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I'm thinking about a Revenge of the Sith musical
  • Opening Scene: Don't stop me now
  • Fighting Dooku: Anything you can do, i can do better
  • Another happy landing: free falling
  • Padme's pregnant: best day of my life
  • Shitty council meeting: fuck you. fuck you very much
  • Padme/ Anakin scenes: I would do it for you
  • Obi wan saying goodby to Anakin before fighting Greivous: You are my best friend, forever.
  • Palpatines opera: Imma give all my secrets away
  • Obi Wan fighting Greivous: Bad day
  • Mace confronting Palpatine: We know (from hamilton)
  • Palpatine killing jedi: Power
  • Palpatine killing mace: I got the power
  • Darth Vadar anointed: new divide
  • Order 66: mm watcha say
  • Obi following padme to Anakin: Maps (maroon 5)
  • Padme confronting Anakin: It's too late to apologize, it's too late
  • Obi wan confronting Anakin: Hey brother
  • Yoda vs Sheev: Everybody wants to rule the world
  • Anakin vs Obi Wan: Warriors
  • Legless Anakin: Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
  • Obi wan after Padmes death: How to save a life
  • Vadar live: hello darkness my old friend
  • Luke arriving on Tatooine: Two worlds, one family
  • IF I MISSED ANY KEY SCENES LET ME KNOW (I also take requests if you want me to do another)

New Voltron OC~ Ilexia one of the champions 

Sorry but you can’t say you’re body positive and use fatness as a degrading thing when someone comes out to you. 

A fat woman isn’t a lesbian because she’s fat, she’s a lesbian because she’s a lesbian

A fat woman isn’t bi because she’s “desperate”, she’s bi because she’s bi

Fatness isn’t inherently bad or showing of things you consider “negative” 

You cannot be “body positive” while using fatphobia to perpetuate queerphobia


GIRL GANG // a mix for the girls with weathered, eroded veins, sparkly silver nails, butterfly knives hidden under mini-skirts, and lipstick as red as the blood of the men that have wronged you. {listen}

 ((cover art goes to sugarbone​ !!! please check out their incredible artwork))

Hey tumblr, look at these books right here,

you take a good look? good.

these books were both about how a society made to cater to people in terms of censoring “offensive” material became that of a dictatorship. 

you were meant to read these and be warned of the consequences, not use them as instruction manuals.

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kc mates · All I want is the taste that your lips allow
-“Mother used to told us that, when you finally find your mate is like, the time stops. Something deep inside tells you, the one you where waiting just appear. It can happens anywhere, at store, at cinema, at school, walking around; with anyone, a long time friend, someone new, your neighbor down the street. Somehow have met each other in a previous life. Is like your soul recognize the other one. You feel that pull between of you,  just need to look at their eyes and, then, you don’t want ever look at other thing for the rest of your life. Is like discover that part of you didn’t know you where missing and you don’t ever want to lose again. Is have a partner for the rest of you mortal life, someone who, in the better of the case, will love you, protect you and cherish every moment. In your mind will be only Mine, mine, mine” Something of this sound familiar, Niklaus?
-Bloody hell

[’Crazy’ Chart] BTS “Spring Day”, Chart All Kill + Digital Rankings.. Crazy Power

BTS has achieved an all-kill on the music charts with “Spring Day”. Also succeeding in landing consecutive rankings on the digital charts, they have confirmed their potential.

On February 13th at 6am, “Spring Day” climbed to 1st place on all 8 digital music sites: Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, Genie, Naver Music, and Monkey3.

We also watched the included tracks “Not Today”, “Lost”, and “2! 3!” climb up the charts as well. Especially on Melon, “Blood Sweat & Tears” caught people’s attention as a part of the 10 tracks listed on the digital rankings.

Released at midnight, the title track for “WINGS Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” named “Spring Day” trended worldwide after its release to show yet another side of BTS, implementing elements of British Rock and electronic sound to create this alternative hip hop song. The leader, Rap Monster, composed the main melody himself.  

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
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