I’m currently looking at episodes with Richard’s work and there is one in particular where both the editor and I were crying in the edit room because he communicated so eloquently the pain of Francis Dolarhyde and the torture of his existence. It’s very effective in its purpose of setting out to confuse the audience.

Bryan Fuller, on Richard Armitage’s performance as Francis Dolarhyde (x)

“We wanted the audience to be confused, ‘am I looking at a horrible murderer, or am I looking at a man who is in such torment and pain that he can’t control his own actions?”

“Mam, keep all the photos for us, for reasons, the ones of the dogs, scenery etc.”

- Moors murderer Myra Hindley, in a letter to her mother after her arrest. 

Unbeknownst to her mother, those photos were so precious to the killer couple because they served as souvenirs of the murders: The majority of the seemingly innocent, scenic pictures were of the actual grave-sites of the victims. Myra would be lounging casually on top of a concealed burial sight in one, Ian would be standing on top of a grave, posing with his rifle in another. After Myra admitted this, police took to the moors with dogs and wooden sticks, eventually finding 4 of the 5 victims with the help of David Smith and top investigators. The search for the last missing victim, Keith Bennet, continues to this day.

“I’ll tell you, as long as they intend to keep their heads in the sand about me, there’s going to be people turning up in canyon’s, there’s going to be people being shot in Salt Lake City, because the police there aren’t willing to accept what I think they know, and they know that I didn’t do these things.” - Serial killer Ted Bundy claiming innocence.


Captivity Kills …
-Sickness & Injury
-Stress & Understimulation

When orcas in captivity strand themselves on the concrete slideouts/slideovers, they are putting the weight of their entire bodies on their internal organs. That’s thousands of pounds of pressure.
There is only one ecotype of orca that strands itself almost completely in the wild, and it is a specialized hunting technique. Some other types will swim in shallow waters to rub themselves on the rough pebbles. Captive orcas will slide out because they are bored, stressed, trying to get away from an aggressive tankmate, or for no clear reason at all. Stranding is a dangerous and unnatural side effect of being in captivity.


Velma Barfield was a serial killer who eventually earned the nickname the ‘deathrow granny’, as she was the first women to be executed in North Carolina since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 (Barfield was executed in 1984).

Barfield was convicted of four murders, all of them poisonings by arsenic after she had in some way misappropriated or stolen money from them. She claimed she was only trying to make them ill in order to give her time to earn back the money that she owed them. Her victims included her late husband, a boyfriend, and her own mother.

Hello friends!

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- We’re playing the 2nd stage at Download Festival this year and we’re pretty much excitement incarnate.

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- We have loads more festivals to announce for the summer too. Including something verrrrrrrry special.