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By any chance do you know what the ship name for Sanageyama x Inumuta might be?

I just call the ship UzuHou, which some people on Pixiv also do, but I think the “official” Japanese tags for the ship are SaInu/SaruInu (猿犬) and KenEn (犬猿, it’s an alternative reading for the kanji for “dog” and “monkey”. The Japanese ship names for the Elite 4 are mostly just their respective animal-kanji in their family-name put together, and the pronunciation usually changes and has nothing to do with how their actual names are, if you know what I mean.) 

Nonon. She met Satsuki in kindergarten before Soichiro faked his death. Shiro met Satsuki after Shoichiro left. (Source: novel & drama cd 3)

Yes, there are still some copies/prints left! You can get them here:

But since I’m leaving tomorrow I won’t be able to ship anything until I’m back in September. (Unless you order in the next 10 hours.) I’ve added some more merch I have twice, including Sushio’s LOVE LOVE KLKL, a IraMako and R18-UzuHou doujin and One Piece 10th Treasures, if anyone is interested.

One day: Yes, definitely! It’s so much fun putting the gifs together! But it’s also very time-consuming, so I probably won’t be able to finish it anytime soon. :S

How dare you to even ask me that! All hail the Eyebrow Jesus, the one and only.

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lol no. Who doesn’t want that?