Dane DeHaan & Dan Rad and on the set of Kill Your Darlings (March 2012)

"Dane and I had really good chemistry immediately. He was the first person that [director] John Krokidas and I had seen at the audition that day, and we turned to each other after and were like, ‘Everyone else is screwed’ […] He’s probably the best friend I’ve made on a set and I really hope I get to work with him again."

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Kiss Me, Cure Me

(Based on this freaking scene from KYD, because it showed up on my dash in two different forms within twelve hours, and I decided that it must be fate. That, combined with my need to write a best-friends-to-lovers Drarry fic, eventually became this story. Thanks to calypso-mary for the beta.)

Kiss Me, Cure Me (Read on AO3)

Meet me in the third floor alcove at midnight, Malfoy’s note said.It gave no reason, and no signature (although Harry could recognize the smarmygit’s handwriting anywhere). He had not shown the note to Ron or Hermione, because the two were nowhere near fond of Malfoy. However, he didn’t see any harm in going. It was the end of their eighth year, and if Malfoy wanted to talk about something, then he would listen. Besides, the blond hadn’t even tried to hex him at all in the past year, and that counted for something, right?

Midnight found him walking quietly toward the alcove, wearing his invisibility cloak (because being cautious couldn’t hurt). Peeking behind the tapestry of Barius the Brave’s lineage and into the dimly lit alcove, he could see Malfoy leaning against the wall. The blond cast a Tempus charm; Harry could hear him sighing impatiently.

Deeming it safe to pull the cloak off, Harry slipped in the alcove.

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