killed makoto this time


“Just like a mother watching over her baby’s movements, Makoto’s gaze was watching over Haruka. Even while he was cooking mackerel. As the story progresses you get the feeling that Makoto has had the habit of worriedly gazing since middle school. He had been watching Haruka’s pain of rejecting competitive swimming, even though he loved swimming so much the whole time.” (x)

“Yamazaki-kun, I’m studying.” Commission for my buddy Mel!!

Thanks, Mel. For killing me with your SouMako headcanon. Every time Makoto is studying with his glasses, Sousuke can’t help but stare and he patiently waits for the perfect time to steal a kiss. Bury me in SouMako Hell. OTL

Sooooo the prompt was stars/stargazing and who would think I could let that one slip? Noone. I mean who needs time to study right?


free! + roses

flower crowns are my gimmick, i’ve decided this and now it must be so

these are gonna be mini prints! I’ll carry them at SMASH this year and leftovers will go into the storenvy (✿◡‿◡) ahh i hope people like them hehe