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The early 50’s anti comic book hysteria was nonsense, however I have to admit that I can see how this scene from Adventures into Darkness # 12, where a woman in her underwear kills her husband at the urgings of Set might have upset more than a few when it came out in 1952. Yeah sure she gets her comeuppance in the end when she turns into a snake person and all, but to the fifties mindset… underwear!

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So when Widowmaker first killed Gerard, do you think she was simply too brainwashed to know what she really did or do you think there were a few moments where Amelie felt a rush of anguish looking at the body of her dead husband?

This is something I’ve been going back and forth with a LOT. Like I’ve contemplated how much she was effected the actual night of his death to an enormous degree. For the most part I am under the belief that she was actually aware of what she was doing, she just couldn’t stop it. 

Either a) Talon had made her believe that killing her husband was something beneficial to everyone in the long run. (Such as Overwatch being the bad guys) Or b) they brainwashed her to the point where she was programed to follow through with a mission. Considering her seeming level of devotion to Talon I think the former is more likely. 

I think she may have hesitated when it came time to kill Gérard, and then felt regret once the trigger had been pulled. She might have even tried to kill herself since Overwatch was under the belief that she was dead and wasn’t suspected. Since this is the future when technology for crime scene investigation should be higher it’s possible they found evidence to suggest Amélie had been killed with her husband. Otherwise she’d be classified as “missing” and not “dead.” 

Considering the trauma of the event it’s possible in order to cope with this she let herself believe Overwatch killed Gérard and not her. Especially as it’s never been stated that she actually remembers killing her husband. It’s just clear that she remembers him and misses him or something of the like. 

Thanks for the good question! :D And I apologize if I rambled. XD I just want to make sure I give a well thought out answer because I really do enjoy interacting. And I feel like if you take the time to ask me something I should take the time to answer. :3 Have a lovely day anon! 


This animal tastes frightened.

Local Girl has a Mental Breakdown deciding which Stardew Valley character she will marry. What happens next will shock you.

She makes twelve save files and marries them all.

In Hong Kong, a woman is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband. She, however, can only use her bare hands. The woman he slept with is at the wife’s mercy and there is no limitation on the choice of weapons.

mate, do u ever think about how Iconic River Song was??

  • trashed her husbands ride so bad that the universe exploded
  • lurked around at her parent’s wedding for The Lolz
  • faked being surprised at shit for 100 years??
  • basically threatened 2 let the universe die if the doctor didn’t marry her??
  • one time she and the doctor had a fight that was so bad he went and lived with some otters for a month
  • shoots everything (including hats) and it turns the doctor on
  • poisoned a dude so she could sell him the antidote 
  • probably had sex with cleopatra???
  • went back in time and became her mum’s best friend so she could kill her future husband in the future
  • asked some sontarans if they were on a hens night 
  • jumped offed things such as a building and also the empty vacum of space so the doctor would catch her
  • hung out with her parents and husband and did really crazy shit before they knew who she was
  • made constant jokes about how much sex her and her husband have while she doin said crazy shit 
  • also when they finally knew who she was, she didn’t let up on the inuendos at all
  • hair that expanded like the universe 
  • even tho she constantly breaks out of prison, she always goes back 2 be polite 2 the guards 
  • became an archaeologist to stalk her man and get paid 4 it
  • had sex with the doctor for 24 years straight lmao A Legend 

“My sister was murdered when I was twelve years old. Her husband killed her because of jealousy. After that it was just me and my mom. I stopped studying. I became the black sheep of the family. I left the house and went my own way. There was a gang in the neighborhood. They gave me a place to live. They gave me work. They gave me marijuana and cocaine. I was always high. My job was tocollect protection money from local businesses. There were five of us who made the rounds. When I turned fourteen they told me I was ready to ‘test the knife.’ There was a shopkeeper named Maria. Her husband was a pain in the ass. He would always scream at us and call us sons of bitches. So we stabbed him over and over. There was blood everywhere. I felt like throwing up. Afterwards I felt empty inside. So I just did more drugs. And the way I looked at it—if my sister got killed, why shouldn’t other people die? At least that’s how I always justified it to myself.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)


The red flames are the mark of justice!
Burning bright red, the sun of life! 

Ryusei☆Red, Chiaki Morisawa!