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Official DOAB Tour set list/what happens

What happens:

• To begin, a countdown clock of ten mins is displayed on the screen
• The screen changes and Brendon comes out wearing the gold suit jacket and gold confetti is flustered everywhere
• A big moon is shown on the screen during Vegas Lights
Sparks are flying everywhere during Golden Days
• The stage opens, where Brendon is now seated on a grand piano playing Nine In The Afternoon
• While Miss. Jackson is playing, fire is being spewed from different areas of the stage
• Brendon is playing a spinning glittery piano for This Is Gospel
• After Gospel, and in the transition to Death Of A Bachelor and during so, Brendon is making his way through the audience hugging fans and taking selfies while singing and making his way back to the stage
• Brendon has now changed outfits to a black sparking suit
• Fire is used again for Emperor’s New Clothes
• Crazy = Genius involves fire as well
• Brendon is now drumming to Bruno Mars and Rihanna
• During G/G/B, pride icons/flags are being shown on the screen
• During the Rhapsody, Kenny jumps on the piano for his solo
Fire is used again for Victorious
White and gold confetti is dropped everywhere
• The boys bow to House of Memories


Set list:

1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
2. LA Devotee
3. Ready To Go
[jazzy funk intermission]
4. Golden Days
5. Vegas Lights
6. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
7. Camisado
8. But It’s Better When We Do
(AFYCSO Medley now with Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks)
9. Hallelujah
10. Nine In The Afternoon
11. Miss. Jackson
[transition where pete wentz (he’s not there, it’s a video shown on the screen) electrocutes brendon]
12. This Is Gospel
13. Death Of A Bachelor
14. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
15. Cover of Billy Joel’s ‘Movin’ Out’
16. Emperor’s New Clothes
17. Nicotine
18. Crazy = Genius
19. Let’s Kill Tonight
20. Drum cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘24K Magic’ and Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’
21. Girls/Girls/Boys
22. Cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
23. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
24. Victorious
[closing speech // end]

other useful facts:
–> the house of memories opens at around 5pm. this gives you at least 2-4 hours there for everyone (around 100 people) to take pictures, explore and meet people
–> the countdown timer starts at 20:50pm wherever you are. after that timer, they officially start the show at 9pm. i advise finding your seat at around 8pm to get comfortable. this leaves you lots of time to buy merch beforehand
–> the concert lasts about an hour
Mirror For The Sun - Part 7: The Grand Tetons

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 6 - Part 8 

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, super mild smoot (it’s not really even smut)

Word Count: 4501

Author’s Note: This part is way too damn long. I really just like the ending. But I also couldn’t figure out what I wanted to cut so you’re getting all of it.

Originally posted by annutystan

As we climb back to the car, Y/N has slipped off of Sam’s shoulders and shoved past him, nearly running up the trail, farther away from Sam. And from me. When we make it to the top of the trail and the edge of the parking lot, Steve looks to me with a shocked and unsure shrug, lifting his hands up in question. She barely speaks to anyone, only muttering a disgruntled, “Trunk, please” to Steve.

Once we’ve changed into dry clothes, Y/N tosses her now useless phone haphazardly into the trunk and grabs for her dated Atlas before slipping into the car without a word. She doesn’t move closer to me, she doesn’t look up from her Atlas. Goddamn it. She’s so upset. “Go left,” she instructs with a heavy sigh as she flips through the pages until she finds the map for South Dakota. She traces over an already marked road until it reaches the end of the page, before moving quickly over to Wyoming.

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This is Moss, my baby boy❤️please be nice, he died last month after many unrelated trips to the vets over the 10 years (probs a third/quarter of them were over the last 2 years) that we had him and it takes one thought about him to start blubbering like a baby. (He fell off a wall and got a stick right through his side once (I mean right through, like all the way) and all he got was a cone and a few weeks later he was up and running again, and another time when my dad was going out Moss jumped clean over the wall and started chasing him down the road in the car).
Also he liked to collect dead pheasants on shooting trips (only killed common (to us) birds dw), going on walks, running around, and especially being stroked (if u did it for long enough, he would nudge your hand w/ his nose whenever u stopped stroking), LOVED meeting new people (and dogs) and wouldn’t leave them alone, and playing fetch (only sticks and tennis balls tho)

Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Come up to Meet You” (Rated T)

When Blaine Anderson meets Kurt on the streets of New York, Blaine can’t believe his eyes. He’s been waiting to meet Kurt in the flesh for so long. The only problem is that Kurt can’t fathom why … or how Blaine knows who he is. (1559 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Prompt Day 2 “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”

Read on AO3.

“Kurt? Kurt Hummel?”

Kurt plucks the earbud out of his left ear when he hears his name weave in between songs.

“Is that really you?”

Kurt, who had stopped outside of Starbucks to check his text messages, looks up as a young man approaches, eyes widening beneath enviably long, dark lashes, staring at Kurt as if Kurt was Clark Gable reincarnate.

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Found Family - Why Rip’s Ending is Really Depressing

Okay, so here’s the thing.  Minor complaints aside, I actually really did enjoy Aruba.  I liked the resolution.  I liked watching Eobard die again (I’m sure he’ll be back.)  And I was emotional at the parts I should be.  I was even really happy to see Mick back with the team, despite all the bitterness I had over his betrayals last week.

The biggest problem is Rip’s departure of course, and the fact that if it is a permanent departure, it’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean, think about his story arc for a second:

Rip Hunter loses his wife and son, goes rogue from the organization that raised him, and recruits eight assholes to help him save/avenge his family.

They win, and lose.  Rip learns that the closest thing he had to a family used Miranda and Jonas as sacrificial lambs for their schemes.  They destroy the Time Masters, they kill Savage.  But Miranda and Jonas are still dead.

Rip invites the team on a new mission.  To be the Time Masters.

Basically, to be his family.  Because that’s what the Time Masters were to him.  Not just employers and colleagues, but the people who raised him since he was ten years old.

But Rip is Rip.  He doesn’t know how to talk to these people.  He can’t meet them eye-to-eye.  All he can do is try to teach them what he knows.  Fast.  Because there’s the other complication that he’s trying like hell to protect them from.

In the end, he’s separated from them.  He scatters them to save their lives, takes a nuclear blast, and then electrocutes his brain in a desperate attempt to protect the world.  He does leave them a lovely, affirming message though.

In Rip’s absence, the team really embraces the whole found family thing.  They really do bond.  Sara shines as a leader who is both good at getting results, AND can communicate and connect with her team.  They have chores and heart to heart chats and family meals.  They even have planning sessions in a library, not an office.

This is lovely.  But Rip isn’t there for it.  He’s alone, without even his memories.  But he does love them.  So much that he uses them as the heroes in his story.  And he loves them enough to put himself at risk to save them, even when they’re strangers who abducted him.

Phil Gasmer was tortured and terrorized.  Alone.  He was murdered, essentially.  Alone.

And we have evil-Rip, who is again, alone.  Eobard finds him amusing, but doesn’t join him on missions.  Darhk outright abandons him.  And he’s been made to hurt the people closest to him.

While this is happening, of course, we have what’s left of real Rip whimpering in a corner of his own mind.  Alone.  Nothing but a fantasy of his AI for any comfort.

He’s back, and his role is filled.  He finds that the team have grown into their roles as sort-of Time Masters.  But he doesn’t see a place for himself.  Sara reassures him that he’s a Legend.

Fortunately, there’s a mission to distract him.  The spear.  He has expertise here.  And he does well.  But then Mick turns on the team (and isn’t it funny that Rip was nowhere to be found when the team confronted Mick?  He wasn’t there, he wasn’t with Amaya and the Spear, he wasn’t with Nate in the Library…)

And in Doomworld, he’s alone again.  But for Gideon of course.  But in a very individualized punishment.  He doesn’t get even a makeshift life.  Just his own memories.  He doesn’t remember this, of course, but it fits the theme.

So now, we have Aruba.  The mission is over.  And Rip is still at a loss.  And his ending scene with Sara is a callback to Moonshot.  They don’t need him, he thinks.  And says.  He has nothing to teach them.  

And Rip exits, stage left.  Story over.

That’s why I can’t give up my denial.  Because what kind of story is that?

Rip Hunter started the series as a broken, unhappy man, lost and alone.  And that’s how he ends it?

In a season that is so themed around “found family” that they had a fucking Christmas dinner in February, the man who brought them together can’t find room at the table?

And the crew is fine with this?  The crew is okay that one of their own is slinking off in despair because he thinks they have no use for him?  GIDEON is okay with this?  (Since when is FAMILY about whether or not someone is USEFUL?)

And here’s a fun thing to think about.  What character never gives the intro this season?  Who never gets to say “don’t call us heroes, we’re legends”?

I wish they’d just stopped at Out of Time, if THIS is going to be how his story ends.  That actually ended on a hopeful note.  Sure, Rip was missing, possibly even dead.  But he had overcome the grief and horror of last season.  He’d built a rapport with his team.  He got a lovely heroic send-off and a sweet goodbye message.  I could have been happy with that.  I was happy with that.  I was still watching.

That’s where my denial comes in.  This makes sense as a character progression, as part of the story that we saw in Moonshot.  But if this is the end?  I can’t accept that.  And I’m probably done with the whole damn franchise if it is.

Listen to me, Elena. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You’re looking around and it’s all scary and different, but you know, meeting them head-on, charging into them like a bull, that’s how we grow as people. I’m no stranger to scary situations, I deal with them all the time. Now if you just stick with me, Elena, we’re gonna be…HOLY CRAP, ELENA, RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, ELENA, RUN! I-I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT THING BEFORE IN MY LIFE, ELENA, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL IT IS! WE-WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE, ELENA, IT’S GONNA KILL US! WE’RE GONNA DIE, ELENA! WE’RE GONNA DIE!
—  Alaric Saltzman (to Elena Gilbert)

anonymous asked:

Have any writing tips? <3

Here’s a few I could think of :)

In general

• NEVER rush yourself or force yourself to write
   - most of the time when you do, it’ll end up shitty and you’ll probably delete it

• If you wake up in the middle of the night with a crazy idea - WRITE IT DOWN
  - my best/weirdest ideas always come to me before I fall asleep
  - always keep a notepad and pen next to your bed

• music is important!
  - it can inspire you to write something, and help keep you on track
  - if you can work with soft music playing in the background, do!
  - find songs that relate to what you’re writing and create a playlist

• get inspired
  - writing’s best friend is READING
  - go outside and see the world 
  - meet new people and try to understand how they think

• find out what you like to write
  - and STICK AT IT
  - even if you suck but love poetry, if you keep at it you will improve

• don’t get disheartened by other people’s writing
  - it’s OKAY to think someone is better than you
  - kill that envy, and instead use it as motivation to better yourself

• never put leisure writing in front of your actual academic assignments
  - i know, blah blah school is important
  - but it’s also a great tool for improving your writing (you get feedback!)

• have a thesaurus 
  - it’s a great tool for finding synonyms that fit better in your work 

For Tumblr

• go to town with tags    
   - the more relevant tags you have, the more people will see your work 

• always type your fic into a word document, then copy paste into tumblr   
   - I find that way the spacing looks a lot nicer    
   - (don’t use paste plain text though, that does nothing) 

• if YOU like what you post then don’t worry about not getting heaps of notes        - there are many reasons as to why a certain work doesn’t get popular   
   - it is NOT because it’s bad 

• if you work with requests, don’t stress yourself out with deadlines    
   - people will understand if you take a while to write for them    
   - it takes TIME and EFFORT to write    
   - again, if you force/rush yourself to write it will not end well 

• always be considerate of your readers   
   - they’re the ones paying attention to your work   
   - have good communication with them   
   - try to make a lot of friends in this community (it’s fun!)

big bang theory sentence starters.

“ i don’t like bugs, okay. they freak me out. ”
“ for future reference, if i want to watch mean girls, i’ll just stream it on netflix. ”
“ i cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad. ”
“ for the record, it could kill us to meet new people. ”
“ i’m not insane, my mother had me tested. ”
“ i didn’t have any friends to help me through it. you do. ”
“ sweetheart, your little friend is concerned about you. ”
“ i always say that when one door closes, another one opens. ”
“ you know, you two make a cute couple. ”
“ you know, i’ve been thinking about time travel again. ”
“ well that looks awful fancy, what is that? ”
“ honey, that ain’t gonna work, but you keep trying. ”
“ why do people cry at weddings? ”
“ did that conversation include the phrase “your genitals are a joy to behold”? “
” if you want to go off the grid, you have to move out of your mother’s house. “
” i can’t believe you can turn ordinary skin cells into functioning brain cells. “
” we lock that door, lower our underpants a little, and make a baby. “
” well, i can’t eat like a ten-year-old all the time. “
” i don’t know who you are, so please exit the premises. “
” i like all kinds of music, but my favorite genre is free. “
” well, it could be fun to try a little acoustic thing. “
” i don’t know how to help you. you know, feelings are a part of life. “
” you’re trying to get attention so we’ll feel bad for you. “
” as the kids are saying today, “talk to the hand.” “
” cute? it’s not cute. cute is children dressed as vegetables. “
” okay, look, we don’t need to rush into anything. all right? ”
“ my name is darth vader. i am your father. ”
“ eh, the internet’s so negative. i try to avoid it. ”
“ i guess i assumed that i would eventually date other people. ”
“ okay, don’t be offended, but what went wrong with you? ”
“ okay. anyway, um, it’s nice to see you. you look good. ”
“ you leave me with no choice but to put a stop to it. ”
“ yeah, and be warned. i’m going to touch you all over. ”
“ had me at flag, lost me at football. ”
“  i told you things would change if you plucked your eyebrows! ”
“ i wonder how many licks it would take to get to the center of me. ”
“ well, i’m not sure i have a dominant leg. ”
“ if you’re cranky and retaining water, i have a theory. ”
“ not that it’s any of your business, but she/he broke up with me. ”
“ i get that you don’t like it. but it’s not really up to you. ”


It took me some time, but I finally finished my Ghost and Skeletton Rusprus AU ~
I really love it, and I wish I had drawn more of it (and I’ll probably do !)

If you want to know more about the AU, go under the cut (Beware : suicide mention).

Click the pics ! Most of them are transparent.

[Alternative versions] [Kiss reference]

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Satellite - Part 2

a/n: sorry it took so long for this part to come out! I’ve been super busy :) enjoy this super long part! remember to request in my ask box! also, I’ve been having major bellamy feels so enjoy the bellamy pov’s in this part. 

Summary: Y/N becomes worried when her friend John Murphy isn’t the guy she remembers him to be. 

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader x John Murphy

Word Count: 2.7k

masterlist | satellite series masterlist


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Patched Up || Jimin || Part 6

Summary: Part 6. Disgust was intoxicating in all the wrong ways. Then again, so was your infatuation with Jimin. If being with him was so wrong, why did it feel so right?

Word Count: 1,681

A/N: Sorry if this took too long to get out - but I lost a little motivation with this one. This series isn’t as well-received as it was in the first few parts, so I’m wondering if I should start wrapping it up or keep it going so please let me know! Otherwise, general feedback and comments are much appreciated all! Have a fantastic morning/day/afternoon/evening/night!

<< Part 5 || Part 7 >>

You woke up with unfamiliar warmth around you, pulled into a firm chest with a pair of arms holding your waist. You shifted and the arms tightened.

“Good morning sleepy head…” A voice murmured into your ear, lips brushing against the soft skin.

You smiled to yourself and slowly rolled over to face the person, immediately being greeted by a tired and relaxed Jimin. You mumbled your own “Good morning” before he leant in carefully, gazing into your eyes.

“I’m so sorry about what happened…” Jimin apologised, thumbs rubbing small circles into your hips. “Yoongi told me what happened and I just… I should’ve been there to protect you and I wasn’t and I’m so sorry…”

You smiled weakly at him before reaching up to cup his cheek. He leant into your touch slightly. “You’re here now, that’s what counts…”

You didn’t want to tell him you were scared – no, terrified – of the reality being with him brought. Because yes, being with him was dangerous and yet as long as he was near you, you felt safe, as though nothing could get you.

And a part of you knew that if you did vocalise it, it could only cripple you even more.

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white people always say it’s important to know where you came from blah blah yet they graze over slavery like it never happened. they make it sound like black people willingly came to amerikkka and weren’t killed if they refused. like thousands of people weren’t killed. like white people were saints for “rescuing” us from those poor, poor lands.

Random observations about the blue sect arc

Rereading the arc, so just a few things to maybe ponder on or a few possibly interesting details. 

  • The Queen visiting Sieglinde

A little mention towards the war subplot: the Queen is still all about using Sieglinde in her war against Germany.
I already said once before that I think she definitely knows Ciel got rid of the “SULIN”, so she most certainly visits Sieglinde because she intends on getting her trust until Sieglinde won’t be able to refuse creating some stuff for Victoria, or something similar.

The Queen is clever and dangerous. Not that it’s anything new.

  • People of influence being patrons of the Sphere music hall, a link with Alexis Midford?

I think everyone already pondered about Alexis and Frances’ absence since the beginning of the arc because it’s been probably one month and a half since Lizzie ran away from home.
So plot convenience or not, I’m wondering if there could be a link between their absence and a good number of Lords being involved with the Sphere music hall?

Alexis is the leader of the Knight Order after all and I’m guessing many Lords are Knights. Ciel himself received something from him when he got his title of Earl from the Queen…

This is a theory we discussed at the beginning of the arc with @darkspellmaster, so all that to say that maybe Alexis, as the Head Knight, will have a role to play in regards to what’s going on within the Sphere music hall and maybe that’s why Yana didn’t mention either him or Frances ever since the beginning of the arc.

  • The S4 only want to atone for their sins by making people happy

I don’t know how Bravat got to meet with the S4 (if UT is involved, maybe through the “pact” the S4 made with UT when they killed Derrick and co) but it’s obvious that he is using their regrets and wishes to atone for their crimes to manipulate them as his pawns.

I don’t know if the S4 told him what they did and he gave them a new purpose, or if he “knew in advance” like for Lizzie, Ciel and Sebastian (in that case, the person who told him all that about those seven characters is someone who knew all of them, and then again UT is the most likely possibility), but it’s really sad that the S4 only want to make people happy and don’t seem to notice (Violet aside probably) how they will follow Bravat if he falls.

I wish the F5 could maybe talk with them, but as this point, I doubt they’d listen, because they’re too enthralled by Bravat.

  • Why Nina as the Sphere music hall’s taylor?

Why the enthusiasm? I mean, I think Nina is indeed extremely talented but since she’d have initially refused, how come they only wanted her?

Because she’s innovative and not so traditional? 
Because of plot convenience so Ciel would have one way of getting info because Nina’s family knows about the Phantomhives’ duty? 
Because of… another reason?


  • Lizzie’s different outifts

I know many people wrote about Lizzie’s different outfits, but I just find interesting how those two panels are just completely the opposite to one another: ribbons, earrings, gloves, bracelet vs no bracelet, swords, simple dress vs an elegant one (that is also different from what she usually wears as well)… 

I wonder why sometimes she wears the simple dress (when she goes giving her blood for example) and why she wore the elegant one as well as all her other accessories when she fought Sebastian. 

We can also wonder why she’s barefoot in the middle of the day (for example when she goes to see Ciel in ch113 as he’s asleep and giving his blood) and what she even does of her days at the Sphere music hall in the first place.

It’s obvious she isn’t like the S4 or the other people welcoming the guests giving their blood and, as I was saying, since she often was wearing the dress on the left during the middle of the day, she’s not always carrying her swords around…

We still have quite the huge mystery on her side of the subplot, huh… 

  • Ciel as a great businessman

This one is more of an ascertainment that if Ciel hadn’t gone through… well, everything that he went through, he would have probably been all about business during his life, because he seems to completely enjoy this (and he does understand customers well).

I just find this cute when he’s so passionate. No need to wonder why the Funtom corporation (his company, that he created after becoming Earl Phantomhive) works so well, it’s not just sheer luck.

in honor of the month of Halloween starting tomorrow I present an ah au mashup of spooky scary au and fake ah crew:

Geoff as some demon summoned by some idiots who thought he could help their crew grow only for Geoff to destroy them all. But hey their lifestyle seems kinda fun maybe he should give it a try. He gets bored in his immortal life so why not spend it causing some chaos for humans.

Jack, the swamp creature who’s home was destroy and she vowed revenge but then grew a liking to the speed of a car and the cold metal of a gun. 

Ryan, the ex-scientist who lost his degree due to his rather, well, interesting excuse for morals in his experiments. Who decided to go into crew life at first as an extended study of crime, only to find he loves it. 

Michael, the child of a mob boss in the 1920’s who died an early death. That his parents didn’t want him to have so they hired a necromancer to bring him back and make him the… thing.. he is now. Unkillable and terrifying. The life of a thief and mercenary is all he’s ever known and all he can ever get.

Gavin, the ‘close friend’ of Ryan’s who got hurt when Ryan and him worked together in the start of their life of crime. Who Ryan wasn’t ready to loose and brought back as the abomination he is. (as mad as Gavin was at the time (he left Ryan after that only to meet him several years later when the demon Ramsey hires him) Gavin is a little grateful he isn’t dead).

Ray, made werewolf by an old crew that hired him. That he ended up killing with his new teeth and long claws. Who was forced into a life of uncontrolled violence. Trying to make use of his new form and deadly moons. Who learns to fight because now he has the strength to. And lives the life of crime because who else would hire a werewolf.

And Jeremy. The only human in this entire mess. Most people would be absolutely terrified of being anywhere near the crew let alone part of it. But Jeremy isn’t as phased by the crews supernaturalness. (Plus everyone is rather protective over their squishy human).

ACE Family reacting to s/o sending them memes during meetings!:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
Shameless laughing at every single thing you send. He’s so happy that you broke the boring pattern of the meeting. He’d be sending you back just as many, and few new ones, using the ranting men as his subject.
Canada/Matthew Williams-
He’d be a little confused, in other words, you’d have to explain them. The positive side being that you’re helping him kill time. (And he likes the attention.)
England/Arthur Kirkland-
At first he would scold you for interrupting him while he was busy. But if you began using some of less favorite people…he may come around. He wouldn’t reply unless he needed you to explain one…or three.

Last Love Letter

December 25, 2016

I can’t sleep, or rather, I don’t want to. I know I haven’t written in a few days, but things have been so hectic dealing with the aftermath of the Dominators and Savitar and his unsettling prophecy on top of it all. I don’t really want to talk about that today though.

I need to paint a picture of what’s happening now, because I want to remember this forever. I know I don’t have Barry’s mind or memory, so I have to journal like a regular old person, not that regular people really even journal anymore.

It’s 3:27 AM. There’s a light snowfall outside. Even though I’m indoors, I’m shivering because I’m naked save for being wrapped in Barry’s coat, scribbling on the hardwood floors of his Christmas gift to me. Barry’s laying next to me on his side, his bare back propped on a makeshift pillow of both our clothes bunched up together. Being the gentleman he is, he insisted I use our coats as a mattress and blanket, but I guess that’s only fair given he emits the body heat of a sauna. This was after he asked if we should get dressed and go back to my place to really spend the night, but I wanted to stay here with him. I’m not looking forward to our first electricity bill, considering how high we’ve turned the heat up for tonight, but it’s worth it.

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The best things in life aren’t things. Its the people and the moments. It is the ones we love the most, whether they love us back or not. Its the memories good or bad. Its the precious, little moments in life that help us grow and live it the way the superior wants us to. Life is hard, yeah, coz after all, it kills us.. but we can always look for better, good reasons to stay alive and be happy as much as anyone could possibly be. Life offers us so many great, incredible things and its all up to us how to find our sweet serendipity. Learn to be a wandering star. Do not limit yourself with the things you ought deserve. Always remember that we meet new, amazing people by chance and we experience great, unexpected moments by choice.