Murder Suicide
Branson Ellery and Shelsea Schilling

In November 2016 in Australia, the bodies of 24 year old Branson Ellery and his 20 year old ex girlfriend Shelsea Schilling were found at his apartment. At first authorities believed it to be a murder due to Ellery’s gang affiliation however, a sordid love story developed.  

Beautician Schilling fell hard for Ellery, the former “Bandidos Biker Gang” member left the gang to focus on his music career. The heavily tattooed ex gangster known as the “lizard man” by the press wasn’t all as he seemed. Ellery had a severe drug habit and often beat Schilling leading her to file many domestic abuse reports.

Days before the murder Schilling went missing, her family filed a missing person report when they couldn’t get hold of her.

On the 11th of November, Ellery knocked Schilling unconscious and suffocated her to death with a pillow. Afterwards, he put on is favourite music, slipped into a suit and took a drugs overdose laying next to Schilling’s body.  

The deaths were rules murder/suicide

Person: “Those killers you’re obsessed with would of killed you too!”

Me: “Well jokes on you cause I wanna die”


Sello Mall Shooting

On New Year’s Eve 2009 in Finland, Ibrahim Shkupolli went to the home of his ex girlfriend and shot her dead. Afterwards, Shkupolli went to the Sello Mall and entered the Prisma supermarket, pulled out a handgun and shot 4 people dead before going on the run.

The motive was believed to be that the ex girlfriend who worked at Prisma began dating another colleague. The boyfriend was one of the four killed at the store.

Ibrahim Shkupolli committed suicide at his apartment. 

All that he had was a mattress, guns and a framed photo of his ex


Someone is jelly. XD

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Eric: *Talks about hurting Brooks on his website*

Eric: *Throws an ice chunk at Brooks’ windshield and cracks it*

Eric: *Is an asshole to Brooks in general*

April 20th

Eric: “Brooks I like you now, get out of here, go home.”


Things Retail workers HATE:

• “I wanna speak to your manager!”
• *tells you the price of every item as they’re taking it out of their cart*
• “Do you work here??”
• *Gives you half of their order saying they don’t want it anymore*
• *checks out 5 min after the store closes*
• *hides things in random spots of the store*
• *watches- as their baby is sucking on an item, then puts it back afterwards*
• *Lets their kids ‘pretend’ shop- filling the cart with random things*
• *asks you to take off items, then changes their mind*
• *spends 10 minutes looking for a coupon as their checking out*
• *silences you* “I’m on the phone.”
• *Leaves their garbage behind items on the shelf*