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Hey there! I haven’t been on tumblr for a while, so a few blogs/mutuals have either deactivated or moved. And I’ve also gotten a ton of new interests. Please reblog if you post about any of the following:

-Steven Universe

-Gravity Falls

-Bob’s Burgers

-Over the Garden Wall

-Rick and Morty

-Star versus the Forces of Evil



-DC Universe



-American Horror Story

-Madoka Magica

-Dangan Ronpa

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-Kill la Kill

-Little Witch Academia


-Stranger Things

-A Series of Unfortunate Events



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-Don’t Starve



-Any Musicals (but especially Heathers, Book of Mormon, Be More Chill, Legally Blonde, and Hamilton)

-Marina and the Diamonds

-Fall Out Boy

-Spooky things

-Horror movies

-Outer space

-Cute animals

-Cute fashion

-Any kind of Cosplay!

-Any OC art! (they make me feel motivated to draw something)

-Guro/Pastel gore

-Makeup/special fx

-marching band stuff

-Decoden crafts

-Pastel goth/Vintage/Retro/ Victorian aesthetics

-Quality shitposts™

Thank you so much!

brief opening of mouth to say, the lack of horror movies with fairies as the scary antagonist demon nightmare things is upsetting. There’s two Guillermo Del Toro movies, one where the “fairies” are more slime mold than magic nightmare thing, one where it’s little tooth fairies that are a lot more akin to pixies which gets my stamp of approval, and a lot where it’s not actually fairies it’s human ghosts.

I am not 100% sure whether or not to count horror movies about mermaids as fairy horror movies.

Also there are Rusalka, Thale and Trollhunter, but those movies are Great and Good At What They Do. None are in english but if you can find them, watch them, they’re neat as heck.

Seriously. The Good Neighbors are hellish nightmares vomited from your darkest childhood worries. Make horror movies about them. Kelpies exist, as a concept. Everything about changelings. Banniks and Vodyanoi, right there, ready for movies to be made about them.

Very wide field of untapped horror potential. Demons are played out, ghosts are going nowhere. Research your local fairy lore, cry in terror, start forcing your children to carry cold iron, and make some fucking fairy horror films.

Also if anyone has suggestions for fiction books/movies about Scary Fairies (that aren’t by Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi or Ted Naifeh, i have read all the things by them) i am dying please give me them. gimmegimmegimme.


list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders