kill what you dont like

Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop


Negative space

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“If I ask nicely, will you do it?”

it looks up. You never noticed that it makes noises. The last time you saw it, face to face (skies, blood, fragments, fear or no fear), you didn’t notice the noise.

The noise alone is overwhelming: it’s not even auditory anymore. It’s just vibration, humming, deep in everything around you, deep in you. It goes through everything.

it doesn’t answer just yet.

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- Chapter seven: part two -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there is only one reason why it should…”

24 weeks

His face gently slipped away from mine, startled by my unfiltered words. “Wait…are you…sure?” he asked under a heavy breath, his darkened eyes locking with mine. My chest heaved against his and I slid my fingers across the skin of his neck, curling the pads of them deeper into the nape of it.

Feeling his pulse thump unwieldy against the flat of my palm, I sunk my teeth down into my bottom lip and lightly nodded my head. “Yes.”

“ ‘Cause I d-don’t…wanna do anythin’…ya know…that I just–”

“Niall,” I interrupted, my voice soft as I clamped my fingers up around his jaw, my own dark stare shifting between his, “Niall…just fucking kiss me.”

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people who let their small prey animals “”play”” with their cats/dogs/whatever piss me off to no end, ESPECIALLY whn the small animal inevitably gets hurt or killed and theyre like “i dont know what happened :((((” you did this! you are responsible for your pet’s painful death! it IS your fault and you should feel absolutely horrible for it lol

Okay, here’s the thing, fuck all writing advice that tells you how to do your story or write your scenes, because guess what! THEY ARE NOT THE ONE’S WRITING THE STORY!!! I can not stress this enough, you are the one with the vision for how YOUR story is supposed to go. Only you know how to tell this story. Only you. Fuck anyone who’s like “Prologues are bad, blah, blah blah,” “Don’t kill your main character off early, I feel cheated, blah, blah, blah” or “Starting off with a dream sequence makes me feel like I’ve been lied to” GUESS WHAT ASSHOLES THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE, WE WRITE THINGS TO INVOKE A FEELING, BE IT GOOD OR BAD, ITS A FEELING TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE CHARACTERS FEEL DUMBASS

ya know its crazy we live in a world where people really say “Nazis have a right to an opinion” as if the destruction and systematic killing of an entire culture and people is an ‘opinion’ 

Ok seriously guys can we please stop putting hate in the ship tags. It’s so fucking annoying. I was just looking through a ship tag of mine and it was literally 99.9% hate!! Seriously people! If you don’t ship something that’s perfectly fine, but don’t talk down on the people who do and tell them to kill themselves!!! What the actual fuck is wrong with people no?! If you dont like the ship then don’t look at it just to hate on people who do!

That is all. Have a wonderful fuckin day

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would you mind explaining for the sake of my sanity why the giant gun arm on the iron man armor in the panel you just posted is saying "i like donuts"

lmfao i love this ask

anyway. why is tony (it’s tony. not the gun. i promise) saying he likes donuts while pointing a giant blaster at someone?? of course it’s bc the villain, a woman who was pretty much physically indestructible and threatening civilians etc etc, was like “I BET DOLLARS TO DONUTS THAT YOU DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO KILL ME!!!” and tony’s like “i like donuts” bc he is in fact in the business of embarrassing mid-battle one-liners

it’s worth noting that an armored pepper arrives immediately like “yes yes ok! you two being dead would make my life easier but no dying today, sorry!” and tony’s basically like “cute!!!! you’re biting my style but ok!”

it’s from invincible iron man #30 by matt fraction

(it’s always worth noting that matt fraction’s run as a whole has… sparked… many a negative opinion [justified imo and like… same lol] and it also suffers… greatly… in the hands of salvador larroca’s terrifying art. but like this is a good moment. and this issue also comes packing one particularly painful Self-Loathing Tony Line™ and one particularly cool Badass Science Nerd Tony Speech™ both of which i can share later if desired. it’s also a lot of tony driving which is… an Aesthetic. in theory. when it’s not so outrageously badly drawn)


shinee jongtae Nerve!au moodboard

I was tagged by @kibumsbitchface to make a moodboard (thanks!!) and idk if it was supposed to include a selfie or something but I just went with this cuz it was fun

I’ll tag @sataeminism @flower-taemin @leejinklies @choiminoh @blingjonghyun @tofnew only if u want to as per usual

this just bugs me but when i listen to ‘look what you made me do’ it just makes me think of if toga transformed into izuku and somehow managed to kill him, and then she just goes “i’m sorry, the old izuku can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh. cause he’s dead.” 

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what are your thoughts on the treatment of the boy by Dammek?

mod spoon here !!! i know ur probably expecting like a short answer saying something along the lines of ‘its bad !!!! poor xeffy……. :(’ but im nothing if not thorough and i want to explain my feelings on the matter !!! the other mods may add on later if they please ^-^

disclaimer: i do believe what dammek has done has hurt xefros and i think that is so horrible bc xefros doesnt deserve that at all !!!! everything i say in this post explains why i sympathize w/ dammek and refuse to make judgements until we know him more. i do not excuse his behavior and i think what he has done is terrible but i think these things explain why just hating him is being unfair

first off: i see a Lot of myself in dammek. and i mean a L o t

in fact, dammek hate causes me a lot of heartache because it could easily be directed at me and the only change would have to be the name

in the past, particularly online, ive treated the people i care about like GARBAGE i just didnt know that what i was doing was bad until they would be like ‘ur a garbage person who treats me like garbage and i hate you !!!’ and then block me.

in real life…….. i still kinda treat people like garbage sometimes

i say, all the time, ‘haha i treat you all so terribly why are you still my friends?’ and while it looks like im joking im really not

the thing is: its because im both unaware that im doing something wrong and that if i do know im doing something wrong i dont know the alternative

dammek seems to genuinely care about his moirail. he really really does. i have a Big Feeling that not one person has ever called him out for anything ! and that everything hes doing, while poor, doesnt look terrible to the eyes of other trolls because their society is so fucked up.

he probably had xef butler for him because xef had an interest in butlering and he was like ‘oh you like that ?? uh uh ok then we’ll do that !!!’ in like. the worst way possible

he probably wanted xef to stop playing arena stickball because it was dangerous and xef was expendable to every team. so he just. had xef do other things

he made xef that microphone for christmas, and my personal hc is that it lowers xefros’ voice bc hes trans !!! how wonderful is that

hes never said that xef should stop apologizing. did you see how upset he was when joey called it annoying ? its likely not something hes used to

dammek probably is focused on other things in his life and doesnt see the effect its happening on his moirail. and when it gets pointed out to him, its going to hurt real bad. r e a l l y bad

second off: i think a lot of people are forgetting this is alternia and are blaming dammek for some things that…. arent him

the alternia we’re used to is essentially run by feferi, who is kind and believes the hemospectrum is stupid

the alternia we’re seeing now is run by trizza, who hates lowbloods and is a tyrant

the hemocastes are a lot more enforced in this alternia ! this is likely a Big Part of why xefros thinks so poorly of himself !!! and it likely influenced dammeks poor behavior

there are no adults to help them grow. they get animals that can protect them but never speak. and popular media, which seems to mostly be trizza going ‘LOOK AT ME im perfect and if you dont think so then imma Kill You :)’

they also likely dont know what a healthy moirallegiance looks like

as we’ve seen in the comic, the quadrants are really hard to navigate !!!! and all of the moirallegiances we’ve seen have been… not great except for meowrails, and even then its kinda iffy bc of how overprotective equius is

i do believe the Ideal moirallegiance would be similar to being qpps in this world, only a romance, because i do indeed believe it is a romantic feeling

i just dont think they have any good models to base their relationships off of :/

lastly: dammek likely has severe paranoia and is running a fucking revolution and is a c h i l d (same age as me but im aware that im a child that is still growing)

dammek is an anarchist that believes no one should own anything and that there should be no ruler of alternia.

unfortunately hes a little hypocritical, seeing as he puts his sign on a lot of things and all of his guns glow his blood color, and tends to act tyrannical

but anyways, hes running a revolution in an empire that kills you if you dont mow ur lawn

if one thing goes wrong. one single thing. him, xefros, and everyone involved will get killed without a second thought

so his paranoia is understandable

he obviously uses code allllll the time because his fear is that someone will notice and kill them, and his cameras on xefros’ house and room are likely so he can make sure his moirail is safe

he randomly tests xefros just in case they have to run

xefros says that dammek is the one pulling all of the strings

thats a lot of pressure for a 14-15 year old, especially if the consequence for messing up is mass murder of you and everyone youre working with

hes also !!! a child !!!!!! doing his best !!!!!! all of his mistakes are likely because no one has taught him that theyre not okay, and hes been given all of this power and influence

hes a bronzeblood w/ a highbloods position and he is on a power trip

earth will bring him back down, jude will likely tell him hes a jerk and teach him The True Meaning Of Friendship, and dammek will realize everything hes done to his moirail has been hurting him this whole time, and he will be crushed

i know i was every time someone told me i had been hurting them for so long


aaaaanyways huge long super rant about dammek over, i do think that what has happened to xefros is absolutely terrible and it hurts to think about how long hes been suffering like that !!!! i hope he gets to heal from it and that joey teaches him true friendship… like gosh

Everyone I follow: It’s tentoo’s day! 10/2/2017!!

Me, a non-American: It’s tooten’s day, 2/10/2017.

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Homestuck is a hell in and if it's own the "kinmunity" for it is ridiculous esp because the time I watched the tag I witnessed a minor and a 30-y-o arguing and calling each other out. I've never seen anything that bad before homestuckkin.

homestuck was the worst thing to happen to this website, at least superwholock was funny