so it happened. I met brandon flowers. the man who has changed my life in more ways than I could ever count. I’m having a hard time even putting into words how much this means to me. who would have thought that listening to maroon 5 pandora radio on a normal fall day in 2011 (my first time ever using pandora!) would have brought about something like this? this man introduced the one thing in my life that always remains constant: my love and passion for music. this man created outlets for me to escape from the toughest parts of my life. he got me through my parents divorce. he got me through my house
burning down and losing everything. he got me through a difficult battle with Crohn’s Disease. he has introduced me to the greatest family i have ever been apart of, the victim family. his incredible lyricism has shaped so many of my views on life. the feeling that his music, whether it’s The Killers or just as Brandon Flowers, gives me is indescribable. it’s like his voice just flips a happy switch in my brain.
here’s how it happened….I was at mo pop festival in Detroit and long story short my friends and I found out that 89x (a local radio station) was having a meet and greet for him. my friend staci and I (who had become friends through the killers and were only at this festival because of brandon) immediately started crying. fast forward a few hours and we got in line. it started pouring. like the type of pouring rain where you can’t see properly. we were rained on for a good 20 minutes before we made it up to the tent. I was the first to go out of my group of friends and I was honestly speechless. I wasn’t sure what to do when I got to him because I was soaking wet but he still hugged me. I said “I’m sorry I’m soaked” but he didn’t care. I was so in shock I couldn’t say anything and he asked me if I wanted him to sign the paper I had. he signed it as well as wrote a lyric for me… “dreams come true”. that’s the name of one of his solo songs and it just seemed fitting because my dream was literally coming true. I also gave him flowers (a vendor was passing them out at the festival, they had a tag on them that said “you’re #kindaawesome” 😂😂😂) as well as a letter that I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to give him. he was so sweet even though everything was being rushed. I ended up missing out on his performance because of a storm but at that moment I didn’t care that much cuz I had just met him and I’m also seeing him in a few days on his tour. I can’t even begin to imagine how magical it’s going to be.
so yeah. that’s the story that has been four years in the making. and I hope there’s more to come. ⚡️🌼