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waitwaitwait where were jules and vincent i gotta see this

They were in episode 4! Glom Gazingo and Bad Motherfucker in person :D

They fit perfectly in! My favorite easter egg in KlK^^


Hey guys!

My roommate netolaneta and I are tabling at Fanime Artist Alley this weekend and we’ve both been working on companion pieces for Kill la Kill! His is the Satsuki piece on the left and mine is the Ryuko piece on the right. It’s pretty cool to see them side by side with the respective styles of each artist.

I’ve still got a couple more updates so keep your eyes peeled for more later today!


Trigger staff 1#: Hey, this scene was done wrong! Ryuuko wasn’t synchonized with Senketsu anymore. Redraw it with Senketsu being a normal clothe for the Blu-rays.

Trigger staff 2#: Sure, I’ll do it!

Trigger staff 1#: Also don’t forget to add more blush to Ryuuko’s face. This is very important.

Trigger staff 2#: You’re very damn right!