kill with power


He recalls Darius mentioning something about energy transfers and the book is just about that. Bristol quickly speeds through the pages, but the more he reads, the less he likes what he’s reading.

The book talks about energy transfers, indeed - and about what is required for them.

Bristol: Blood sacrifice? Killing? Taking other wizards’ powers? Gaining power through killing of the young? What the actual fuck is this shit?

He recoils from the book after a particular gruesome description almost makes him throw up.

Bristol: Is this…? Is this what Darius is interested in? Why in the world does he have this book? He can’t possibly be serious, can he? Please tell me this is some sick prank…

When I enter a fandom and realize there is no escape

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Hymn For Apollo by Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1972
                  “ The sunbeams are my shafts, with which I kill ”


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