kill their whole family and then adopt them

Being Daryl's post-apocalypse adopted daughter would include:


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• You being from the very beginning in the group and Daryl noticing from the first moments on that your young age doesnt have an effect on you being a fighter

• Him beginning to protecting you at all costs and quickly taking the position of a father for you

• Him not letting any walker come close to you, until he can show you how to kill it and knows that you can do it yourself

• But him being still a bit worried, even though you have grown older and experienced, when you go towards a walker to kill it through having the fear deep down that it could hurt you even though he knows how good you can fight

• Those good fighting skills you have now, you also learned a lot through him

• Being one of the only people he can hug without having any problem with it

• Even though he has his problems with talking about feelings he would overcome himself and would let you know that you can talk to him when you have a problem any time  

• Him wanting to give you the opportunity to grow up as save and as good as you can in this world

• Him always taking you with him on his motorcycle

• Being not only close to your adoptive father Daryl, but also to the other group members and being an important part of the whole family you all create

• Him raising you to a total badass

• The main reason he wants to stay in Alexandria being that he wants a save home for you

• You being the only one allowed to shoot with his crossbow 

• Him having no problem with threatening people who mock or threaten you and making brutally clear that in case somethings happen to you he’ll kill them 

• Him teaching you how to survive in the wilderness even if that includes gutting an animal 

• You sometimes secretly trying to drive a bit with his motorcycle until he catches you and you have to promise him to let him teach you how, because he actually fears that you could hurt yourself not knowing how to handle it 

• When it’s cold him giving you his vest hoping that it will warm you at least a bit

• You knowing how to handle him and him sometimes even controlling himself for you when he’s mad about someone or something

• Him promising you to find a crossbow as a gift for your birthday and when he actually makes it happen your happiness creates a wide smile on his face

• You being the most important person to him and making sure on his way that you know that you can always count on him and that he will never let somebody hurt you


today in school i was thinking about why so many star wars fans are super into mandalorians and i think there’s two main reasons. at first glance they’re notoriously deadly, don’t take crap from anyone, and legendary and mysterious. that’s what you get from the movies and it’s INTRIGUING AS HECK. you never see boba fett’s face in the original ones, and i wasn’t even really sure he was human the first few times i watched them. everyone knows ABOUT them but no one really knows what goes on in their heads. it’s even rare for outsiders to know their language. but then the more you learn about them, the more they seem like something you wanna be a part of. i don’t know if this is even in canon at all, but at least in republic commando, adoption is huge with them. species doesn’t even matter. what matters is what you do, not what you are. you can be a mandalorian without ever having set foot on the planet. you can go from having nothing to having a family who will literally kill and/or die for you. that’s pretty cool. the whole thing just gives a sense of security. as one of the mando’ade you have a soul, you don’t just disappear when you die, your family has got your back and you know who you are. they all seem very assured in their identities - cultural and individual. they may not be as principled or enlightened as the jedi, and don’t strive for power like the sith, but i gravitate more toward the mandalorians than either. especially when you look at it from a star wars universe point of view - in a world governed by an impersonal Force, people have got to look out for each other, cause nothing else will. so really… i think why people like the mandalorians so much is ‘cause their way of life speaks to our clan instinct. they don’t give an ideal to strive towards, but they give a sense of belonging. that’s all that we want essentially. people want to belong before anything else, before the desire to do good, even. thank you for your time, if i had any other reasons i forgot them

Captain Swan before their 20s:

Killian Jones:

  • No mother.
  • On the run with his father on ships.
  • Abandoned by his father on a ship.
  • Joined the Navy.
  • Watched his big brother die in his arms.
  • Betrayed by a king he believed in.
  • Left alone with no family or hope.
  • Something went down with Ursula that he is deeply ashamed of.

Emma Swan:

  • Orphaned on the side of the highway.
  • Abandoned by August.
  • Adopted and then given up in favor of bio child.
  • Lied to by Lily.
  • Nearly adopted and then nearly killed by Ingrid.
  • Betrayed and abandoned by Neal.
  • Pregnant and forced to give up her baby.
  • Sent to jail for roughly a year.
  • Left alone with no family and no hope.

My babies. Totally mirrors of each other. And that’s what makes them so perfect for each other. They know those same scars and broken pieces. And together, they can make a whole person again.

If Bleach characters had to pitch horror movie titles

Author’s choice list. :)

Bleach characters will now pitch their ideas for super scary horror movies - by title and tagline.

1. Ulquiorra: “The Hollow Who Had A Heart”

He can feel it beating inside him - but he can’t find it.

2. Mashiro: “The Scarf”

By the time you realize your scarf has been possessed by the spirit of a psychotic strangler….it’s already too late.

3. Oetsu: “The Zanpakuto’s Revenge”

Hell hath no fury like a zanpakuto scorned.

4. Askin: “The Death Dealer”

Cross him, and your blood might just become poisonous.

5. Halibel: “The Fourth Floor”

Her mother warned her never to go above the third floor…

6. Hichigo: “The Mask”

It’s getting closer! It’s gonna swallow you whole!

7.  Cang Du: “The Losers”

They lost a fight. Now death is coming for them…one by one.

8. Berenice: “Do You Know Who You Are?”

Well, do you?

9. Komamura: “The Puppy”

The family who adopted him didn’t know what a spirit of bloody revenge lurked inside.

10. Hitsugaya: “The Zombie Master”

She’s coming for you…and she’s gonna make you kill all your friends.

11. Lilinette: “The Living Gun”

What if your gun had a mind of its own?

12. Nel: “The Shinigami”

He’s a scary guy!

13. Ginjo: “The Haunted Ramen Bowl”

Don’t accept ramen from handsome strangers.

14. Ikkaku: “An Unlucky Man”

Whatever can go horribly wrong, will.

15. Starrk: “The Last Man On Earth”

He’s alone.

16. As Nodt: “A Woman Without Fear”

Is seriously the scariest thing.

17. BG9: “Death Roomba”

It will kill you from the toes up.

18. Tosen: “The Actual Real Justice System”

Life’s true horror.

19. Hisagi: “Attack of the Giant Killer Hollows”

A school exercise should not be like this.

20. Loly: “The Super Nice Girl”

No matter what you do…she’s still so fucking nice.

Better late than never...

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I’ve been in fandoms (mainly SW and HP) for over a decade, and through the years every once in a while I’ve written fanfic. But for Richonne I only wrote (so far) one fic: Breath Mints

Gee, I wonder WHY I choose that title…

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Why am I Richonne Trash?

Because they are SO PERFECT for each other! I’ve ALWAYS been Rick Grimes trash. ALWAYS. Since Season 1. Yes, even through all the Lori drama. 

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And I’ve ALWAYS thought Michonne was a BAD ASS chick, not one you should risk messing up with, ever since she showed up in Season 3. They are two tough cookies. 

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At first I didn’t see their potential - I’m a late sailor on this ship - but sometime during the end of season 5, I truly saw the glory that is Richonne. I’d like to think that I saw some inklings back in “Clear” but truth be told I only fully really realized their potential on season 5. JUST when we had to go through Jess!hell. Figures. Richonne just…smacked me on the face and I was, “OF COURSE!”

The best part? They are two WHOLE persons on their own. They don’t need each other to be complete, to kick ass, to kill a bunch of walkers, to defend their friends and adopted family, but they CHOSE to be. And that makes them happy. And STRONGER. They are not co-dependent on each other, they COMPLEMENT each other, because they CHOSE to. (Yes, Rick may be whipped, but it’s by choice! XD)

Not to mention they are just HOT together. 

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And Mrs. Clutterbuck rooting for them is just TOO DARN CUTE not to be excited by it, LOL.

ALSO! I bought Rick Grimes and Michone Funko Pops so I could have a set…

When did I jump aboard this glorious ship?

Like I said, end of season 5. Difficult to pinpoint when exactly, but I think it was when Rick told Michonne about his plan to take over Alexandria, about how he lied to her, about the stolen and hidden guns, and how SHE could have talked him out of it. And instead of yelling at him, she reasoned with him about how that was a bad idea, about how they could make Alexandria work BUT in the end she let him keep the gun and said that she was still with him, no matter what.

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Are they married, or ARE THEY MARRIED? They actually have a more functional and supportive relationship than most married couples I know!

Favorite scene:

See above answer. Favorite bits: Michonne saying “I’m still with you” and Rick looking from Michonne’s eyes down to her mouth. It seems to be a trend, as well as Rick looking at Michonne’s ass… XD

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I know, this look is from another scene, but it’s more evident here than on the aforementioned scene.

ALSO? The scene from next episode (6x13) that they showed in the sneak peek? It has HIGH CHANCES of becoming my new favorite scene, but since it hasn’t “officially” aired yet, I’m not taking it into account. 

You can have it as a bonus, though:

(gifs by heartfulloffandoms-x)

Future for Richonne:

Happily ever after? As much as possible in a zombie apocalyptic world? Perhaps a baby - I know Michonne considers Carl and Judith her own kids, but I’d like to see a Richonne baby, thank you very much. 

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ALSO, I can’t wait to see more Grimes Family 2.0 interaction, especially between Carl and Michonne, because we have seen basically ZERO interaction between them since “The Next World” and Richonne becoming canon.

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I LOVE their relationship, Carl was the one who made the call that welcomed Michonne into their group, they have been best friends since forever, and I have my suspicions that he might as well be the #1 Richonne shipper of the group - even if Carl was surprised when he found his “parents” were putting on some clothes to talk to Jesus (but not as much as Rick and Michonne were when they found him on that corridor, LOL).

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Who I tag: 

EVERY Richonne shipper who hasn’t done this already - I’m pretty sure everyone already has done this, LOL - I took WAY too long to answer it…

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If this is true (which some have already happened, others not ie. toby didn’t find the dollhouse.) I think Wren is in fact Charles/A.

  • Wren faked becoming a doctor to work at Radley and be able to get medicines, access to morgue’s and patient information, things only a Doctor can do (which we’ve seen A plenty of times have access to these sorts of things). One of which was getting into Radley to visit his sister.
  • During his time in Radley he grew fond of Mona and she became his favorite. To the point of him bringing her into the Dollhouse and making her his Alison.
  • If it’s true Mona knows his identity, that’s why.
  • Black Veil is Melissa and working against Charles because she’s trying to protect them (that’s why sometimes it felt like A was helping the girls and why Melissa told Spencer “I’ve been protecting you this whole time”). 
  • She’s with Wren undercover or she has no idea he’s actually Charles/A and is working against him without realizing it. 
  • When he finds out she’s Black Veil and she finds out he’s Charles/A he kills her.
  •  Wren is Bethany Young’s older brother. 
  • The drawing of the boy being taken from her by a monster was him being sent away to an adoptive family, Scott Montgomery’s family.
  •  There he then developed Scott’s problems after being traumatized by being taken from his family/sister. 
  • Scott killed himself and then the Dilaurentis’ “adopted” Wren back into their family, which is why at the orchard in the video only one boy kisses Alison’s forehead. That was Jason.
  • Wren’s birth parents are related to Jessica. 
  • The day at the orchard, the “last day the family was together” was the day that Wren broken Alison’s arm and was sent to Radley. 
  • There his hatred and jealousy for Alison consumed him. He was jealous of Alison having the family he always wanted. He was sent away, his sister was put into Radley, his adoptive father killed himself and then he breaks Alison’s arm and was sent away to Radley himself. 
  • What finally sent him over the edge was the day Bethany was killed by Alison drawing her out to Rosewood that night and the girls, being drugged and delirious ended up killing Bethany. That’s when he became Wren and that’s when he became A. 
  • The reason Mrs. D bought the dress, horse, ect for Bethany and asked her to call her Aunt Jessie was because she was her aunt.
  • That’s why when Alison asks who Charles is, Ken says he’s not a part of their family. He disowned Charles/Wren when he broke Alison’s arm. And because Wren was only related to them by Jessica’s family. Not his. So technically Wren/Charles isn’t in fact a Dilaurentis.
  • Wren and Aria are cousins by him being adopted into Scott’s family. 
  • That’s how Alison and Aria are connected deeper than we think. They’re both connected to Wren/Charles/A and don’t realize it. 

My timeline is sorta out of order, but you get the idea.

Edit: While it’s no excuse to doing what he’s done. I’m sure you can see how we might feel sorry for Wren/Charles. His sister was sent to Radley, he was sent away from his sister/family as a child and sent to a family where his adoptive father was mentally ill and ended up killing himself, he was then sent to live with his cousins/aunt and uncle where he watched the perfect family being played out and saw Alison being treated like a princess, he breaks her arm (probably by accident) and gets sent to Radley himself and disowned again, his sister then ends up dead because of his cousin and her friends. That’s a pretty shitty childhood. 

You’re Here - Brother Daryl Dixon

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Prompt: Hi! Can I request an imagine where y/n grew up with daryl (but ur only 14) who was like your older brother to you but when the apocalypse happened you two got separated, and y/n has been in Alexandria for a year or so and reunite with daryl? Thank you!

Requested By: ahx-eu

(Y/N) had no one, no one left. Sure, she was surrounded by people who called themselves her friends and her ‘new family’ but that was just crap. None of them really knew her, and there for she didn’t care much for them. She had been there for a year, one whole year, and nothing good had happened to her.

She didn’t like it there, the people just weren’t her type of people. She hated them, for the most part. It was just her luck that she was alone, with no one from her past there with her. She would kill to have her mom back, or her dad, or her not-blood brother.

She stayed in her room, to avoid any and everyone. She didn’t like anyone there, so it only made sense that she kept her distance. Sense she didn’t have any blood family left, she was ‘adopted’ by Jessie and her husband. She didn’t like that idea. She felt as though that was their way of giving her new parents, and she didn’t like that idea. She hated it so much, she threw an all out tantrum when she heard the word ‘adopt’.

She laid in her room, listening to her ‘brother’ playing video games with his friends. She hated that too. She hated that the people weren’t thankful to be alive. She surely was, because she had been out there. She had seen things that made her thankful to be alive, unlike the people of Alexandrea. They didn’t know a thing about the outside world, not anymore.

“Whose room is that?” She heard a voice outside her room ask. She had a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign taped to her door. She had argued with her ‘mother’ about keeping it up. She threatened to deface not only the door but the whole house if she took it down again. She made sure to be the problem child in Alexandrea, not only to the Andersons.

“That’s my sister. We sort of adopted her when she came here. She stays cooped up in her room all the time so just ignore her.” She heard Ron say and then footsteps.

She got up and walked to the door. She left her room and walked over to Ron’s. She glared at him, not saying a word. He was hanging out with his friends and this boy she had never met before. Ron looked at (Y/N) and rolled his eyes.

“Guys, this is Carl. Carl, this is Enid and Mikey.” Ron said, introducing his friends but not his ‘sister’. (Y/N) turned away from them and went down to the kitchen. She didn’t want to stay there anyway.

She looked through the kitchen, looking for something to eat. She didn’t eat much. It had been a year sense she left the scavenger life but she still wasn’t used to eating meals. She found a small snack and went back up to her room.

When she was gong back up the stairs, she ran into the new kid. She looked at him and he looked at her. “Leaving so soon?” She teased him, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” He answered and walked past her. She turned and watched him.She followed him, crossing her arms over her chest. “You’ll never get used to it.” She told him, referring to living normally again. “They don’t get it and they never will.”

Carl turned to look at her. “You lived out there too?”

“I survived out there. I was on my own, cold and alone.” She told him, biting into the crackers she grabbed from the kitchen. She walked with him out of the house. “They’ll never understand.”

She followed Carl all the way to his new house, talking about what it was like from themselves outside the walls. She had never had anyone to talk to, no one really understood. Enid never spoke to her, even though they were both out there alone in the world.

She walked into the house behind him, stuffing her hands into her pockets. She didn’t bother with looking around the house, it was pretty basic. She didn’t care for it either. She walked with him into the living room and saw all the people there.

“Who’s this?” An older looking man asked, walking up to them.

“(Y/N).” She introduced herself, not wanting to let someone else do it for her. She stared up at him, then looked past him. She didn’t believe her eyes, “Daryl?”

The man looked up, staring at her. He didn’t know what to believe anymore. HE had thought the girl was dead, had been for the past few years. “(Y/N)?” He stood and walked over to her.She wrapped her arms around him, not needing to say anything else to him.

She had wondered where he had gone and why he had left. Then it was a matter of if he was alive or not. This was her brother, the one that she had known from the beginning of her life. She was younger but that didn’t matter. She grew up knowing him as her brother and that was that.

Silence overwhelmed the room as everyone there watched the two. Carl was pleasantly shocked. He had met this stone cold girl who was angry at everything and everyone. Along side him was everyone else who was happy to see Daryl finding someone he knew (and cared for) after all he had gone through.