Anyone good at video editing?

I thought it would be really nice if you could “watch” the Kill la Kill drama CDs, I initially wanted to make the videos myself, but since I have no idea how to make videos and since I’m busy with finals right now, maybe you guys could help out? What I have in mind is rather simple, just a fitting picture/screenshot of the currently speaking character and maybe some background shots, that’s all.

If any of you would like to contribute fanarts, that would of course be really awesome and welcome! There are summaries and translations of short scenes on @mikiryuko‘s blog, if you want to draw something based on that, or you have old fanart that would fit, please message me, preferably though the new tumblr chat system.

If you want to help out with video editing please also message me so I can send you the separate tracks and more details. 

I will of course give all of you full credit! 

I missed posting for #Friendsday but I just wanted to take a moment to post about @afroeccentrix who is my passionate starshine and the reason I’m still cosplaying today. When I first got into cosplay, I didn’t know that many people and a lot of the people I did know turned out to be toxic and burdensome. Meeting Camille brought me confidence and courage and laughter and just overall a friendship I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world <3 Thank you @afroeccentrix I love you forever!!! #cosplay #sailormoon #killlakill #29DaysofBlackCosplay

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the scans and translations! It means a lot! Klk is the biggest reason why Im switching careers and pursuing animation. When Im down I like to draw from it to remind me why Im doing this difficult thing that doesnt make sense. I only get to see these things through you, so thank you :)

You are most welcome, I love the drama CDs so much, and I’d love for everyone to understand them! 

And wow, it’s so awesome that KlK was a reason for you to pursue your dream job! I’m so happy that I could help out, it’s been an honor! I myself decided to go against the boring path my parents predestined for me and pursued my dream major instead back then because of Gurren Lagann, so I actually understand you quite a bit! Best of luck to your career, I wish you the best!

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I'm not sure how you can think Kill La Kill is art when it's just a barely concealed excuse for barely dressed teens to fight. The only good project Trigger has done so far is Little Witch Academia and they seem content to do nothing with that besides a new episode every other year.

If that’s REALLY all you see in Kill la Kill, then I think you’re missing the entire point of the show. 

(HUGE analysis of Kill la Kill in the defense that it’s NOT misogynistic

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