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Nicknames of Various Serial Killers

Jeffrey Dahmer - The Milwaukee Cannibal

Ed Kemper - Co-ed Butcher

David Berkowitz - The .44 Calibre Killer/ Son of Sam

Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker

Andrei Chikatilo - Rostov Ripper/ The Mad Beast

Richard Trenton Chase - The Vampire of Sacramento

Peter Sutcliffe - The Yorkshire Ripper

Dennis Radar - BTK Killer

Gary Ridgway - Green River Killer

Albert DeSalvo - Boston Strangler

Aileen Wuornos - I-25 Killer

Graham Young - Teacup Poisoner

Ted Bundy - Yuppie Killer

Douglas Clark - Sunset Slayer

Tsutomu Miyazaki - Otaku Killer

Albert Fish - The Grey Man/ The Werewolf of Wisteria/ The Moon Maniac


Sarah Shagal (a playlist for The Fearless Vampire Killers)

25 songs

The Parting Glass ~ Emily Kinney & Lauren Cohan

Those Were The Days ~ Mary Hopkin

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon ~ Urge Overkill

Sara ~ Fleetwood Mac

She Sells Sanctuary ~ The Cult

Wuthering Heights ~ Kate Bush

Should I Stay ~ Gabrielle

Over The Hills and Far Away ~ Led Zeppelin

Break on Through (To The Other Side) ~ The Doors

Because The Night ~ Patti Smith

Dead Man’s Party ~ Oingo Boingo

Love Hurts (1973 live version) ~ Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris

Femme Fatale ~ The Velvet Underground

Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve

Sweet Jane ~ Cowboy Junkies

Annabel Lee ~ Stevie Nicks

Love Song For a Vampire ~ Annie Lennox

Love ~ Brian Jonestown Massacre

Children of The Revolution ~ T.Rex

Love is The Drug ~ Roxy Music

Life on Mars? ~ David Bowie

As Tears Go By (1987 version) ~ Marianne Faithfull

Romeo and Juliet ~ Dire Straits

Who Are You Now ~ Justin Hayward

Both Sides Now (2000 orchestral version) ~ Joni Mitchell

The Chessboard Killer Confesses

Loner confesses to being Russia’s ‘Chessboard Killer’ // June 25 2006

A police manhunt in a Moscow park where 16 bodies have turned up in the last nine months has ended with the arrest of a man who could turn out to be the most prolific serial killer in Russian history. The suspect, a 32-year-old shop assistant who lives with his mother, has been nicknamed “the Chessboard Killer” since his self-confessed aim was to murder 64 people, one for every square on a chessboard.

According to his own account, which is being painstakingly checked by the police, he managed to murder “only” 61 people over 15 years, three short of his target. He was said to be particularly “excited” by the sight of crushed skulls and to have sometimes used a hammer to kill.

Identified only as Aleksander P for legal reasons, the man claims to have been consciously trying to surpass the number of victims notched up by the former Soviet Union’s most infamous serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo. Chikatilo, known as “the Rostov Ripper” or as “the Russian Hannibal Lecter” raped, mutilated, murdered, and indulged in cannibalism. He is estimated to have killed 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990.

Newspaper cuttings relating to Chikatilo were found in a search of Aleksander P’s flat, as was a chessboard; 61 of its 64 squares were reportedly crossed through, the number of victims he claims to have murdered. Police also found a large stash of pornography, much of it violent, though there is no evidence that he raped his victims.

The shop assistant, an alcoholic loner reported to have never had any friends or girlfriends, has been quoted by the Russian media as telling police he killed for sport. “It was all the same to me who I killed. I killed for the sake of the process itself. And, for the record, I wanted to kill as many people as possible and to beat Chikatilo’s record.”

He was arrested after a massive police manhunt for a serial killer – 16 bodies have been found in the last nine months in Bitsevsky Park in southwest Moscow. The killer followed what became a familiar pattern, striking his victims with a heavy object around the back of the head after drinking alcohol with them.

Many of those he killed were elderly men and the murderer did not kill for financial gain, never taking money or belongings. His calling card was some form of mutilation. He often punctured his victims’ lifeless skulls once or twice with the murder weapon after they were dead.

Police got their big break after finding the body of a 35-year-old woman in a river at Bitsevsky Park earlier this month. The woman later turned out to have worked in the same shop as Aleksander P. She had suffered several blows to her head and small wooden stakes had been driven through her eyes and into her skull.

It later transpired that she had gone for a stroll in the park with Aleksander P that was to be her last. Crucially, she had left a note for her 15-year-old son beforehand, telling him where she had gone and with whom. She had even written down Aleksander P’s telephone number which allowed the police to arrest him soon afterwards.

Police say they are 100% sure that he killed the woman but whether Aleksander P really is Russia’s most prolific serial killer remains unclear. Though the authorities seem sure that he has murdered at least 10 victims they have yet to gather sufficient proof to back up his sensational claim that he has killed 61 people. He has been taken back to Bitsevsky Park where he has successfully pinpointed where he buried some of his victims but the police are nowhere near recovering 61 bodies and in some cases have found only skulls.

There is also a question mark over Aleksander’s sanity, with reports that he has done a stint in a home for the psychologically disturbed. Under interrogation, he is said to sometimes become “hysterical” and parts of his confession are said to be vague and confusing, stoking police suspicions that he might be deliberately exaggerating the number of people he has killed, for effect.


On 25 October 2012, 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega, a part time nanny, was hired by Marina Krim to look after two of her three children, 6-year-old Lucia and 1-year-old Leo, in their Manhattan apartment while she took her third child to a swimming lesson. When Marina returned, she was horrified to discover her two children in a blood filled bathtub. Ortega was standing beside them and attempted to slit her own throat and wrists when Krim returned home. Ortega and the two children were rushed to hospital where the two children were pronounced dead but Ortega managed to survive. She claimed that she killed the children due to stress and money issues. She is currently preparing to stand trial after being found competent.


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Publish May 25, 2015 by TEDx Talks

I really enjoyed getting another presentation on the orca and why captivity is not the right choice. Usually, you get the usual, raking, violence, and physiological effects, but this one is different.

Naomi A. Rose instead focuses and shares the family side of things. She let’s everyone know that captivity strips family from the orcas and taboos are made. I think it is a breath of fresh air that every person in that room is now aware and maybe they even told the people they know about this. And then those people told more people, a train. Awareness is a train that we need to keep running.