• Writers: So here is Betty and Veronica they are two platonic best friends who aren't in love
  • Me: they in love
  • Writers: This is Archie Andrews, you're supposed to love him as the main character
  • Me: EW miss me with that angsty sports vs music cliche
  • Writers: This is Cheryl Blossom, she's a bit of a bitch and possibly could've killed her brother you don't like her right?
  • Me: Oh my god I love her, protect her at all costs
  • Writers: this is Jughead, he's homeless, later we are going to pair him up with Betty
  • Me: Bitch what the fuck no

yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 


Dunno Kuroo, it’s a mystery

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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