On June 1, 2004, an 11-year-old Japanese schoolgirl, whose real name was never disclosed due to her young age, brutally murdered her classmate, Satomi Mitarai, in an empty classroom during lunch by slashing her throat and arms with a box cutter. She then abandoned Satomi’s body and returned to her classroom, her clothes soaked in blood. The girls’ teacher, who had noticed that both were missing, came across the body and immediately called police. After being taken into custody, the girl reportedly broke down and repeatedly said, ‘’I am sorry, I am sorry’’ to police. Initially, she refused to reveal what the motive for the murder was, but eventually confessed that Satomi had slandered her, making remarks on her weight and calling her a ‘’goody goody’’. 

On November 26, 2001, Derek and Alex King, both only a year apart, waited until their father, Terry King, had fallen asleep on the couch before they struck him ten times in the face and head with an aluminum bat and set the house ablaze so as to cover up the murder. When firefighters rushed to the scene to complete the usual task of putting out the fire and searching for any survivors, they found Terry’s body and foul play was immediately suspected as they discovered that his skull was cracked open and his face was bashed in. Derick and Alex took responsibility for the crime and admitted that Terry never physically abused them, but they murdered him to avoid being punished for running away. The judge sentenced Derek to eight years and Alex to seven years, where the brothers served their sentences in separate juvenile facilities. They have since been released.

The Signs Locked In A Basement Together By A Serial Killer
  • Aries:Decides to take the killer head on
  • Taurus:Eating what they believe to be their last meal and trying not to panic
  • Gemini:Trying to convince the killer that he should save them, because they can work together in the future (doesn't really mean it, of course)
  • Cancer:Screaming internally, hyperventilating, wishing their dad was there
  • Leo:Tells the killer that he better let them go because they have a hair appointment in twenty minutes
  • Virgo:Cleaning up the blood and guts from previous victims
  • Libra:Trying to reason with the killer
  • Scorpio:Is secretly helping the killer; is the reason everyone ended up in the basement in the first place
  • Sagittarius:Agrees with Aries and starts planning an attack with the spare tools in the basement
  • Capricorn:Working out statistics; "twelve against one equals if I stay back I can run the hell outta here while he tries to catch other people"
  • Aquarius:Trying to send a bat signal telepathically
  • Pisces:Screaming externally, not breathing, crying for their mommy
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The Zodiac killer was an unidentified serial killer who operated in the northern california area in 1960-1970. He killed five men and women , with 28 pressumed dead and 2 injured , but he claims to have killed up to 37. During his killing spree he sent various letters to the police , all of which had a cryptogram underneath like the one above. Only one of the four ciphers have been definitely solved. There are many suspects for this case , most of which are dead. The suspects keep coming in. In 2011 a picture surfaced of known Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin and a man who closely resembles the sketch of the Zodiac Killer. It has been suspected that the man in the photo is Darlene Ferrin’s ex-husband, James Phillips. The photo looks very much like the sketch and this man had a motive for this victim. In 2014, it was reported that a man named Louie Myers had confessed to a friend in 2001 that he was the Zodiac Killer, after learning that he was dying from cirrhosis of the liver.Myers died in 2002. There are many connections between Myers and this case. Myers attended the same high schools as victims David Farraday and Betty Lou Jensen. He also worked in the same restaurant as victim Darlene Ferrin. He had access to the same sort of military boot whose print was found at a crime scene. Also during the period when no Zodiac letters were received, Myers was overseas with the military. I don’t know what to think about the zodiac case. I do believe that whoever it was is dead now , hopefully they will find out one day to give the families of the victims some closure.

Gareth Williams was a code breaker for the Secret Intelligence Service in London. He was also known as being an avid cyclist and an intensely private man, which is no surprise for someone in a position such as his. Gareth had requested to transfer to another department due to being dissatisfied with conditions at his work. This was believed to have upset his superiors. For the next few days, Gareth was an absentee at work, which was unusual for him. About a week passed by before his superiors finally reported him missing. Authorities broke into his flat to search for any sign of Gareth, but he was nowhere to be found. Police headed to the bathroom where they discovered a duffel bag resting in the bathtub, padlocked from the outside. When the padlock was removed, Gareth himself was found dead inside the duffel bag. Immediately, foul play was suspected, however it was difficult to determine the exact cause of death because his superiors took so long to report him missing, and there was not a single mark on his body. There was not a single trace of DNA in the bathtub, or the padlock, or the entire flat, suggesting that someone had wiped it clean. Over three hundred attempts were made where a man of Gareth’s size tried zipping himself in the duffel bag. All attempts were unsuccessful. Police concluded that Gareth had most likely zipped himself in the bag, and now consider the case closed. However, others still find his death highly suspicious.