Welcome back to ‪#‎29DaysOfBlackCosplay‬! This is a month long event that is designed to inspire, unite and showcase black cosplayers of all shapes, ages and sizes. Wondering how to get in on all the fun? All you have to do is post your cosplay pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, and tag them with the hashtag #29DaysOfBlackCosplay. It’s that easy!

Next we have a cosplayer who needs no explanation: Maki Roll’s Chop Shop!

Maki Roll, otherwise known as Maki, is 25 and lives in Washington, DC. She’s been cosplaying for 8 years, and her first costume was Inuyasha. When asked what advice she would have for a new black cosplayer who’s concerned about receiving backlash online, she had this to say:

“As hard as it is, don’t let trolls win. Kill them with kindness. Not everyone is going to like what you do, and there will be those who will always see you as inferior. Let them know you’re not by not stooping to their level. If you HAVE to respond, keep it cute and sassy so that they end up looking crazy. Love your melanin no matter what. ”

This year, we’re compiling a list of 29 reasons why we feel black cosplay is important. Here’s what it means to Maki:

“Black Cosplay is important because it’s great to show the world that black cosplayers come in many unique shades, and are just as beautiful as any other cosplayers.”

Photographer credit: AshB Images, Maze Studio, Brent Allen Thale

Stay tuned for more amazing black cosplayers all month long!




Imagine Ryuko having a really bad snoring and drooling habit while sleeping. Whenever the two sisters spent the night together, Satsuki would always have to sleep in a different room or get strong ear plugs due to Ryuko’s snoring being so hideously loud. However, the Mankanshoku family never paid mind to Ryuko’s snoring due to the fact that they snored also. But this also created Satsuki’s worst nightmare: sleeping with both Ryuko and the Mankanshoku family. Ryuko’s drooling habit on the other hand caused her to once nearly get killed by Nonon due to Ryuko accidentally falling asleep on Nonon’s lap at a party.