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Hey can you possibly find me a fic where Sirius and Remus raise Harry and Harry falls in love with Draco. I'm feeling some drarry and wolfstar. Thank yooouu

I’ve found three but two of them are uncompleted and I don’t know how good they are.

Hey Juliet by ZoeyRowan: Draco and Juliet. They have hated, loved, lost, been each other’s worst enemies and dearest lovers. This is their story.

Nearly by gonattsaga: Sirius doesn’t go after Peter Pettigrew on the night that Voldemort kills the Potters, but stays to look after Harry… This means that he is never wrongly accused and incarcerated for the murder of Lily and James, and instead he and Remus Lupin raise Harry as their own.

When it finally becomes time for Harry to start his education at Hogwarts, he has no reason to tell the Sorting Hat not to place him in Slytherin (because Draco Malfoy doesn’t remind him on Dudley Dursley) and so, he is sorted into Slytherin and becomes best friends (and later on, more than friends) with Draco.

This is an epic, AU story (in several senses – but more on that later when it becomes relevant!) spanning over five years, and I will try and keep the major plot points of the canon arc in this story as well, where applicable!

The Path to Greatness by parseltonquinq: A documentation of Harry’s rise to power.

Sorry that I couldn’t have been more help, Anon!

Movie/ TV-Series scenes I noticed synch up with Britney Spears - Toxic

1. Game of Thrones “The battle of bastards”

2. Harry Potter final battle against Voldemort

3. Kill Bill, the Bride vs. the Crazy 88

4. The Diva dance from the fifth element

5. Quicksilver saving everyones butt in that mansion 

Gentle reminder that no matter what awful things Snape did or who he was a person, there is zero indication in canon that he imagined he’d “get” Lily if Voldemort killed James and Harry but let her live.

He just wanted her to live. Because he loved her. He didn’t fantasise that they’d be together afterwards.


Imagine Voldemort killing you because he believes you are a distraction to Draco.

Draco couldn’t breathe. His heartbeat was deafening, though he was positive it had stopped beating. He clenched his jaw, his eyes wide and burning as he fought tears. He couldn’t show weakness or he would die too. The Dark Lord was speaking but Draco couldn’t hear him. All he could do was stare at your body, crumpled on the floor like a discarded toy. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be real.

He wasn’t sure when the Dark Lord left. All he knew was that he was running. Draco sprinted through the corridors, his lungs throbbing for breath and his entire body screaming. He ducked into a bathroom, panting and gasping. Grasping the edges of the sink, he couldn’t hold back the bile that rose in his throat. Draco wretched violently, his entire body trembling. Voldemort had murdered you.

A sob clawed its way out of the teenager’s throat as he slumped down against the wall, pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes. This was all his fault. If he had left you alone, if he had refused to help the Dark Lord, if he had been strong enough to protect you and fight back… Draco felt like his chest was going to implode under the weight of a thousand ‘what-ifs.’

“I’m sorry, [f/n],” he sobbed, tears soaking into his collar. “I’m so sorry.”

Gif Credit: Draco

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What are your thoughts on Snape? Do you think of him as a hero (blah) or a complete asshat?

tbh the entire snape drama is just like.. rly BORING to me at this point like i swear the hp fandom has been going round in circles for YEARS with the exact same arguments you know!! but like, to summarise: 

-he was a nasty vindictive bully who probs would have just been your bog-standard death eater if he hadn’t been in love w lily evans, was a dick to children, outed remus as a werewolf, was happy to let voldemort kill a baby before he knew it was lily’s baby, i could continue rattling off snape’s Dick Moves over the years
-despite this, he risked his life + lied to voldemort ((a skilled Legilimens)) on the daily to protect harry, did his best to help the order, and in his final moments made the choice to give harry the info he needed to kill voldemort, showing that good and courageous things can come from horrible people
-not everything is black + white, the world isnt split into good people and death eaters, etcetera etcetera etcetera 
-he wears the hell out of a black cloak   

Whenever I have a headache I blame Volemort for it. Like


The Quidditch World Cup and the Mistreatment of Muggles

Presented by “Harry Potter and the Reread Project”

Quick Note on the Format:

So far, I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books in their entirety before writing a post about them, but due to the sheer length of them and the fact that I’m reading them fairly slowly for a change, that won’t be possible anymore. So starting with this Reread post, this will turn into more of a “chapter by chapter” analysis, except that it will be about larger chunks of the books rather than individual chapters.

Relations between Muggles and Wizards

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starts unlike any of the other books so far, namely with a chapter that isn’t from Harry’s Point of View. Instead, we get introduced to the Riddle House and Frank Bryce, its elderly and embittered caretaker who promptly gets killed by Voldemort for overhearing him and Wormtail plot.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about said first chapter, despite it being neither boring nor unnecessary, until I actually reread it. I think the main reason for that is that I remember or relate to stories primarily because of their characters and, let’s face it, neither Voldemort nor Wormtail or Frank Bryce are all that enticing as characters.

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☞ draco malfoy--

@pistolsmith - the boy with silver in his veins

There is a darkness in him that he can’t speak about unless he’s looking at his eyes in the reflection of a mirror and he wonders if others can see it too.

He’s never cared about their opinions because, no matter how much they hate him – he feeds off of it, he’s something that could survive off of the poison of others and thrive, rising again by some muted light – he knows it is because they yearn to have what he has.

The newest robes, the best books, the best wand. The best, he is the best, he has always been and ever will be—-


His knuckles connect to the glass of the mirror and the pain does not come so much as an ache in his jaw, a slow creep of agony in his bones that nearly loosens a sob from his throat, nearly…

Father always told him crying was weakness, meant for others, but never for them and he bit his tongue until his eyes dried – until his eyes died, until he died, locked away here in this misery of knowing he was incapable of murder, that he had done monstrous things but that did not make him a monster – and only then was he able to level his eyes in front of the glass before him.

He looked like moonlight shimmering upon broken glass, the failed attempts of winter on a pale, black-streaked lands.

Draco turns from the mess he’s left – he always leaves messes for others, the spoiled prince, the terrible one who has never lifted a finger for anyone other than himself in his entire life – and he walks away as fast as he came, seeking solace, the outside world.

It burns, the bite, that fever, but he refuses the call – it is only for a night but it is with a hint of lunacy that claims him, unwinding him from that grace he once assembled into something akin to confidence – in favor of appearing a certain way.

It isn’t fair, he things so fiercely, he wonders if he has at last, gone truly mad.

Oh, he thinks again, just as loudly, oh but it is.

The boy who has done beastly things has at last, become a beast; there is no beauty left to be found.

His foot-falls don’t sound human as he races down the corridor, but the shadows reach for him even still, no matter if he is boy-beast or beastly-boy.

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Okay, more fuck marry kill. Bellatrix Lestrange, Lord Voldemort and Umbridge


i’d fuck voldemort…. marry bellatrix… kill umbridge….

i feel like i need to go sit in a corner and rethink all my life choices thus far, omg


"""Bravest man I ever knew"""

Okay so “bravest man I ever knew” Severus Snape put himself in danger by spying on the death eaters. But, he didn’t volunteer to do it? He was the only person who could because he had BEEN a death eater. If anyone could do it, people *cough*sirius*cough* would’ve volunteered to do it even if it put their lives at risk. And I’m pretty sure Snape wouldn’t have been one of those people.
Also, he didn’t plan on dying? He didn’t sacrifice himself? He didn’t know that Voldemort would kill him? Stop saying he sacrificed himself because he didn’t

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fuck marry kill: peter pettigrew, lord voldemort, bellatrix lestrange

Marry Bellatrix, fuck Voldemort (Tom Riddle was fine af ok) kill Peter