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The Pilot - River’s Photo

 Something that really caught my eye in last night’s episode of Doctor Who was the picture of River that the Doctor has on his desk. Or, more specifically, the particular choice of photo.

It grabbed my attention that this photo is actually a screencap from the episode Let’s Kill Hitler. In fact, this screencap is directly after the Doctor realised that River had poisoned him.

Did you see it? If not, here’s a screenshot.

(I couldn't seem to get the exact shot, this is the closest I got)

Why would the Doctor have this specific photo of River on his desk, when it would be a reminder of when she was trying to kill him? He could’ve chosen any photo, yet he decided on this one. What significance does this hold for him, if any at all?

Also, could this be in any way significant to the plot of Series 10? Both The Pilot and Let’s Kill Hitler were written by Steven Moffatt, so is he just putting in an easter egg, considering this will be his last season as showrunner on Doctor Who, or is he trying to tell the audience something about this season?

I just feel that this small detail is really important in some way. But of course, knowing Steven Moffatt, he could just be messing with us and this might not hold any significance whatsoever.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, and tag anyone you think may be interested!

Trump Signs Bill Making it Legal to Kill Hibernating Bears: Even Hitler Liked Animals

If you’re reading this, you already know it should have been President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland filling the ninth SCOTUS seat. And you’re up to speed on how the GOP changed Senate rules to get DJT’s nominee Neil Gorsuch confirmed after Democrats filibustered. 

Gorsuch was sworn in today, rendering one ninth of the U.S. Supreme Court illegitimate. 

What got overlooked in today’s news cycle: DJT signed into law a bill that now makes it legal to shoot hibernating bears and bear cubs and wolves in dens. The same bill makes it legal to shoot all three from helicopters, too. 

You know, even Hitler liked animals. 

I can’t tonight.