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Monument Valley (Movie Story [by Song]) by Robbie Ierubino
  1. Nimrod - by Sir Edward Elgar - Movie Overture
  2. Ida’s Theme - by Grigori - Princess Ida Hills of Spem’s* first appearance near her pond.
  3. The Rockery - by Stafford Bawler - Jeremy Feathers’ first appearance as he hangs out with his girlfriend, Ida.
  4. The Garden - by Stafford Bawler - Ida and Jeremy having dinner in Jeremy’s mansion.
  5. Haunted - by Stafford Bawler - Ida hears and then, guided by a strange voice in her head leading to where it’s taking her.
  6. The Box - by Stafford Bawler - Ida discovers a little box inside Jeremy’s secret room and when she opens it, she and the box disappears.
  7. Leave a Trace - by CHVRCHES - Ida inside a void revealing its prophecy. / Title Sequence
  8. Untold Stories - by Stafford Bawler - Ida wakes up finds herself on top of Mt. Columbus and found her pointy hat that she was looking for. But then, she unexpectedly opens a hidden door in the mountain.
  9. Hidden Temple - by Stafford Bawler - Ida enters inside and discovers that there was an attack in the hidden Temple of the Peacekeepers and sees a ghostly peacekeeper near the sacred platform where the sacred geometry stood. This is when we see Markus Columbus the Ghost.
  10. The Ghost - by Stafford Bawler - Columbus, the leader of the peacekeepers, explains the attack inside the mountain, which is when he and his peacekeepers died, and tells that she had stolen the sacred geometry with the Crow, Spem’s greatest thief.
  11. The Chasm - by Stafford Bawler - Where Ida took off her hat as a salute for forgiveness, a sacred geometry object appears out of her hat and returns to the sacred platform where it must remain forever.
  12. The Thief - by Stafford Bawler - Ida arrives at the Garden of Hope and Jeremy was there. He said that she was looking for her and then, she lied about what happened to her after her disappearance. She told Jeremy that she has some important issues that she must work on and Jeremy agrees to let her move on.
  13. The Spire - by Stafford Bawler - Columbus trains Ida how to use magic to help her walk on monuments; to move bridges, paths, and places to get to the other side; and to find shortcuts to get to the sacred platform.
  14. Water Palace - by Stafford Bawler - After they return the Water Palace’s sacred geometry, Ida asks Columbus why he’s accusing her that she is called thief by assisting the Crow. He answers that if she is working with the Crow, she should know his identity.
  15. Halcyon Court - by Stafford Bawler - When they arrive at Halcyon Court, they see the citizens having fun around the pool. Columbus explains that the people of Spem had forgotten about their beginnings if the sacred geometry was harmed and creates a curse. That’s why they should protected by sacred platform. But, fortunately, Ida was lucky that she didn’t forget about her beginnings, but she noticed that she might have forgotten about the attack in the hidden Temple.
  16. The Lost Falls - by Stafford Bawler - Ida and Columbus climbs up on a cliff to find a secret entrance behind the Lost Falls of Love. After they found the entrance, Columbus realized that his old friend is here behind the falls.
  17. The Labyrinth - by Stafford Bawler - As they enter through, they begin the search for the sacred platform around a maze called, Labyrinth. When they found the platform, they discovered a golden, sleeping totem right behind it.
  18. An Old Friend - by Stafford Bawler - After the sacred geometry object was placed, its energy causes the totem to come to life. Columbus introduces the totem to Ida, Escher Wong the Loyal Totem. She described him as a “beautiful, spiritual, kindly friend.” Escher joins the journey with Ida and Columbus to return the sacred geometry back to their monuments.
  19. Midnight - by Coldplay - The journey of forgiveness continues, but it was unexpectedly was followed by Jeremy?
  20. The Serpent Lake - by Stafford Bawler - Ida enters the Serpent Lake underwater with the help of Escher to find the sacred platform somewhere.
  21. The Citadel of Deceit - by Stafford Bawler - After they found it, Ida discovers a clue. It was a ripped piece of a golden fabric with a bloodstain on the back. This gave her a flashback about what happened after Jeremy and Ida entered the hidden Temple.
  22. Nocturne - by Stafford Bawler - After one of the sacred geometry was placed, Columbus explains that sacred geometry was their pride, their downfall. Ida gets upset about how he and his peacekeepers are all nothing but corrupted people.
  23. The Decent - by Stafford Bawler - Before it is time to move one, Ida found a poppy flower next to her and decided to take it with her. When, Ida and her 2 friends entered a new and special monument for the colonization of Spem and before the explorers and colonists founded the peacekeepers of Spem, Ida sees her reflection in the mirror has wings. Columbus and tells that the peacekeepers were planning to make her the first queen of Spem.
  24. The Oubliette - by Stafford Bawler - Ida, Escher, and Columbus enters the hidden graveyard of the peacekeepers and in the graveyard was a big golden tomb which represents the leader of the peacekeepers, Columbus. Ida places her poppy near Columbus’ grave for a big thanks and farewell to him.
  25. Dreaming - by Stafford Bawler - Ida suddenly fainted because the final sacred geometry is giving her lost memory back. In her memory, Ida was having fun with the peacekeepers, but suddenly interrupted by the Crow who had stolen the Temple’s sacred geometry. Ida and the peacekeepers tried to stop him, but when Ida punched the Crow’s face, the geometry object went flying through the air. Plus, the Crow’s mask went off and and was revealed that the Crow was none other than… Jeremy! The sacred geometry fell hard on the ground near the peacekeepers and BOOM! It exploded and killed the peacekeepers, but its force pushed Ida and her head hits the wall. And then, everything went black.
  26. Sounds from Shattered Seashells - by Obfuse - When Ida finally woke up, she tells Columbus and Escher that the Crow is Jeremy Feathers and she was trying to save the geometry. Ida feels angry that Jeremy had betrayed her when she figured out who Jeremy is exactly. Escher convinced Ida that Jeremy didn’t do anything to harm her and he feels need to protect her from him.
  27. A Change of Heart - by The 1975 - Ida begins to fall in love with Escher by holding hands, dancing, and hugging.
  28. Observatory - by Stafford Bawler - Before Ida, Escher, and Columbus enters the Found Observatory, they are suddenly blocked by Jeremy requesting the final sacred geometry to him.
  29. Xen - by Stafford Bawler - But, Ida confronts Jeremy that he pretended to love her, so that he can first rule Spem forever. She refuses to give the geometry to Jeremy and that is when the chase and battle begins.
  30. Demons - by Imagine Dragons - Ida enters halls that guide her to the spinning cube in the observatory, but Jeremy goes after her and Escher and Columbus tried to distract him from catching Ida.
  31. Ascension - by Stafford Bawler & Todd Backer - Ida makes it to the top of the cube and places the final sacred geometry back in its sacred platform. When it’s already been placed, its power trapped Jeremy, who also made it to the top, but failed his crime to attempt. Ida declares that Jeremy should never be seen again for lying to her, death of the peacekeepers, and how he cursed the subjects of Spem. And, therefore, Jeremy gets disintegrated by the magic of the sacred geometry that he had stolen.
  32. At Journey’s End - by Grigori - After the death of the Crow, the magic of the sacred geometry transforms Ida’s hat into a crown and gave Ida her magical, royal wings, like what was shown from her reflection in the mirror. She, then, thanks Escher and Columbus for their help of begin a hero for her land she now rules.
  33. Amateur Cartography - by Obfuse - The subjects of Spem wonder what happened at the Found Observatory and then the magic of the sacred geometry gave them back their memories. Then, they see Ida flying in the sky and now noticed that she is now their queen. Ida invites her subjects to join the flight with her for saving Spem and what it must look like.
  34. Forgotten Shores - by Stafford Bawler - The next day, Ida and Escher are sitting with each other on a hill and sees Columbus as the tour guide of the events that have occurred throughout Ida’s journey in the monument valley of Spem. Ida said to Escher that she now loves him and Escher said to Ida that he loves her too. And so, they agreed to be together forever as king and queen of Spem.
  35. Black Water - by Of Monsters and Men - The moment when Ida and Escher first kiss each other and when we see Spem living happily ever after! / End Credits (Part 1)
  36. Ruled by Secrecy - by Muse - End Credits (Part 2)

*spem - Latin for hope

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Sequel - Monument Vally II (Movie Story [by Song])

Double the Love | Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Just a warning the translations will more than likely be wrong because I’m using Google to translate.

Он был настроен: It was set-up

Warning: Mentions of death, blood

Words: 2.2k


It was hard controlling my powers since they seemed to destroy everything I ever touched. Left behind by family after they found out about the powers, I fought thugs throughout the town and protected innocents. It was the only way I could eat. The civilians called me Lady Chaos, which never really helped me feel better, but they called me a savior for protecting the foods and families in the bazaar.

Cairo had never been a rewarding place as I grew up, especially when my powers were showing up out of nowhere. White noise of turbine engines sounded through the clouds, making me lift myself on a roof with my crimson-colored wings, watching the jet land on the outside of the Egyptian city. I landed roughly on the ground, a small crater being formed underneath me as black vines crawled out of the sand. I moved along the hot sand quickly, black vines crawling up from where ever the balls of my feet had touched the ground.

The wings of the jet folded above it, which confused me. I lifted myself into the roof of the closest building and looked down at the people that came out of the jet. Sunlight reflected off of a metal limb, making me gasp before flying back into Cairo. I landed in the vine-covered factory that I lived in, listening to the machines creak as I landed on top of one. I retreated into the hidden room that I called my bedroom and pulled the vines off of the window, looking outside into the busy streets.

There was a shadow of a man with wings that flew over the rooftops, which shocked me slightly. “Step away from the window,” a voice said from behind me, forcing me to turn around quickly to see world famous Captain America. A small frown rested on my lips as I looked at him. “We’re not here to hurt you.”

“Just here to bring me to wherever and keep me locked up there. I know,” I muttered, looking past him to see James Barnes. “Steve Rogers and Sargent James Barnes. I don’t need introductions. Why exactly are you here?“ I asked the two.

“We’re here to take you to S.H.I.E.L.D. on behalf of you killing the head of Cairo’s peacekeeping organization,” the blond informed me, making me arch a brow before shaking my head. “Sam, we need assistance with this one.” He said into a mic that was placed into his suit. My wrists were pulled together in large cuffs, making me try to escape them as the black vines began to turn to mist.

The mist began to attack the bricks of the factory, making the building shake as I flinched into a corner away. “We’re going to take you to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in Washington D.C. to ask you some questions,” James told me softly before looking out the window. I let out a small noise as he moved closer to me, the abandoned factory shaking as he moved. I shook my head quickly, my hands breaking out of the magnetic cuffs. “Do you want to stay here while we ask you questions?” He pressed quietly. Steve muttered a soft ‘Bucky’ as if trying to convince his friend it wasn’t a good idea.

The black mist slowly attached to the walls again and began to replace bricks throughout the abandoned factory building. I looked at the two men before sighing. “Он был настроен,” I said in Russian, looking away from the two. “When I was five, I was heading here from America because of problems that were going on. The plane was hit with a rocket from one of the helicarriers and everyone died, except for me.” I said, lifting my shirt up to expose shrapnel from the missile that had embedded itself into my skin.

“Asim Williams, the head of Cairo’s S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters found me by my mom’s torched body. He took me to the headquarters and that’s when everything started. People ran tests on me, saying I was sick and wouldn’t live if they did them, and I was five, so death was the scariest thing I had enountered. For twelve years of my life, I went through tests and these other things that should’ve killed me but they only made me weak,” I told the two before turning around to look out the window. “Death could never catch up to me anyway.” I muttered, diving out of the window towards the ground. My red wings came out quickly, lifting me back into the air, flying back up to the factory window I dove out of. I rested my arms on the brick window sill and looked at the two, who were panicking quietly.

Steve looked at me and I waved at him. “I can show you the underground place they had, but you two would have to keep up,” I told the super soldiers. The two looked at each other again before nodding and walking out of the factory. I heard the sound of motorcycle engines starting and looked down two see the super soldiers getting onto their motorcycles. I flew down to them and looked at the two. “Its on the other side of the city.” I told them before lifting myself into the air again.

At Cairo S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters


The large metal doors burst off of their hinges when the woman landed on the ground. “What’s your name, anyway?” I asked without realizing, getting glared at by the woman and Steve. “What? It’s better to know her name since she knows ours.” I informed my younger friend, who looked at the woman with white hair.

“I’m Y/N L/N. This really isn’t the place for introductions, Sarge,” she said before disappearing into the large building. A lump filled my throat after I watched her walk into the old S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, her erratic heartbeat disappearing slowly. I walked into the old building with Steve following behind me. I pulled my pistol out before hearing something crash, making me aim my gun to it quickly as Steve reached back to grab his shield. “There are so many papers that were burned.” I heard Y/N say from where the crash came from, making me sigh and lower my gun. She threw papers off of desks before her head perked up quickly. She looked at Steve and I, waving her hand towards her as a gesture to move. The both of us ran across scattered papers and jumped over broken desks to get to Y/N.

She grabbed us by the sleeves of our suits and pointed to two desks that were big enough for us to hide under. I slid under one as Steve hid under the other one, hearing voices coming into the building. The voices continued to get louder before there was laughter and then a shout.

Y/N said something in a different language before there were screams of pain, forcing Steve out from under the desk he was in. He grabbed Y/N by the throat and pinned her to a wall. I saw black vines crawling onto the wall slowly as her eyes flickered from the bodies to meet Steve’s eyes. Her eyes had an orange ring around the irises that spun slowly. She tore her gaze away quickly before getting out of Steve’s grip easily. “Don’t say it, Captain. I know what you’re going to say already.” She said as she walked toward a flight of stairs. Steve stood beside me and watched as Y/N’s red wings ruffled against her back.

The both of us walked down the stairs Y/N walked down and saw her standing there, her eyes wide as tears ran down her cheeks. Steve laid a hand on my shoulder, making me look at him. “Go down there. I’ve scared her enough already,” he muttered to me. Nodding quickly, I ran down the rest of the steps and looked around the room, seeing a window with a chair similar to the one I was placed in when HYDRA had my memories wiped. There was a woman in the chair, the restraints around her wrists. “Mom,” Y/N muttered, getting closer to the glass quickly, her hand pressed against the window, the black vines covering it quickly as more tears ran down Y/N’s cheeks. The glass broke, causing an alarm to sound loudly through the building. The white haired woman jumped over the broken glass and ran to the woman in the chair, hearing the click of a hammer being pulled back on a gun stopping me from moving. Black mist moved behind the man that was behind Y/N, going into his ear. His body convulsed quickly before blood dripped from his mouth, eye lids, and ears. The same thing happened to the man behind Steve and I. We ran to Y/N and pulled her away from the body. “No!” She screamed, trying to get away from us, her body shaking in our arms we got her out of the building quickly.

“I told you that it was a bad idea on the way here! That there would still probably be things here and there were! I never wanted any of this to happen to me, okay? They put things in my body that will never be removed and I’ve been through so much in twenty seven years because of Asim!” Y/N yelled, a ball of fire being shot from her hand as she threw her hands above her head. I thought about the twelve assassinations that I had completed before the white haired woman snapped again. “That man made me kill twenty people in ten years with the part of the missile that is still in me. People in Cairo are kind enough to take a kid to the hospital to have it removed, but we never got to the hospital! This is the kind of place people like me stay away from.”

“People like you?” Steve asked Y/N angrily, his anger radiating off of him in waves. “Please explain what ‘people like you’ means, because I’m pretty sure Bucky and I, along with the others at the jet, have been through a lot more than you.” I looked at Steve before grabbing him by the collar of his suit, pulling him away from Y/N before everything got worse.

“What is your deal, man? She just saw her mom’s dead body inside of that fucking building and you’re still not going to believe her? Y/N has been through so much more than us in such a short time and we both know that now,” I told Steve, looking up into his sky blue eyes. After a few short seconds, there was the sound of glass shattering and the loud roar of fire coming to life as there was an explosion coming from the headquarters. Steve and I looked around quickly for the white haired woman, who had disappeared while was talking to Steve.

“Bucky, I know we were meant to save her but if she’s in there and we stay here, it’ll be us that won’t go back home,” Steve told me as he began to pull me away from the large burning building that was spitting flames out constantly. “She’ll live through that remember?”

Many hours later; Cairo, Egypt


I sat on the floor of quinjet, listening to the quiet chatter of everyone else. There was a loud knock on the back of the jet, making the two assassins jump to their feet quickly. Maria opened the back of the door before raising her gun quickly. The door slowly lowered to expose Y/N, a bag in one hand and a file in the other. “Can I come in? It’s freezing out here,” she told us softly, looking at me as her body shook. I grabbed her hand and quickly pulling the white haired woman inside the jet. She looked at the others as she hand me the file she had. “I bought food cause I kinda figured everyone would need something.”

“You didn’t need to, Y/N. We were about to go back to D.C. if you want to go with us,” I told her, setting the file down on a seat before having Natasha help the white haired woman get cleaned. The back of the jet closed again and Maria sat in the pilot’s seat, lifting the jet off of the ground and into the air quickly. After a while, Y/N came out of the bathroom with Natasha, her hair short and cleaned while all the dirt and sand was off of her. She was in one of Clint’s jackets and a pair of shorts, her body shaking as Natasha helped her sit down.

The red head sat beside me as I looked through the file. “I don’t know how she survived that explosion but whatever was inside her stomach made quite a mess inside of her. There was rust along with wiring in with her organs and I don’t think she’ll be okay unless she gets medical treatment immediately by Banner,“ Natasha said before looking over my shoulder to look at the file. Xavier, Y/N M/N. Born in Westchester, New York. Why did we need to find her if there is nothing important about her?”

“She knows everything about everyone in the S.H.I.E.L.D. database and she’s not going to forget it anytime soon. She’s Charles Xavier’s daughter.”

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm sorry to bother you again,but I'm really enjoying this "discussion" about Clarke and Lexa's characters. I'm curious, how do you think Clarke should have dealt with her people this season? Because I'm torn; her loyalty to her people is one of her core character traits, but I can't reconcile that with the fact that the sky people have some massive colonialist undertones and are never punished. And I love Clarke, but we're on s3 and it still looks like she values grounders life less

you know what earlier i said i thought they did clarke’s story right this season but i just took a few minutes to think about it and im aggressively taking that back

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I Just Have a Lot of Feelings Post (novella version!)

The talks about a Hunger Games theme park are seriously bumming me out. I don’t want it. At all. & you know me by now- I’m obviously a huge fan of the series. It sounds cheesy but it really changed my life for the better. Obviously this is meant to be a funny blog but I’ve got my own code of what is & isn’t okay & I take the books very seriously. I mean, I even have a Hunger Games tattoo for goodness sake. But a Hunger Games theme park?? Get outta here.

The joke for years has been like YES! Take me to Narnia! YES! Take me to Hogwarts! HOLY HELL NO I DONT WANT TO GO TO PANEM. It’s horrible! The Capitol is horrible! It’s ALL horrible! That’s the point! I can’t honestly fathom how they would make that enjoyable in any way. You just can’t & no one should even try.

Let’s hop on the Capitol train! Shiny! Fancy! to..oh.. the Capitol. Because you’re being forced to fight other children to the death for entertainment now. Smile!

A berry stand! Yum, berry smoothies! Oh, right, because how nightlock is literally a deadly poisonous berry that killed Foxface & nearly Katniss & Peeta… okay, yeah, that’s awful.

Mellark bakery! Hey, that’s nice. Oh remember how he’s treated? By his family then wow! That next level hell that the Capitol did to him??? Oh boy. Yikes. The cheese buns don’t look too good now.

Oh! Let’s go visit District 12! Oh. No. No, this place is horrible. It’s literally hell on earth with people starving to death, beaten/whipped/killed by Peacekeepers, & lots of coal mines. Remember when it got bombed & nearly everyone died & now it’s only ashes & bones? Are they selling coal & hard hats in the gift shop? Okay, moving on.

District 11? 10?? 7??? I know! District 1! With all the fancy luxury goods they make! …to supply the Capitol… Oh shit, they’re also raising children to train for & volunteer to be merciless killers for the “glory” of The Hunger Games, aren’t they? Nevermind. District ummm.. yeah, you know what? They’re literally all awful. Let’s not visit any.

Is this a replica of the arena?? Wow!! Look at that cornucopia!! Shiny! Remember when they release the Mutts genetically modified to resemble the dead tributes so then Katniss, Peeta, & Cato try to get away by climbing it & they nearly kill Peeta then slowly eat away at Cato to the point where Katniss finally killing him is a mercy?? Oh! & that’s where Thresh killed Clove! The bloodbath!! Wow, this is awful! Truly truly awful! Literally the worst!! Let’s never do this again! 

Let’s check out the happy shiny bright beautiful Capitol city! Where they are lavished with more than they could ever want or ask for at the cost of everyone else’s lives! Brainwashed to all hell to anticipate, cheer on, encourage, & bet on the spectacle that is The Hunger Games! Kids killing kids is the best, right?? Can’t wait for the tribute tour!! People literally starving to death to provide them food that is so abundantly plentiful that they make themselves vomit so they can keep eating more!

Oh, look- Snow’s mansion! Remember the countless number of people he’s manipulated, tortured, & murdered?? Oh boy. Watch out for the pods! Don’t want to set one of those off! Then you’ll die in a more horrific way than you could have ever possibly imagined. Watch out for the Mutts! They’ll literally eat you. Better keep your mouth shut, too. Don’t want to be turned into an Avox. That’s no fun! Just ask Pollux or Darius. Well, actually, they couldn’t answer you because they cut your tongue out. Nevermind.

Water park? No. Training area? No. District 13? Nope.

Don’t want it. Don’t need it. Don’t do it.

Twelve Breads to Woo Them

by @alliswell21

for Day 1: Snow

Hi Everyone! Happy Twelve Days of Everlark Yuletide!!! This little piece is part of my Twelve Days of how Everlark met in an “In Panem AU, where they were never reaped”. I hope to post one chapter per day until Christmas. 

Thank you, Love in Panem, for hosting this event. You guys rock!

Rated: G (for now)

Beta-read by the amazing @chele20035 thank you love!  


Day one: Snow

The woods are silent and unyielding as I walk under the bare limbs of a maple tree, the ground is hard and dry indicating winter will be harsh this year. Everything has already either died or gone into hibernation for the looks of it, but in the back of my head I can’t shake the nagging notion that all these new would-be-hunters flooding my woods have had some hand in driving away game earlier than usual.  

It started fifteen months ago, the year I turned seventeen, when President Snow was assassinated on live television in front of all of Panem.

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You listed johanna mason as one of your fave characters. I was like why? Because she's badass and stuff but that's it haha!

okay i’ve had people ask why i like johanna and yeahhhh part of the reason is because she’s a complete badass, but there’s so much more to her omg. johanna is a queen okay and i don’t know why it’s only after the movie released that people are beginning to realize what a beautiful complex character she is. i mean, think about it:

  • johanna as a toddler throwing axes into the trees; she and her family carrying home loads of wood every day
  • johanna watching with wide eyes as two crying children not much older than her as dragged away by the people in white uniforms
  • johanna listening to the capitol anthem and thinking murderous, murderous thoughts, and if she’s reaped she’ll show them
  • twelve year old johanna announcing to her classroom that she’s going to run away - thirteen year old johanna clenching her fists in both defiance and fear - fourteen year old johanna asking her mother why people are still listening to the capitol - fifteen year old johanna trying to find weak spots in the peacekeepers’ armor - sixteen year old johanna wondering what the world would be like if the guns were in her hands - seventeen year old johanna thinking she’s almost out, almost done, when her name is called out to the crowd
  • johanna literally having split second to think: she looks down, nearly smiles, and then throws a world-class tantrum
  • johanna crying all the way to the train: she stops her bawling the moment the train begins to move. her mentor chugs a bottle of liquor and doesn’t even look the slightest bit impressed; she realizes she’s on her own
  • johanna running from the cameras when the train pulls into the capitol station, holding her head down during the opening ceremonies, scoring a 4 in the private session, bursting into tears at the interview, even when she’s sometimes disgusted at the weakling she’s playing
  • johanna fleeing from the bloodbath, cries whenever possible. when three sniggering careers corner her she scrambles away, whimpering, only nobody sees the blade she’s concealed in her palm.
  • johanna “accidentally” wandering, snivelling, into more enemy tributes for the pure satisfaction of watching their shock as she slits their throats
  • johanna yelling, “YEAH! HELL FUCKING YEAH!” and swearing at the capitol when she wins
  • johanna talking as little as possible during the final interviews - instead, she glares into the camera and says, fairly bluntly, exactly what she thinks of the games
  • johanna hugging her family before the victory tour, waving goodbye from the train. president snow meets her in the capitol and makes her an offer she turns down out of sheer disgust; when she gets home every person she’d called close is dead
  • johanna smelling the forest in the air as she burns her parents’ belongings
  • johanna heaving dry tears into her pillow the day after the next reaping. her tributes look so hopeful, but she can’t save them, she doesn’t know how, don’t they understand?
  • johanna meeting finnick and feeling nothing but disdain for him, who has evidently accepted snow’s deal; but then they begin to talk and she begins to care for him in a way she’d sworn to never do again
  • johanna eventually loving finnick in the meagre way she’ll allow herself to, even though he will never be able to love her back
  • johanna watching katniss pretend to love and peeta actually loving - these idiots don’t know what it’s like to have it snatched away, she thinks, and she bites the inside of her cheek so hard it draws blood
  • johanna listening to the plan for the quell with apparent disinterest, but she will die to bring snow down
  • johanna swallowing blood and swearing at the top of her lungs; her whole body reeks of metal and she wonders if the blood had belonged to someone she knew
  • johanna heading off into jabberjay territory alone - and hearing nothing.
  • johanna thinking, for a moment, that it’s the rebels who are lifting her up in the hovercraft, but then president snow appears above her and smiles his snake smile
  • johanna and peeta screaming alternately as the peacekeepers torture them - and one day, johanna sees the pail of water and her whole body shrinks in fear - is this what she’s become?
  • johanna plunging herself into the morphling, and into training. every shot she fires she imagines she’s killing a peacekeeper, another peacekeeper, president snow.
  • johanna seeing the rain and steeling her heart because katniss can’t know her fears; johanna seeing the tidal wave in the block and losing it, curling into a ball, shivering and screaming
  • johanna lying in the hospital bed in 13, staring at her shaking hands, wondering how she let herself become so weak
  • johanna accepting the bundle katniss holds out to her. johanna smelling the forest in the cloth and remembering and finally, finally, crying.

anonymous asked:

I hope this won't break my heart, but I would love to see what you come up with for #29. “I thought you were dead.”

I hope you enjoy! I’ve always wanted to use this trope in the THG fandom since I’ve seen it so much in the HP one!

I kind of read over it once and so did Hubbs, but excuse any typos and other uglies.

Summary:  A mandatory law brought them together. Four years later, Peeta Mellark comes to District 12 to the daughter he’s never known and the wife he barely met. An In-Panem AU with the marriage law twist.


We were never meant to marry.

This all began for her.

The rebellion had taken many away—too many. The once abundant Panem was dry of its citizens, many killed by Peacekeepers or bombings. The Capitol had the most casualties during the invasion of Snow’s Mansion—now non-existent because of the fire started by district rebels. The citizens had fled to the mansion for help and to their detriment. The fire bomb had taken out everyone and currently there is only 25% left of the Capitol elite.

So here we were, a crumbling nation, with the newly-appointed President Paylor trying to clean up a mess that she didn’t start. It was then that advisor Plutarch Heavensbee suggested something completely ridiculous and, unbelievably, Paylor endorsed it.

Mandatory marriages for those 16 and older. Marriages that would bring new life and citizens to the famine districts.

I had just turned 16 the year that the marriages took place.

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Big Brother is Watching Big Brother

In George Orwell’s 1984, he predicted a future

where people would be controlled by Big Brother,

a system designed to prevent them from

thinking any critical thoughts about their government

through constant surveillance.

He did not predict it would become a hit TV show,

that was part of a system designed to entertain us

and keep us from thinking anything at all.