• IT: *starts with the scene about mike having to kill that lamb*
  • me: oh my god is mike going to be our main character? this makes so much more sense since the old version had him writing all their adventures down. oh this is such a smart decision for the character and itll offer a cool perspective this is so much better than the old one
  • IT: *gives all of mikes important contributions to ben*
  • IT: *doesnt introduce mike to the group for forever*
  • IT: *excludes mike from the finale because of henry bowers*
  • me: ... oh.
highlights of 4x06
  • Clarke and Niylah <3 <3 <3 
  • Clarke’s freshly fucked look 
  • honestly those two are so hot 
  • dad!Kane giving his adopted daughter Clarke a hug 
  • Luna helping and comforting Raven 
  • Clarke immediately knowing what’s troubling Bellamy 
  • “What is she doing?” “Being Clarke" 
  • Murphy botching Trigedasleng into "a horny mistake" 
  • Sassy Bellamy and Roan on the road trip of their lives 
  • Roan should have been in Mad Max 
  • Bellamy and Clarke saving each other literally though LOOKS 
  • Flashback to Lincoln’s death….literally killed me oh my god 
  • "She’ll come around and see how S P E C I A L YOU ARE" 
  • Bellamy looking at Clarke like she’s his whole word 
  • "Clarke, if we don’t see each other again.." 
  • "We WILL" 
  • He was about to confess his love I know it
  • Raven is trying so hard my little baby she needs help!!!
Shit some LARPers say!

Ok, this is a crazy thing that happened in @binturians LARP. It’s high fantasy, and the players are all members of the Binturian Party, a known crazy group of adventurers who live in a crazy magical country that no one else is stupid enough to live in. My character is Yael Quackenbush, a Monk who is a member of the Order of Kutcher Ashton (yes, really). She is mostly Lawful Good. And the other person in this story is Esilm Moonscale, played by my friend Ryan. He’s a half demon who was raised by snake people, so he’s definitely Chaotic Neutral at best. Our characters are close friends, but of course we have our dissagreements.

So, the party are knocked out and wake up to really weird stuff. Enemies who can’t usually talk are talking, telling us to die, we keep going in circles, see impossible stuff, and everyone we kill and search drops only Poison of Extra Murderness – not only does it kill the drinker, but it uses up one of their regeneration points, which we call Nirvanas. We are accumulating these extremely dangerous poisons and getting very worried.

Esilm: If anyone doesn’t want their poisons, I’ll take them!

Yael: Esilm, why do you want so much poison? It’s so dangerous, we should probably destroy them!

Esilm: Yael, you never want to let me have any fun.

Yael: Well, that’s because you almost die all the time from rushing into situations and doing stupid things!

Esilm: Well, you’re not my mom! I do what I want!

Yael: I just don’t want you to–

Esilm chose this moment to DUMP A SERVING OF THE POISON ON ME. (Skin-to-poison contact is also enough to kill.) Everything pauses as the others realize what he’s done. And then…


Esilm: Oh my god, Yael, I’m so sorry–

Then, the Reeve (dungeon master) comes up to me and pulls me into the next hallway, leaving everyone to scream at Esilm for me because they didn’t know what happened to me and for all intents and purposes it looked like I had taken a Nirvana death.

It turns out that I did not die. We were actually stuck in a dream, and poisoning ourselves was the only thing that could wake us up. Someone on the outside was trying to tell us that, but the wires got crossed so we didn’t realize it.

When the rest of the Party woke up, Esilm fervently apologized, so of course Yael forgave him and they hugged :)

anonymous asked:

do you think that if lance were to romantically end up with someone, he'd end up with pidge?

DO I. OH BUDDY. i’m honestly not sure, but:

#she’s looking at lance this is literally one of my favorite ships. they have such a good friendship and it’s kind of an underrated plot arc for them both already? when pidge is about to leave the team, she has this flashback to her first meeting with them:

that’s how you talk to short people, right (more photos under the cut)

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Can’t Say No

Summary: Lance’s daughter asks him for ice cream to which he says no and she doesn’t take too well.

Pairing: Lance x Reader (and daughter)

Warnings: Lance is a daddy

A/N: I saw a post for something like this but I can’t seem to find it so ye. Anyways I saw the post and really wanted write a lil drabble for it so here you go! Credit given to the person who came up with this idea, I hope I find the post lol.

“Lance,” you say, walking into the living room where he was sat watching Aladdin with your four year old daughter.

“Hmm?” he doesn’t take his eyes off the tv and neither does your daughter.

“I’m gonna take a shower, can you put Liza to sleep?”

“Yeah, no problem, baby.”

You nod and turn away, walking down the hall and into the bathroom. Lance continued watching the movie with his daughter, promptly singing “A Whole New World” with her. It was near the end when Liza turned to her father.

“Daddy can I have ice cream?”

Lance tears his gaze away from the tv to look at her. “No, it’s too late for ice cream.”

“But daddy.” the four year old whined.

“I said no, Liza.”

Liza huffed and glared at her father for about six seconds before taking a deep breath and holding it. Lance’s eyebrows furrowed and he made a face.

“What? What’re you doing?” he asked but the four year old kept holding her breath. “Liza.”

“Whatever you’re doing isn’t gonna work. My answer is still no.”

The four year old continued holding her breath and Lance made a face.

“I can do that too.” and so he did.

There Lance sat with his daughter, holding his breath with her. Only a couple of seconds passed before he stopped holding his breath and glared at his daughter.

“Liza Ann Tucker you better stop holding your breath. You can’t get everything you want and just because I said no doesn’t mean you can-” his eyes widen when Liza started flapping her arms, obviously having trouble breathing but there was no sign that she would let go of that breath anytime soon. “Okay! Okay! Yes, you can have ice cream!”

And just like that, the four year old stopped holding her breath and smiled at her father. “Yay! I want the chocolate chip one.”

Lance stood up and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah.”

Liza followed him into the kitchen and watched as her father put chocolate chip ice cream into a bowl. “Can I have sprinkles too?”

“No, getting ice cream is enough. Your moms gonna kill me - Oh my god okay! You can have sprinkles too!” he exclaimed once he looked up and saw that his daughter was again, holding her breath.

She smiled and Lance poured some sprinkles into the bowl before handing it to her. “Thank you, daddy.”

“You want some chocolate syrup? Gummy bears?”

He watched his daughter sit down on the table and grab a spoonful of the ice cream. “No.”

He watched Liza eat her ice cream before shaking his head and letting out a scoff. “Don’t tell your mom I let you have ice cream because she’ll kick my ass.”

Lance jumped upon hearing your voice from behind him and he gulped. “You’re damn right I am.”

A/N: tell me what ya think :)


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