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Ever done a character-meme for Uzu?

Nope! Here’s one:

What I like about them: Uzu is, like, the lovable shounen protagonist from my childhood. He’s cocky, and troubled, but he also has an immense sense of honor and a genuine dedication to doing what’s right. (Like, yo, this kid used most of his money from being a Three-Star student to provide his gang with food, clothing, and shelter—and his gang is comprised of teens who are neglected and/or affected by mental illness.)

I love how Uzu can be a shitty, overconfident high schooler, and, in a sense, I love how determined he is to improve himself, too. Uzu can certainly be arrogant, but he’s not a one-note, big-headed jerk, either. Episode 6—Uzu’s focus episode—is one of the greatest and most heart-wrenching in the entire series, where Uzu is so passionate about bettering himself and growing stronger that he has his eyes sewn shut.

Uzu doesn’t just give up when he loses. He gathers himself up and does whatever it takes to succeed—which can definitely be awful and horrific to witness. But it all serves to cement Uzu a complicated character who can and will take risks.

I obviously have some strong feelings about Kill la Kill and have trouble recommending it, but if I were to tell someone to check out any part of the series, I would say to watch episodes 5 and 6. Uzu’s character progression in episode 6 is so damn interesting and well done.

(I also love Uzu’s love for konnyaku and his lame puns.)

What I dislike about them: Not his fault, but after episode 6, this poor kid gets so sidelined. It kills me. He was so, so, so good in episode 6! His character has so much potential!

Favorite moment: This is oddly hard for me to answer? Honestly I love most of the times Uzu is on the screen, lol.

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Maybe every time he says something super cheesy. (Like, calling Ryuko “the woman who took [his] eyes but gave [him] the world” or his lame pun in episode 22 that’s always translated differently, but that the dub translated as “sewing the seeds of destruction.”)

Least favorite moment: How he lost so easily to Nui at the end of episode 11? He was such a formidable opponent before and he just got… so reduced to a joke. I cry.

Also, where dat Ryuko and Uzu rematch?

A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: Like I’ve said for practically everyone else, his backstory. Give me more about his family and his parents’ konnyaku shop and his brother Tsubo!

An interesting AU for this character: I’m not very creative, so I’ll bring back the idea of the Elite Four as samurai. I still think that’d be neat.

OTP: Probably Uzu/Nonon.

Other ships: Well, as I wrote for Gamagoori, this part of the third Drama CD really sells Uzu/Gama…

BROTP: Uzu/Elite Four and Shiro and Satsuki. Of course, a lot of people also love to explore the dynamic between Uzu and Ryuko, and I agree it’s a compelling dynamic. They’re both delinquents, reckless, and had bad home lives. They’d have a lot to talk about. I also crack up about how Ryuko claims konnyaku is her least favorite food because it reminds her of Uzu, even though her favorite food, gameni, can be often made using konnyaku.

NOTP: None in particular…

I mean, I can’t say I’m particularly fond of it, but I don’t particularly dislike it, either.

It’s definitely not a healthy relationship for a lot of the show, though; Satsuki is horribly manipulative with Uzu in episode 6. Of course, they both genuinely do care for each other, and they could grow from this—and episode 22 shows Satsuki realizing her mistakes—but it’s a relationship that rather needs some work to, well, work romantically.

Headcanon: I like to think Uzu and Tsubo have a good relationship, even if they are wildly different people…


a man spent hours of his life to superimpose a cartoon snoop dogg over every character in the kill la kill opening while remaking the theme song out of snoop saying smoke weed everyday

i love it