to say I'm a villain, but the writers treat me so inconsistently who can keep track?
  • Golden Glider: I'm a criminal, but no where NEAR evil. Rogues for LIFE!
  • Grail: Raising my baby-dad so that he'll be better than I was, semi-redeemed.
  • Blackfire: ALSO-good.
  • Jewelee: You know the pattern here.
  • Circe: DAMMIT-am I seriously the last classic DC lady villain to be...a legit villain?
  • Amanda Waller: I wanna include myself here, but I DO save the world...through evil means, so more an anti-villain.
  • Circe: UGH-fuck this, I'ma go hang out with R'as.
  • Talia: Tell him to go fuck himself for trying to kill my son...again.
  • Circe: On it.

Top of the Lake: China Girl dir. Jane Campion & Ariel Kleiman (2017) TV

Detective Robin Griffin recently has returned to Sydney and is trying to rebuild her life. When the body of an Asian girl washes up on Bondi Beach, there appears little hope of finding the killer, until Griffin realizes “China Girl” didn’t die alone. The detective looks to the investigation to restore herself, but her problems are personal. Haunted by a daughter given up at birth, Griffin desperately wants to find her but dreads revealing the truth of her conception. But her search to discover “China Girl’s” identity will take her into the city’s darkest recesses and closer than she could have imagined to the secrets of her own heart.


Yang Xinhai was one of China’s worst serial killers. Over a 4 year period, between 1999 and 2003, he murdered around 67 people, and he was not one to discriminate about who he killed, he would murder men, women and children. He would enter his victims homes and kill everyone inside, using an assortment of methods, including using an axe and meat cleavers. He would also frequently rape any women who were inside before he murdered them.

He claimed that he was motivated by his anger towards society after a girlfriend, who discovered his criminal history, dumped him. His trial lasted only an hour, and he was executed within weeks.

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Butts or boobs for the allies


Boobs, probably. He definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a nice ass though!


Butts. His s/o in skinny jeans or short shorts would drive him crazy.


You’re making him choose?! He loves both equally!


Butts, mostly because big boobs remind him of his sister and that’s gross.


Boobs, but his preference isn’t that strong. He hopes that his s/o prefers ass though.


Being burned alive is said to be one of the most painful ways to die. Unfortunately, on June 5th 2009, 27 bus passengers in Chengdu province fell to that fate. The fire was erupted by perpetrator, Zhang Yunliang (62). Witnesses said they saw the man getting in the diesel bus with a gallon of gasoline. The explosion resulted in the deaths of 27 passengers, including Zhang. At the time, authorities believed the fire was an accident, but further investigation revealed Zhang planned the attack. His family told police that he was unemployed and suicidal. The night before the attack he told his daughter that he would “die differently”. The main motive behind the attack is unknown but authorities believe it is not terrorism related.

On 29 August 2016, Gao Chengyong, 52, was detained by Chinese law enforcement officials for the rape, murder, and mutilation of eleven women in Northern China from 1988 to 2002. Authorities state that he would follow women dressed in red back to their homes, where he would rape them, slit their throats, and mutilate them. He earned the nickname of “Chinese Jack the Ripper” by cutting off the reproductive organs of his victims. It is unknown why he stopped his killing spree in 2002.

Liu Pengli, another son of King Xiao of Liang, was made king of Jidong in the sixth year of the middle period of Emperor Jing’s reign. Liu Pengli was arrogant and cruel, and paid no attention to the etiquette demanded between ruler and subject. In the evenings he used to go out on marauding expeditions with twenty or thirty slaves or young men who were in hiding from the law, murdering people and seizing their belongings for sheer sport. When the affair came to light in the twenty-ninth year of his rule it was found he had murdered at least 100 or more persons. Everyone in the kingdom knew about his ways, so that the people were afraid to venture out of their houses at night. The son of one of his victims finally sent a report to the throne [the Han Emperor], and the Han officials request that he be executed. The emperor could not bear to carry out their recommendation, but made him a commoner and banished him to Shangyong. His territory was taken over and made into the province of Dahe.
—  an account of possibly the oldest named serial killer. Liu Pengli was king of Jidong beginning in 144 BCE, and loved to kill people for fun. When the Han Emperor found out, he was unwilling to execute a relative, so Liu was only banished. His reputation was so well-known that we have two extant sources on his crimes, in the Hanshu and the Shiji. This is the description in the Shiji

Henry Lascelles  //  Post-book!Canon aesthetic
           → “I have come here to fight. To erase the stain upon England’s honour that was made by that fellow’s cowardice.”

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Do any of the 2p!s know about their fanbase ? Is so what is their usual reaction?

2p America: “Holy shit, so many people want to fuck me”

2p England: *Sees that some head canon him as a psychopathic killer, sweats nervously*

2p China: “Oh my god people love me,,,, fucking finA LLy”

2p France: *Doesnt care*

2p Russia: *doesn’t understand how it’s possible*

2p Canada: “Eh.”

2p Italy: *Scrolls through fanart and fanfiction while chuckling to himself*

2p Germany: *Starts a tumblr blog that focuses on him, makes friends, tells no one that it’s him*

2p Japan: *Tries not to let it affect him*

2p Romano: *Starts a fan club for himself*

2p Austria: *Finds the entire thing extremely amusing*

2p Prussia: *V confused about it all*

After the incident, reports were incomplete and contradictory. British newspapers reported that the man was possibly a 19-year-old student named Wang Weilin. Others said he wasn’t. The paper went on to claim he was arrested for trying to subvert communism and for “hooliganism” (China apparently having a completely different idea of what “hooliganism” is). However, no man by the name of Wang Weilin, outside of a number of Guitar Hero avatars, is known to exist.

When the Communist Party of China checked his name out, they claimed to find no records of him ever existing. Many Western officials have maintained that the man was executed a few weeks after the incident, while people who were at the protests claim that he is alive and well somewhere in China.

In 1990, during an interview with Barbara Walters, the General Secretary of the Communist Party said he didn’t know whether the man was arrested, but he reassuringly said, “I think never killed.”

6 Famous People Whose Identities We Still Don’t Know


Microwave Baby Killer
China Arnold

How China Arnold avoided the death sentence is beyond me….

On the 30th of August 2005 in Ohio, a slightly intoxicated China Arnold had an argument with boyfriend Terrell Talley over the paternity of their 28 day old baby daughter Paris talley, if he didn’t want to be a father she didn’t want to be a mother. Instead of aiming her anger at Terrell, she aimed it at Paris who was barely a month old. China put her into the microwave and cooked her alive.

China had no signs of mental illness, but has previous criminal convictions. In 2000, she was charged over an abduction and years later for forgery.

In May 2011, China Arnold swerved the death penalty and received life without parole