Harley’s bat

hush little baby dont say a word
mamas gonna kill for you the whole damn world.
And if the world should wonder why, mamas gonna make them cry and cry. All the weirdos and the freaks wont lay a finger on me, cause everyone knows whos my baby HAHAHAHAHAHA Hey baby want me to teach these losers a lesson? Eat your heart out. Hush little baby dont say a word, mamas gonna kill for you the whole damn world. and if the world dont wonder why, mamas gonna make them cry and cry and laugh and laugh. I mean tears of laughter. Oh my God youre funny youre killing me! KISS THIS! Laughter and lies puddin and pie. All the weirdos and freaks cant lay a finger on me. Everyone knows whos my baby. My baby likes me to wear a smile to work. Good thing I like to swing this bat. Does that make me batty? Youre killing me. Am I killing you? Wanna play? HAHAHAHAHAHA (Diagonally in red between the lines):
Hush little baby Mamas gonna kill for you
Youre the whole damn world
Killing me
Youre so funny
No Im
Hush little baby
Killing you
Youre killing me

c r e d i t


Dunno Kuroo, it’s a mystery

so i had actually asked jared to like hug the picture & to feel free to be a bit silly but i guess he was just too excited; like i don’t think he even heard anything i said once i handed it over lmao. jensen was pretty amused which was fun and even though i talked more to jared, it was jensen who was all attentive and sweet and got us into position and all that good stuff :)

Jared was still fiddling around with the picture when i was about to leave and it didn’t seem like he was ready to give it back just yet loll so i told him he could hang onto it if he wanted but……..i had absolutely no idea it would lead to this: