kill white tee

runawaybrain1995  asked:

Hello! I LOVE YOUR ART! It's so beautiful. I think I already know the answer, but is there any chance you'd print some on tee shirts? I would kill for a white tee shirt with that GX vs Jurassic Park art. It's just amazing. Anyway, don't give up on drawing Yu-Gi-Oh! , your talent is flawless!

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply.
I am pleased to have you enjoy:)
It would be fine if you enjoyed it by yourself & do not sell.

Please show me when you make T-shirts!

There is still a full size run available in women’s cut t-shirts of the KILL WHITE TEE project. Kanye(APC) is charging $120 for their plain white tee shirt. KILL WHITE TEE is only $35 shipped to your door. Be a badass rebel and NOT a hypebeast. KILL WHITE TEE!


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