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It’s really strange. People believe Islam is so rigid that they can’t have any fun. You don’t have to kill your spouse with pure boredom to be “Islamic” You don’t have to just sit down together and read books all day. You don’t have to be on the tasbih 24/7 together. You don’t have to just speak about the torment of the hell fire and the crushing of the grave and make tawba. That’s not always so romantic and optimistic for a long term relationship. Go for walks, take trips out the city, tell each other jokes. Smile, laugh, have fun, converse and appreciate each other. These can all be acts which earn Allah’s pleasure and you are rewarded for them.

No one had more taqwa or responsibility than the Prophet ﷺ but he raced with Sayyidah A'ishah whilst on a journey to make her happy. He was humourous with her. He told her stories. He would share food and drink with her. He told her about how much he loved her. He would smile with her. He would ask her about how she felt. He would ease her problems and make beautiful her day. Her favourite moments of life were whilst she was with him. رضي الله عنها

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

A/N: I HAD PROBLEMS WITH THE TITLE SO I KINDA PICKED THE SONG CENTURIES BY FALL OUT BOY AND CALLED IT A DAY. I’ve received two requests about the Soul Mates AU - which I fully intend to write before satisfying my own selfish needs this time - and I’ll start working on them right away! I hope y’all enjoy this. It ended up being much bigger than what I initially planned, but it’s worth the ride. I’ll also dedicate this small piece of fiction to @winters-uprise and @arvaleeknight - the only people I know who understand my Altaïr obsession. 

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You sighed, rubbing your eyes in a vain attempt to push the sleepiness away. You hadn’t been able to catch much sleep — for whatever reason it was, you simply couldn’t last night, and when you did your mind was pestered by that same dream. Again.

You had been having the same dream for over a week now. There would always be the same man in front of you and he seemed… sad. Even when you couldn’t make much out of his face beside his eyes — his amber gaze, almost alike to liquid gold, bored into the very depths of your soul —, you could tell by the way he gazed at you somehow. The man uttered words under his breath, you couldn’t quite make them out, then he’d turn away from you with a sorrowful expression and, for whatever reason it was, you weren’t able to follow him. Your heart filled with dread once more when he disappeared in the dreams, that’s when you’d always wake up.

The weirdest thing was that you didn’t know anyone with such… peculiar eyes. You could see no meaning behind this weird dream — nor were you certain if you really wanted to know. What if it meant death? You had seen enough sci-fi movies to know that trying to change the future was always a bad idea.

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Player 04

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Genre: Angst/ Smut

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Request: “1. Could you write an angst/smut vampire baek scenario where he finds his mate, but he rejects her she’s very different from his exs. She plays soccer and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Basically she’s a badass & doesn’t take crap him either.  2) Could the vampire baek scenario take place in a uni (specialized for vampires) and the girl is a half vampire half witch (That’s another reason why he dislikes her bc vampires dislike witches) but she somehow ends up going to that uni. Thank you♡” -anon

Summary: Vampire/Witch au.

Captain of the soccer team. One of the many supernatural beings in your University. To be more specific, a vampire witch. And that fact on it’s self was a little problematic. Other vampires on campus did not like you or wanted to be associated with you. Vampires and witches don’t have a good history to begin with and that apparently didn’t change over the years. But since you are half vampire, they let you in the University. You may have manipulated your way in with some spells but the point is that you’re in.

Basically everyone knew about your powers and some were intimidated by you. You did use them sometimes, for your own benefit of just to kill your boredom. None of the spells you did were harmful at all, you weren’t a witch that used black magic but that didn’t stop you from threatening annoying students into thinking you would curse them if they tried something on you.

As mentioned earlier, you were the captain of the soccer team. Contrary to popular belief, you didn’t use your powers to get to the position of captain of the team, you were gifted with the strength of rapid abilities by your ancestors and it made you a great athlete. And even though not everyone liked you, you had made sometime of bound with your teammates and they’re the closest thing you have to friends in the University.

Tonight was going to be a big one, you’re team was going to compete with one of the higher Universities that were made for vampires. All of you have trained for months non stop, awaiting such memorable moment. You are all have different strengths and abilities that make you work as a great team but with all the pressure that is being put, it’s making everyone nervous for the actual game. 

You were in the locker room, along with your team changing into your team uniform and listening to your coach’s speech. “You are all going to go out there and kick their asses. Play hard, use your abilities in your favor and don’t let anyone alone, this a team for god’s sake. Now, you have all been training and exercising for some time and that means I expect way better that you did last time and win. But there are a few pointers we have to discuss. As I say before every game, you have to play fair and that means no biting, no showing your fangs to intimidate, no showing off, and specially-” he stopped and looked at you dead in the eyes and said “no magic”. Then everyone turned to you but you responded “Yah, don’t worry about a thing coach! I mean, it’s not cheating if they don’t notice, right?” he just glared at you and continued “I don’t want any of your shenanigans out there tonight Y/N, play fair or I’m sitting you on the bench”. You huffed in annoyance and sat down as he continued his little speech.

The time came for the game to start. You walked outside with everyone and started stretching on the bench. Everyone look both anxious and ready. The bleachers were full of other students from both Universities, cheering on for their team. You could feel adrenaline starting to pump it’s way into your veins in excitement for what’s to come next.

Seconds later, the other team came out making all of your teammates turn their heads and stare in awe. They looked straight out from a magazine. They had slicked back shiny hair, clean and sharp uniforms, and determined expressions ans they walked to their side. As soon and they stepped foot on the field, you felt an odd sensation going throughout your body. Your heart started racing and you started feeling how sweat formed it’s way out your pores. You looked around until your eyes meet with the ones of a player from the opposite team and as you both made eye contact you knew why you felt the way you felt. 

Oh no, this can’t be. Not him, not now, you thought to yourself. You knew he was just as surprised as you because you could read the panic on his face as he realized you might be his mate. Neither of you pulled away from the eye contact, that is until your coach blew his whistle in your ear making you fall down at the sudden noise and cover your ears. “Come one, what are you doing? Staring at the other players? Take this seriously!” he stormed out leaving you like that in the ground. 

One of your teammates walked to you and extended their hand for you to take. You took it, standing up and they said “What happened to you there? We were calling for you and you just stood there looking out to the other side of the field” you looked over your shoulder into the direction where the boy was. You directed your look elsewhere and replied before walking into the field “Trust me, you don’t want to know”

We walked in the field and started the game. As you played you noticed he kept stealing glances of you but as soon as you look at him looking at you, he would turn away with an angered expression. You tilted your head in confusion for his actions. Why did he look so angry? Is it because of the whole mate thing that happened a few minutes ago? you thought. You figured that if he was angered because of you, that could be an advantage to use on the field and win the game. A smirk crawled it’s way on your lips as you look back at said guy and wink at him only to see his expression change from surprised to angered again.

The game was almost over and everything has gone to your advantage so far. You have been nothing but flirtatious (on purpose, of course) to your supposed mate and it made his blood boil. You were clearly nothing like he imagined his mate would be. He kept glaring at you, eyes turning blood red but you just didn’t bother to get angry, it’s not like you had chosen him, it just happened.

Only a few minutes were left before the game ended and it was tied, one goal and your team would win for sure. From the corner of your eyes you saw one of your teammates struggling to get pass another player that attempted to steal the soccer ball from they. An idea popped in your head as you smirked. “A little help wont hurt” you mumbled to yourself. With a movement of your hands you used your magic to make the path of the other team players completely slippery. A few seconds later you saw as they tried to run after the ball but tripped onto the ground, making your teammate’s run for the goal easy.

They goaled and you heard the whistle, meaning it was over and you had won! You ran to your team and started jumping up and down in excitement. As you cheered, you felt a tap on your shoulder and before you even turned around you already knew who it was because of the pounding in your chest. You turned to look at him but before any of you spoke, he pushed you hard into the ground, knocking the wind out of you. You landed harshly in the grass and lifted you head to look at him. His eyes were still blood red and his fangs were starting to come out. You had to admit, he was pretty darn good looking but he clearly has some sort of anger issue.

“What the fuck was that?” you shouted at him “I should be asking you the same thing, what the fuck was that?” he shouted back as he straddled your hips. You lifted your hands to his chest to push him back but he was stronger than you. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, now get off me!” you said and he stopped his movements “Oh so your going to pretend you didn’t just mess with the field using your little magic?” you opened your eyes widely.

You are definitely in big trouble now. No one was supposed to see you using your powers, if people find out your team would be eliminated. You cursed yourself internally as you turned to look at him again. Struggling with your hands to get away from his grip, you said “I didn’t do shit, you’re just a sore loser” he chuckled at your comment and leaned his head down to yours. He whispered “Either you tell them or I do. You have before my team leaves to talk” and as you were going to say something back a voice was heard from behind the two of you.

“What the hell are you two doing down there?!” one of the coaches shouted, walking closer to us. The boy turned back to you and said “Time is ticking” and with that he got off you and walked back to his team, towards the locker room. You knew this was your fault and you had to fix it, otherwise you’d be out the team and everyone would definitely hate you.

You decided to talk to him to try and persuade him into keeping his mouth shut. There was also something inside you that craved being close to him again, even closer than you were when he rudely threw you on the field. But you push those feelings a side and ignored them.

You walked towards the locker room where his team was in. Now, you had to change your appearance because there was no way you would get in looking like you. You changed your body to look like their coach’s appearance and walked in. The only thing you could remember from the boy, since he never told you his name, was that he was the number 04 on his team. You blew on your whistle to get the attention of the players and said “I need to have a word with number 04, give us a minute” they looked at you and nodded at your command leaving the room. As they left, you closed the doors and changed to your normal body.

The only noise that was heard on the room was the sound one of the showers that was on. You were about to go look for him but the sound of water stopped and it was followed by footsteps. Then he came out, glistening skin, wet hair and a towel loosely wrapped around his torso. “You said you wanted to speak with- What the hell are you doing in here? Get out, you freak!” he said as he lifted his head and noticed it was you instead of his coach. You quickly walked to him and slapped your hands on his mouth, if someone heard so much yelling your plan would fail and you’d humiliate yourself even more.

“Calm down. I came here to talk to you so stop shouting” you said to him but he just ignored you “I don’t care! There’s nothing to talk about, I already told you what would happen if you don’t speak up. Now if you excuse me, I have to get dressed and leave to tell my coach the other team has a witch on their side” he said as he walked past you to his bag of clothes. In panic, you used your magic to snatch his clothes from him. The bag landed on your side, you grabbed it and walked over to the showers, turned one of them on and dropped the bag right were the water fell.

“Oops, look like you’re going no where” you said with fake surprise in your face. He huffed loudly and stomped his way towards you. He pushed you forcefully to the wall where the showers were and water started pouring down the two of you. He slammed his hands around you, trapping you in his embrace as he looked deep into your eyes with a furious gaze. “You… witch. I can’t believe you. I don’t know you but I already fucking hate you” he said “You’re lucky I fed before the game, otherwise I would’ve sucked your blood dry, you brat”

He kept spitting nasty comments to you but you were distracted. He was so close to you that you could feel how fast his heart was going. You could feel his breathing, you could feel him. You knew he felt it too but he was more concentrated on being mad at you at the moment.

You interrupted him and said “Are you sure this is about the game or about something else?” he stopped and stared at you. Both your heart beats seemed to grow louder by the second. “It’s not like there’s someone to blame, we don’t get to choose who” you said in a softer tone. For a moment you thought he had calmed down until he opened his mouth again. “Why did I get stuck with you? A bratty, cheating, useless vampire witch?” he said “I deserve much better than this”

You jaw almost dropped as you heard said words come out of him. How could someone be so rude to someone’s they don’t even know? You thought you were a bitch but he really topped you. You furrowed your eyebrows and said “Oh and you think you’re so perfect right? Who’d want to be with such self-absorbed prick? You think you’re so much superior than me, when in reality you’re just as bad or even worse of an asshole than me”

And with that he had it. You thought he was going to hit you but what really happened caught you by surprise. He crashed his lips with yours and started hungrily kissing you. The kiss was nothing but hard and rough. He placed one of his hands on your hair, pulling it, and the other on your waist pushing you closer to him.

You could do nothing but melt into arms and forcefully kiss him back. Your tongues fought for dominance but his won as his hands landed in your ass, giving it a hard squeeze. You moaned into the kiss and felt as he smirked while kissing you.

He started growing impatient and tugged at your shirt. He pulled away from the kiss and practically ripped it off your wet body. He connected his lips with yours and his hands started traveling to the back of your bra. He quickly undid the clasps, letting it drop to the floor and leaving nothing to imagination. He placed his hands in your breast, massaging them and giving your nipples a little twist, making you moan in pleasure.

This was your turn now to grow impatient as you kept feeling your lower parts getting heated but no action happening where you really needed it. You whined to him “Please, I need more” he continued playing with your nipples and said teasingly “What is that I hear? Is the little brat now begging for me, huh?”

You groaned “Just fuck me, will you?!” you said desperate to feel something. He just chuckled at you and said “Well, if you insist” and with that he turned you around making you face the wall. He took of his towel with a swift motion, revealing his throbbing member and pushed down your shorts giving him a great view of your ass.

He stroked his member a few times before rubbing the head on your folds. You moaned at the friction and said “Please, just put it in” making him smirk and say to you in your ear “You’re my bitch now”. And as he finished speaking, he slammed his member in you. You moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. You were already wet to begin with so it wasn’t that hurtful.

He started thrusting in and out of you with force, his pace growing faster and faster each time. You were not able to say anything as you were feeling so much pleasure. All you could do is moan loudly and try to focus on how good you were feeling.

His breaths were getting heavier and heavier as he pushed deeper into. He grabbed your hair with one hand and grabbed one of your breasts with the other. The sound of skin slapping and his low groans filled your ears, turning you even more it that was possible.

You started feeling as heat grew on your lower parts and your climax was closer. Your breaths were heavier and shorter as you felt out of breath. You shouted “I’m g-gonna cum!” and with that, you felt a wave of euphoria explode throughout your body. You orgasm hitting you harder than you ever thought. You felt as your walls clenched around him, making him closer to his orgasm. He hissed and a few seconds later loudly exclaimed “Fuck, fuck, fuck”. He thrusted rapidly into your walls and let his seed shoot inside you. He thrusted a few more times, slowing his pace, milking both your highs.

He pulled his member out of you, cum seeping out of your core. Both of you were still breathing heavily. And right as he was about to speak, a knocking was heard on the doors followed by some one, you assumed one of the players, yelling “Hurry the hell up Baekhyun, we’re about to leave!”. After all this time now I know his name, Baekhyun, you thought in your head as you looked at him.

A/N: I hope y’all liked it. It’s my first smut so be easy on meee. I’m a bit sick so I’ve been sucking at updating stories but i’ll release more sooner. Any questions or thoughts you can leave them on my inbox or messages. Take care, hunty *throws little kissies*

The Lost Memories - Part 3

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◇ genre : angst & romance
◇ summary : after visiting the hospital, both of you and jungkook came out with an idea that might help you to regain your memories
◇ words : 3.1k
◇ author’s note : the past 3 weeks hd been a tough week for me and I’m trying my best to update this. sorry for mistake and i’ll edit asap.Thanks for reading, xoxo

《previous | next》

You can’t help yourself from staring at Jungkook who seems too immersed on the paper that he have been listing out list of the things that both of you often doing together as well as the frequent places that you have been visiting with him in the past days. It is already been one hour and half since both of you back from the hospital and from that on, he keeping gluing his face onto the paper leaving you all alone, sitting on a dining chair across from him. You began to feel bored as your fingers started tapping on the dining table while humming to yourself in order to kill your boredom. Instead, it only takes a while before you averted your eyes towards Jungkook.

You don’t know why, you kind of enjoyed viewing this look that Jungkook had now on his face; his doe eyes slightly widen as his brows furrowed together, seriousness splattering all over his face showing that he is thinking deeply so that he would not miss even a single thing that need to be jot down on the list. His aura did a great job as it managed to attract your attention towards him, making you began to doze off while staring at him. You have to admit that your husband do have a good-looking face and no wonder back then there are so many girls like to linger around him.

You are too deep in your thought as well as too busy staring at a masterpiece until you did not noticed that Jungkook is already standing in front of you while waving his hands hoping that it would break your delusion and getting you back to the reality. “Y/n? Y/n?” A soft voice hit your eardrums and that’s when you realized that he is already there, continuously calling for your name to get your attention towards him. Without him knows, your attention is already fully on him.

He continuously flicked his slender fingers right in front of your face, snapping away your mind from delusion back to the reality. You shook your head vigorously; finally realize that you have been staring at him for a while. Blood started to rush up to your cheeks, making it flushed in a shade of pink as you felt slightly embarrassed after he caught you secretly staring at him.

A smile tugged on the corner of his lips as his heart skipped a beat with content when he catches a glimpse of your face with a glint of anxious plastered on it. Your eyes slightly widened when you met him as you tried to look away to lessen the awkwardness. He still not used of seeing that looks even it usually happened in the past times when you are still you, when you are still Y/n who loves him wholeheartedly.

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Prompt #4 “I don’t know if you noticed… but we’re in a party” with Keith please and thank you hihi love the blog btw!! ♥♥

Hi! Omg, I’m so glad you like my blog, you’re so sweet! *holds out a plate of warm cookies.*

– Ryan

Following the events of the Space Mall, having been kicked out – and more than likely banned – you could kiss your chances of coming back for things to kill your boredom goodbye. Handhelds, books, toys – gone. Luckily, from your trip in, you’d been able to barter what you could (and pay where you had to) for the items you came back with, refusing to answer how you got the money to pay for it.

“Hey, Keith, I don’t know if you noticed… but we’re in the middle of a party.” You say, looking up at the spoken of individual from where you sit on the floor before the coffee table.

“Some party.” He scoffs, looking upon the ‘party’ which consisted of nothing more than a few snacks – the alien food you bought within the Mall – dressing the table that you, Lance, Pidge, and even Shiro had huddled around. The only ambiance there was to give the allusion of a party was a small egg-shaped electronic sitting in the center of the table, playing music.

“Well, you gonna stay a while?” Raising an eyebrow to the boy, you offer him a seat beside you. “It’s not too late to add you into the game, either.” He looks around the table where the cards are spread out at everyone’s corresponding seats. His eyes fall upon the electronic egg once more, noticing it’s more than just a sound speaker. The little gadget sports tiny arms and legs, in which it rocks its feet side to side along with the beat where it sits.

Without thinking, he takes the seat you offer to him, and shrugs. “I’m not really sure what you’re playing, I’ve never seen these cards before.” He says, holding up an all-black card in one hand, an all-white card in the other.

“It’s this great game called Cards Against Humanity.” Hunk starts, enthusiastically. “Where the winner sets down a prompt, then you pick a card with a word to fill in the blank.” He says, with a grin. “I’ve already given Lance 50,000 volts, straight to the nipples.” He says, causing you to roar in laughter once more, and Shiro drop his face in his hands, though there’s a faint grin on his lips. The card was ridiculous, after all, as was the game.

“I found the deck in the store that sold Earth-originated merchandise! I couldn’t help myself, I had to buy it once I saw it.” You chime into the conversation, showing Keith the box. He studies the box, and looks back over to you. That was his mistake, because the pleading look you gave him shook him right to the core. 

Damn, why’d you have to be so cute?

He mutters under his breath an ‘alright’ and you glow with excitement as you pull out ten cards for him. “Alright, so this is how you play..” You count the cards, then hand them to him, explaining the relatively simple rules to the game.

It didn’t take Keith long to realize how dirty this game could be, especially with cards like swiftly achieving orgasm, and a sad handjob, but in a combo with the the card Having troubles with _____? Try _____!, made it all the more funnier, and he was having fun none the less. The music was drowned out by the sound of laughter, and eventually the robot stereo had gone into sleep mode from depleting its battery.

Just like everyone else, you and Keith had been moved to tears from laughter as everyone fought to win the most points, and hours had passed. Your laughter rings through his ears, and he looks over to you, memorizing the smile on your face as you place your card face down and slide it over to Hunk. Keith gives a little smile of his own, and he thanks himself for agreeing to play the game.

“Hey guys, what are you playing?” You hear Coran and Allura enter the room behind you guys, and Keith can recognize that glint in your eye from earlier, and he smirks to himself. Honestly, he would play this game for hours more if it meant he could see you this happy, and hear your laughter, for just a bit longer.

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I don’t need your opinion

Fandom: One Piece

Ship: ZoSan

Prompt: “I called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now youre invested in my life troubles” AU.
When Sanji thinks he’s calling Usopp (… but we all know it’s not Usopp.)

Warning: AU, Humor, Romance, Relationship Troubles, Rivalry, Stupidity, Dealing with different pictures of love, Bored!Zoro, Sanji being Sanji, Ero-cook, Mention of Sanji/Conis, Bet, Foolish behaviors, They are children seriously.

Chapter 1/3 - chapter 2

A/N: You can also find it on AO3 or! This is a gift for my friend @junko-chan !

Sanji looked at his phone, sitting on his bed, thoughtful.

Should he call Nami? Should he tell her what was currently happening? He knew she had said she wouldn’t mind a phone call from him, as long as it wasn’t for flirting. Of course, the latter would always fail when Sanji did call her – using tons of excuses, by the way. Just hearing Nami-swan’s voice was so great and such an honour for him! But… right now, he wouldn’t call for that.

He’d been thinking about it for weeks, even months.

Things weren’t getting better with Conis, and he couldn’t let this relationship fade away just like this, without even trying to fix it. But talking about personal problems to Nami? Bothering her? Taking her time and patience for insignificant relationship issues? No, it wasn’t that important. Plus, Conis and him weren’t even in a relationship. Or were they? He didn’t know. They’d been dating for a while, yes, but were they together? As a couple?

Maybe he was overthinking it. Conis, in love with him? Damn, she was a true angel, no way he could deserve her! (But that would be Heaven if she actually felt something for him)… though that wasn’t what he needed to talk about. Was it? No need to talk to Nami about it. Actually, that would be a wrong path, as Nami was a Saint and a woman, and he, was only a man. For that, he needed to talk to another man, who had experience with women. Not that women were hard to understand or anything, not at all. On the contrary, they were flawless – actually, Sanji needed help for himself.

That was it. He couldn’t bother Nami. Luffy wasn’t even an option, he knew his answer would be something about meat or going on an adventure and then everything would be okay. Last option was Usopp. After all, Usopp was in relationship with Kaya, and everything seemed to go perfectly well.

Yes, he should definitely call Usopp for this kind of matter.

The young cook reached his phone, and dialed Usopp’s number. When he heard his friend answering his call, he just couldn’t help but let go of his feelings immediately. As in a “Now or never”.

“Hey Usopp, it’s- well you know it’s me. And before you ask-”


“-Before you ask,” he repeated nervously, “yes, I need your help. Well, not exactly your help, but your opinion- about something. Alright, this is about Conis-chan and I. I know that between you and Kaya-san, everything’s going fine and I am glad for you – Kaya-san deserves everything in the world and you know it. Every women deserve the world. That’s also what I want for Conis-chan. I’ve…”


“I’ve noticed Conis-chan was being quite distant lately. Of course, this is not her fault. As you know, we’ve been on several dates for weeks, I cooked for her, I sang for her, I offered her flowers, serenades on the balcony – the perfect scene of Romeo and Juliet, even Shakespeare would have been jealous! I’m trying to be the gentleman she needs every single day. I’ve been in love the moment I met her. I’m only a man, and she’s an angel, fallen from Heaven…! Usopp, I need your advice, now. Wh- What should I do to please her?”

After this long speech, Sanji paused for a moment, waiting for his friend’s answer.

“Have you tried talking to her about this, in the first place?”

The young man’s heart froze, and he opened his mouth, and closed it very slowly.

“Who are you?”

“Oh so you noticed?”

“You’re not Usopp,” he whispered.

The stranger – as it appeared, he was absolutely not Usopp, his voice was far too deep.

“Yeah, you probably got the wrong number dude, sorry.”

Speechless. He was speechless. Had he- had he talked about his whole sentimental life to this man? Oh, merde.

“Fuck, I’m- damn, I didn’t know, I’m really sorry, you should have said so-”

“No worries, it’s okay. I was bored anyway.”

Bored? Sanji frowned. He had put his feelings down here, that wasn’t supposed to be an entertaining discussion for some ‘bored’ guy, but a very important and serious one! Was he- was he mocking him?

“Anyway, I’m gonna leave you now,” he declared drily, slightly vexed.

“Wait,” the voice said calmly. “Before you hang up, what are you going to do?”

Curious, uh? Even though Sanji wanted to hang up right away with all his heart, his manners prevented him from doing so. This man – whoever he was – had listened to him. And he could have hanged up in the middle of his monologue, but he hadn’t. Maybe it was to avoid boredom for some time, yes, but still. He had said he needed someone’s opinion. Even from a stranger. Conis was worth it, he could forget his pride for this time.

“What should I do?”

He instantly regretted his question.

“What about you start considering women as they are and not as you think they are?”

Damn, yes. He regretted his question so bad now. This guy was a jerk, and Sanji wouldn’t mind kicking his ass for being so rude.

“That’s actually what I do,” he still replied, patient.

“That’s actually not what you’re doing. Not right now.”

That was it. This man was pissing him off.

“I know you’re messing with me just to kill your boredom man, but if you actually knew me, you’d know I treat women better than anyone and would die for them any day, any time.”

“No need to know you, mate. You certainly see yourself as a gentleman… but from what you said? You’ve only depicted aesthetics, romantic stuff nobody cares about, superficial stuff. Basically, you’re not loving your girlfriend for who she is, but what she looks like.”

“The fuck makes you believe this?!”

“Do you even know her?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“You didn’t talk about her personality or feelings, not even once. You just said 'I’ all along, on a genuine 'me, myself and I’ novel.”

“Not true!” Sanji spat out. “What about everything I’ve done to make her happy, to please her?!”

“Oh, you mean the 'I cooked her something’, 'I gave her flowers’ and all that crap?”

“That’s not crap. I’m a cook.”

Unimportant information, but nevermind. One couldn’t just say 'cooking’ and 'crap’ in the same sentence, especially if that was about him.

“That’s what you like to do to women, Dom Juan,” the man continued. “I might be wrong, but have you ever had a real discussion with her, deep and profound, not about one those stupid subjects like the weather or a dress, but more like a debate?”

A debate? With Conis-chan? Not really. Hell yeah he discussed stuff with her, but did you have to have a debate with someone to prove that you loved them?

“Your vision of love completely sucks,” he let out.

Surprisingly, the other genuinely laughed on the other end of the phone.

“I’ll kick your ass, shithead!”

“Well bring it on. Maybe then you’ll realize how much of a jerk you are.”

Jerk? He was the jerk? Consumed by raged, and completely vexed, Sanji pressed the red button of his phone and hung up. In a gesture as simple as this. He then threw his phone on the mattress, and stared into the void.

What was this man taking him for? Why the fuck had he even asked for his opinion? He didn’t need his opinion. Conis was worth more than a stupid stranger’s advice. He could deal with his situation himself. He didn’t even know if Conis and he were a couple. Were they? Were they a couple? They didn’t talk about it. They had dates, yes. Several, even. But were they dates, too? He personally considered them as dates. What about her? He never thought about that.

Damn. That was it.

The stupid wrong-number man was right. And now that he did think about it, Nami had talked about this “problem” of his too. How had that stranger pictured him so easily?

Fuck. He hated him.

His phone vibrated twice for a new text, startling him.

“Keep going like this and you will ruin your relationship, ero-cook.”

What was the guy thinking about to send him a text ? They were friends now? What was he, a psychologist? A very bored man?

He hesitated two seconds before replying. But damn, he couldn’t let him have the last word. Childish, maybe, but he couldn’t resist the urge.

“It will not.”

“Oh well, we shall see.”

“I’ll prove you wrong.”

“Will you? How?”

Sanji looked at this conversation, thinking carefully about what he should say to this guy. This discussion was nonsense. Where was this going? Putain ! He couldn’t help it. The man was challenging him, and he couldn’t run away from it.

“In one week, it’ll get better. You’re bored? How about we get a drink so you’ll see by yourself?”

… And so he could see the face of incarnated stupidity to kick his ass? He honestly had nothing to lose.

Ten seconds later, the answer arrived:


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Fetch! (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)

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“(Y/N)! Stop poking me!” Nat said playfully. It was a boring and hot summer day. You and Nat, who had taken you under her wing since you joined the Avengers, to a point you sometimes called her ‘mom’, were laying on a couch.

She was reading a magazine and you were finding new ways to annoy her and kill your boredom at the same time.

“But, I am bored.” You groaned and she chuckled.

“Ok, I shouldn’t probably do that. But…” her known sneaky smirk formed on her lips as she got up and motioned you to follow her.

She guided you to a room that looked like a storage room and opened the door. You gasped at the sight. Steve’s uniforms were neatly folded in shelves, his boots had their own drawer, his gloves were put around creating a perfect color palette. This man sure loved order.

But, what caught your attention was the shining shield that was calling for you behind the glass.

Natasha, like she read your mind, opened the glass case and handed you the shield. “There.” She said, her smirk never leaving its place. “Go play with your friends.” You rolled your eyes but took the shield nevertheless, earning a giggle from Nat, who shuffled your hair.

You put the shield in your arm and flash her a confident smile. “You could definitely cover Steve in a day off.” She smiled and you saluted her and sprinted towards your girlfriend’s room.

You opened without knocking as per usual, and found Wanda and Pietro, laying on Wanda’s bed, their legs spread on the wall and their heads hanging down off the bed.

“What are you guys doing?” you laughed and the shield almost dropped off your arm. “Meditating.” Pietro mocked and got up. “Where did you get that?” his thick accent filling the room as he approached you and touched the shield, hesitantly as if Steve would jump around the corner any time and scold him.

“I have my connections.” You said mysteriously. “Did Nat give it you?” Wanda joined you. “Wanda! Do NOT reveal my connections.” Wanda chuckled. “You have to be punished now. Cause ‘Murica.” You mimicked Steve’s voice and sent the twins laughing. You snaked your free arm around Wanda’s waist, bringing her closer and started leaving light pecks all over her face, tickling her.

“Get a room.” Pietro showed you his tongue.

“We shall. Later.” You said as you explained your plan to the twins.

Finally, you were all gathered together on the big lawn. Wanda, Pietro and you had managed to assemble many of your friends for an old good game with the ‘frisbee’.

Peter had immediately agreed and surprisingly so did T’Challa. It was good for him to relax and have a good time since he was always running around with his tasks as a king. This week you had a visitor from a school of gifted people, who were people who had been born with powers also know as mutants.

You and the twins had instantly befriended Kurt and so did he. He agreed to play and brought Erik in the game, too.

“Ok, let’s pass it around and whoever drops it, they lose. Until we get down to one player. They shall be the winner.” You announced. Everyone nodded and you knew that this would be a difficult game. Pietro was super fast. Wanda had telekinesis. Kurt teleported. Erik controlled metal. Peter and T’Challa were fast and could climb fast. And of course you could manipulate time.

You were ready to begin when Steve’s voice snapped you from your focus. “Is that my shield?” he said.

“Change of plans!! Protect the shield from Cap.” You shouted and Steve knew that this was going to take a long. The look of despair that formed in Steve’s eyes made you laugh.

Cap stormed to you but you stopped time, pressed a kiss on Wanda’s cheek and handed her the shield.

Time began again and Steve, stunned, looked around for his shield. Wanda whistled him and he started running towards Pietro, as he guessed that Wanda would throw the shield to him, but she threw it in the air as T’Challa caught it.

Steve sighed and ran towards the king but the shield was already in Piet’s hands. He ran around Steve and after he had got him a bit dizzy he passed the shield to Peter.

“Come on, Peter. As a Brooklyn boy to a Queens boy.” Steve tried to work his charm, but Peter being the teaser he was, he extended the shield towards Steve as he sighed in relief, but just then Peter winked and Kurt teleported in front of Steve grabbing the shield and teleporting away again.

Steve facepalmed and ran towards the boy. Kurt hung from a tree with his tail and threw the shield to Erik. Steve almost caught it but the Erik lifted the shield too high for anyone to reach.

Time stopped again as Erik motioned the shield towards you and you caught the shield with ease.

You unfroze time and Steve fell in the grass, giving up any hopes of getting his shield back. You looked at the others and nodded, as you all run towards Cap, embracing him in one big hug.


could you do a imagine where you are Marilyn Mansons daughter and he’s working with bvb and you and Andy kind of click and Marilyn gets really overprotective ???

You were sitting on the small couch that was in the studio. Your laptop was resting on your laptop and you were surfing the internet trying to find something to kill your boredom. Your dad, Marilyn Manson was working on some new music and wanted to try to record some stuff today. You didn’t want to stay home alone and you didn’t have anything better to do so you decide to hang out at the studio today.

After a few minutes you heard the door to the building creak open. You turned your attention away from your laptop screen and looked to see a group of men step inside the area.

“Hi you must be Black Veil Brides, right?” You asked. You knew your dad mentioned he was working with them. This must be them.

“Yeah, I’m Andy and this is Jinxx, CC, Jake and Ashley.” Andy spoke as he gestured to the band members who were with him.

“It’s nice to meet you all I’m (Y/N)” you said as you gave a soft smile.

The door to the recording room opened and Marilyn stepped into the room. He greeted the band while you sat back down and got on to your computer.

They all decide to discuss ideas for music in the room but you didn’t mind the noise you just got on with whatever is was you were doing. Ashley, CC and Andy sat down on the couch with Andy sitting right next to you.

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[I spent my whole morning writing this. Enjoy~ It’s kinda long? 2419 words to be exact.]

You swirled around the chair because there was really nothing much you could do. Gray was still at the studio and you were at home, trying to find something to kill your boredom. You sent him a text a few times, but he never responded to them. Lately, he had been coming home way later than usual. Sometimes he would be home when you were sleeping. With nothing to do, you decided to call Jay to see if Gray was still working.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Linnéa :-) I used to love Swedish films and tv shows when I was kid because they used to be shown on tv all the time when I grew up. Can you recommend some recent Swedish movies/shows? Sorry, weak attempt at killing your boredom 💜 but I mean it, I'd be interested in your opinion.

Heeyyy youuuu! 💚
You diiid? Wow nice! Hmm idk what KIND of movies/series you like but i’m a sucker for police/criminal stuff, so i’ll say Johan Falk!
It’s 20 movies, and it’s about a special police team who uses regular people to infiltrate criminal gangs, and one of them is played by Joel Kinnaman! (My first celebrity crush!)
And, it’s all based on a true story, his character is based on a guy named Peter Rätz!
Maybe you’ve seen it and i’m here rambling about them but shit I love these movies veryyy much!
I don’t watch that much tv-series but i know “Gåsmamman” became veeery popular!

Of Perps and Proposals

Also posted on AO3

Derek and Stiles sit in an unmarked squad car on a routine stakeout hoping to catch the person who has been knocking over various warehouses around town. By the fourth uneventful hour, they’ve played nearly every game known to man in order to keep some semblance of sanity, when the speaker squawks.

“What about ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ because you guys are killing me with your boredom. By the way, your push button is broken which means I’ve heard everything. I need to go bleach my ears after hearing Stiles’ enthusiastic rendition of ‘Hello’.” Scott’s voice echoes through the radio.

Stiles huffs at that, but what else do they have but time and sore asses, for the most unremarkable reasons, too. Shame.

“Alright how about….”  Derek closes his eyes as he attempts to drum up some names, fingers tapping thoughtfully on his thigh before opening his eyes, catching his reflection in the side mirror and smirking. “Scott, Parrish, and Me.”

Stiles snorts and turns so he’s facing Derek, “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?”

Derek shrugs up a shoulder and nods his head, urging Stiles on. 

Stiles squints his eyes and nibbles on his lip as he mulls it over. Derek sighs, “This isn’t Jeopardy, Stiles.”

Stiles’ squint becomes a half-hearted glare. “Fine. Fuck Scott. No seriously, fuck you, bro. My singing is on point. Angels wept.” Stiles screeches into the radio.

“They’re not the only ones who wept. Just so you know I’m flipping you off so hard right now. Also the suspect in question was spotted in your vicinity. ETA on your location is 5 minutes.” Scott responds.

“Roger. Eyes wide open. Ok so on to Parrish. Hmmm. Kill Parrish mostly because I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Would he just come for himself then? You know because of the whole,” Stiles gestures to his body, mimicking being engulfed in flames, “Hellhound situation?”

Scott chokes out a laugh while Derek’s glare becomes contemplative before movement coming from the warehouse has him bounding out of the car with one hand on his walkie.

“Perp on scene. Pursuing on foot.”

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Almost that time of the year again. Pow Pow Gnarly Gnar. 

The Brothers

Phone conversation between the Holmes’brothers:

Sherlock: What, on earth, are you up to, Mycroft?

Mycroft: Oh…Hello, little brother. That depends on the meaning of your ‘up to’, Sherlock?

Sherlock: You have been talking to Molly? You call her everyday, for Christ sake!

Mycroft: Yes, I recently found Miss Hooper’s medical advices useful and the conversation with her entertaining.

Sherlock: You are the British Government, Mycroft. The whole medical council is at your service! And no…since we were kids you have never found any other human,besides me, entertaining. Why bloody now and why Molly?

Mycroft: Although it’s painful to accept, but you were right, Sherlock. My life’s been quite lonely so….like you, I try to form bonds with someone. And Miss Hooper happens to be that someone.
Oh…Don’t tell me you are jealous of me and Miss Hooper, Little brother.

Sherlock: Don’t be absurd, Mycroft.

Mycroft: Good, then I hope you prepare for another wedding soon. Miss Hooper and I would love to see you there.

Sherlock: Don’t even think about it, Mycroft. ‘My’ Molly is not a toy, to kill anyone’s boredom,your boredom!
You don’t deserve her!

Mycroft: I don’t? Then who will, Sherlock? You?

Sherlock:….Me? I…

Mycroft: Alright…It’s time for my lovely ‘chit chat’ with Miss Hooper now. Bye bye, blood.

Sherlock: Mycroft!


Sherlock insisted on staying over at Molly’s flat since the night before. He sat back on Molly’s armchair as she was looking all over the place for her lost cell phone.

Molly: Sherlock, have you seen my phone? I lost it last night. I thought I left it at the lab but it’s not there.

Sherlock: Here…I kindda borrowed it. (Handed her back the phone)

Molly: (narrowed her eyes) You didn’t do anything to my phone, did you?

Sherlock: (answered with innocent eyes) No…mine ran out of batteries so I used yours.

Molly: Alright, I should give your brother a call then, to say thank you. He sent me a pretty interesting research on postmortem cases.

Sherlock: Em…I don’t think that will be a good idea, Molly. Mycroft is now on a war settling mission. Any misunderstanding or suspicious phone calls could lead to a WWIII.

Molly: Oh…Okay…I’ll just wait for his call then.


Mycroft tried to call Miss Hooper but the calls were diverted to a barbershop, a coffin maker and even worst, his mummy’s phone.

The elder Holmes shook his head lightly and smirked.

Mycroft: Oh…Sherlock, you are in a deep deep trouble.

Not Your Typical Snow Dance

Pairings: Friendship between the reader and the Winchesters. 
Prompt/Summary: Based off of this imagine. The reader and the Winchesters are on a hunt in Colorado. Due to a snow storm, they can’t do the job until the snow melts. So until then, they’re motel room bound. Dean has gone out for food, while Sam and the reader stay back at the motel room. Boredom and dancing ensues.
Author: Lissa 
Reader Gender: Any
Word Count: 695
Warnings: Mentions of snow and a blowtorch, horrible dancing, uncontrollable laughter and weirdness. Proceed with caution

You, along with the two Winchester boys, were on a hunt for an unruly pack of werewolves in Colorado. Since a huge storm had caused a shit-ton of snow to cover everything, the three of you had spent the past two days in the motel room.

It was frustrating, to say the least.

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Here’s something that might kill your boredom. I made this silly little random generator that will show you which Undertale character gets a Mario power-up. All you do is click and drag the animation box to reveal who did you get and what power-up will he/she gain. The result of the outcome would be pretty straightforward.

Hey, if you end up landing on the “any monster” frame, you can pick a monster of your choice, including the ones shown in the roulette. …Okay, I was a bit rushed but you get what I mean.

And feel free to draw it out from the results you get for. But be sure to reblog with the result from the generator. Have fun. :P

A Solo Tour~5sos Imagine

Going on tour with your friends seemed like a great idea in theory but you had found out pretty quickly that time with them was hard to get.  Sure you saw them in the green room before the show or maybe had dinner with them every so often but the rest of the time they were going full steam ahead with little time for socializing.  For the first couple of days you went with them to watch their interviews and signings but that got boring real quick when all you could do was stand there and be quiet.  After beating the last level of the app you’d been playing for three days you decided you’d rather just go out and explore whatever city you were in rather than only seeing the inside of cars and hotel rooms.  Everyday you would wake up, go exploring, and then spend your evenings sitting silently in a room, as the boys would wind down after their show.  You’d get about a solid hour of their time where you could try to make conversation before they’d head to their hotel rooms to shower and chill leaving you to kill the boredom on your own again.  It was understandable that the boys weren’t balls of energy wanting to do lots of things but you were longing for the times when you guys used to listen to good music and talk about what was going on or anything at all for that matter.

Sitting in your room you could hear the faint laughter coming from next door where Michael and Calum were staying.  It was 1am and you’d be damned if you let them have fun without you when all you did all day was spend time alone.  Throwing on a sweater over your pajamas you grabbed your room key and marched out into the hallway and knocked on their door.

Calum opened the door and his face fell when he saw you standing there.

“What do you want Y/N?”

“I was awake and heard you guys laughing so I came to hangout,” you explained.

“Y/N not now we’re doing a twitcam.  Just go back to bed, we’ll hang out tomorrow,” he said as he started to shut the door.

Slipping your foot forwards to keep it from shutting you gave him a questioning look.  “Really Calum? You expect me to believe that tomorrow is going to be magically different than every other day on this tour?” Your voice got louder as some of your annoyance slipped through.  Michael, who had been talking to his computer in the background since Calum opened the door, stopped talking and looked over at us.  

“What is that supposed to mean? We see you every day,” Calum said while opening the door back up again.

At this point you saw two options:

1-Explain the fact that though you see each other you don’t actually hang out like you did before they embarked on this big tour, and ask why they brought you out here in the first place if none of them seemed to want to spend time with you.

2-Just say nothing and walk away so at least you could dream that tomorrow really would be magically different and you wouldn’t feel alone.

You chose number two and made your way back to your room, laying on your bed in silence, listening to Michael and Calum start talking to the online fans they’d rather spend time with than you.  


The next morning you woke up early with your alarm in the hopes you could catch the boys having breakfast and maybe get a couple extra minutes of possible friend time.  Pulling your shoes on you left your room and headed for the elevator but stopped short when you heard familiar Australian accents coming from Michael and Calum’s door.  This was perfect; you had managed to get up before they even made it downstairs.  Turning back towards their door you saw one of the boys shoes being used as a doorstopper.  Obviously that was their lazy way of not having to get up to let Ashton and Luke in.  Placing your hand on the handle you were about to let yourself in when you heard your name and hesitated for a second.

“We better hurry up and get out of here before Y/N shows up,” Calum stated.

“Why?  What happened?” You heard Ashton ask.

“She got super bitchy last night when we wouldn’t let her hang out while we did the twitcam,” Calum replied.  “I mean if we wanted her to come hang out with us we would have invited her.”

“Well we kinda did.  We asked her to fly out and be on tour with us,” Michael said.

“Remind me again why we thought that would be fun?  None of us are actually hanging out with her anyways.  There’s really no point in her being here,” Calum said.

All you heard after that was silence.  No one in that room was coming to your rescue and defending your worth against Calum’s harsh words.  You tried not to let how hurt you were show but you could feel the tears stinging your eyes as you fought to hold them back.  Slowly and silently you took two steps back from their door while trying to decide if you should go back to your room or leave the hotel to clear your head.  Before you could make up your mind a hand wrapped around your arm.  

“Y/N are you okay?  Why are you crying?” Luke asked.  You guessed the shoe must have been cracking the door open for when he showed up.  The boys must have heard him because from inside the room you heard a short but direct statement.


Part 2