killer ant


//ARIES// Tasmanian Devil

//TAURUS// Aye-Aye

//GEMINI// Mata Mata

//CANCER// Narwhal 

//LEO// Glass Frog

//VIRGO// Giraffe Weevil

//LIBRA// Geoduck

//SCORPIO// Red Velvet Ant / Cow Killer

//SAGITTARIUS//  Giant Coconut Crab


//AQUARIUS// Monkfish

//PISCES// Giant Weta

It took me literally two seconds and Sebastian Stan’s stupid terrible heartbreaking face to make me lose it for Bucky all over again. You poor, abused angel baby. You didn’t ask for any of this and they made you the very thing you hated and I’ll be damned if you didn’t fight them every inch of the way. And now you just want it to STOP. 

His eyes were begging to be let off the horror ride from the very first moment his mask came off. They still are.