killer burgers

My favorite thing about detective Conan is how extra the killers are. Like some of them are killing because someone cut in front of them in line for a burger. Killer would be like “better make it look like a suicide by throwing them off a building” like bitch chill


Louise Virgin Killer Sweater Test Selfies

So…I got the infamous virgin killer sweater  in hopes to do an adult Louise Belcher cosplay. Because let’s all be honest, Louise would totally use whatever ASSet she has to get her way. That and she would totally kill virgins. So haters can hate but I think it will be fun to step out as this diabolical character in this devious little dress. 

Will eventually do I full test but right now trying to see if the hat helps make the sweater look green. Sadly it doesn’t!

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Clean Eats for a Dirty Mind

On Twitter I occasionally do an #AskLzzyAnything hour, where you guys ask me about well… Anything! I’ve noticed a lot of you inquire about my eating and exercise habits on the road. But it’s tough to fit all the info So I thought I’d let you all in a bit and give ya the scoop on what my daily plate looks like. But before I do I must make a few things clear, I’m not a dietitian, I’m quite average in my body type, and like everyone in this world I’m not perfect and occasionally indulge in a favorite dessert or killer burger! What I’m sharing with you is what I strive for and consume 90% of the time. Also I’m aware that everyone has their own thing (paleo, vegetarian, primal, all American, etc) this post is not me saying you should adopt my habits, I’m just sharing what I do. Ok? Oh! And one more confession, I’m partially writing this to kick my own ass back into shape. By sharing this with you, it reminds and inspires me to stick with my plan!.
Ok… Now for the good stuff.

My eating habits are very simple. I eat as close to nature as possible, as in “could my food have developed on its own in nature”. For example, a cow is born, a carrot grows. Sugars, Grains and Dairy are manufactured. So I stay away from processed, “man made” products as much as possible. My diet consists of 70% meats, 20% vegetables and 10% fruits on any given day, but I’m not too strict with those percentages because it’s about the quality of the food not the quantity. You can’t really go wrong with those three categories. I do eat potatoes, but stay away from fried versions.
Now for the booze…I break my rules and indulge in good beer and red wine, because I’m human and like to have a good time. You just have to be careful to not over do it because too much a good thing is a bad thing. On a sad note, this is the year that I had to quit liquor. Something strange happens when the shots come out to play, my lights go out, and I become someone I don’t want to be (remember my past post about balance?)But it’s ok… Cuz that just means less shit to worry about.
Ok now on to Exercise.
Let me be honest, I hate exercise, and I hate gyms. But I’ve found 4 things that I absolutely love that still count as workouts and you don’t need a gym! 1. Walking. I walk everywhere and average about 3-4 miles a day. 2. Jump Rope. I carry jump rope with me on tour and put in about 30-45 mins whenever I can, I do this off tour as well! It’s such a great Whole body workout! Of course number 3. Rock Show! Even if you are a fan in a crowd rocking out in the pit! That is actually exercise. I burn an approximate 300 calories during a 90 min rock set. And…..
Last but not least… You guessed it.. Sex…get into it, its fun and is a great workout… With some awesome rewards too!
So there we have it! Hope you found this entertaining, and as always thank you for letting me into all of your lives!! If you have any questions I did not address… Feel free to write me!
Love, Lzzy

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