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AU takes place on earth in the far FAR future in a ginormous supercity called Lucid; nonhumans make up 90% of the population (the 10% that are humans usually have some sort of mutation / supernatural ability too). Brief Lucid summary - it was initially created by aliens to be used as an intergalactic terminal/pit stop after the port in the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter got overrun by space pirates. It ended up growing into a prosperous commerce hub for beings from all over the universe - and beings from other realms altogether (like spirits / demons).

Lucid is comprised of DOZENS of districts, each huge and like a world of their own, but the AU is focused in district 3.* It used to be a beautiful, peaceful area called Altea, where diplomats from all over the universe gathered for meetings - but that was before an organisation called the Galra Empire overthrew Altea’s ruling court and put the district on lockdown. GE’s been controlling the area for years - fortunately it can’t extend its reach to districts outside of 3rd, but the empire leader Zarkon is trying to get Above that. Wants to conquer all six central districts and control the spaceport.

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It’s You and Me - Carl Grimes x Reader

Carl and reader are in a happy relationship. But then Enid gets in the way of it all and reader’s world comes crashing down.

Warnings: None

I might write a part 2 for this so comment below if you would like that x


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You had been with him since the prison. That was where the two of you had first met. Everyone knew you were going to get together, it was obvious, you were perfect for each other. You had the same interests, the same sense of humor and the same want for survival. You were almost as quick as Carl with a knife when you first met, now, he’s no match for you. 

You’re both in Alexandria now, he lives with his family and you live in a house near to Rick and Michonne’s and it’s all yours. Your parents were killed by the Governor at the prison, along with your friends. You had nothing back then but now, you had everything you needed. The house was technically yours but Carl stayed there so often, it was practically his as well. Everyone had warmed to you at the start except for one person, Rick. He didn’t want you to hurt Carl, who had already had his heart torn to pieces by his mother’s death and that he didn’t need it being torn again by some teenage girl. That was what Rick had said to you when you first started to get close with Carl. But now, Rick embraced you like his own daughter, he loved you almost as much as Carl did. It was a Grime’s trait to be protective and you got it loaded on twice. It took you a year at first to convince them to let you go on runs. They didn’t believe you could handle yourself, but you proved them wrong the first time you got the chance. From then on, they trusted you with their lives and you’d shown on countless occasions that you were more than capable to handle that. 

Everything was amazing with you and Carl. You had fallen hopelessly in love with one another. You would sit on the roof and just talk about your day or sit on the sofa and snuggle up to each other or go out into the woods or on runs just the two of you. You couldn’t be separated, you needed each other. It was all perfect, until Carl started hanging out with Enid. 

You would sit on the roof and think about your day as Carl wasn’t there to tell it to, you’d sit on the sofa by yourself as Carl’s arms weren’t there to wrap yourself in and you’d go out into the woods alone because he wouldn’t go with you. He still slept over at yours a lot and showered you with kisses but only when he wanted to, it hadn’t nothing to do with you anymore. You wouldn’t curl up to sleep together, he would roll over and you would just stare at his back, thinking that would make him turn over. It didn’t. When you spoke, they weren’t real conversations. If you tried to talk to him, he would cut you off and say he had to do something, always in the direction of Enid’s house. You’d try to talk to him about it but he would just yell at you,

“Carl, please. What has happened to us? You’re slowly fading away from me. I thought it was you and me? Always.” You had said to him one night.  You remember his eyes flashing cold. A side of him came out that you had never seen before. 

“Stop being such a child Y/N. Some of us have responsibilities to handle. Some of us have families to care for. You wouldn’t know what that’s like though Y/n, would you? Because you’re whole family is dead! And you have no one left in the world.”

 That was what he’d said before he stormed out the door and didn’t come back. You wanted it more than ever for him to turn around but staring at his back did nothing, yet again. You tried calling out to him but he just walked into his house and ignored you. 

You hadn’t spoken to him since and he hadn’t spoken to you. Every day the words he spat at you still stung and whenever you thought about them, you had to push back tears. Carl had moved on to Enid. They would talk on the roof, they would cuddle on the sofa and they would go on runs together. 

Everyone else moved on as well. Rick no longer asked you to babysit Judith, he asked Enid. Daryl no longer asked you to come on runs with him, he asked Carl. Carol didn’t ask if you wanted a cookie, she gave them to Enid. And most importantly, Carl didn’t come to your door, he knocked at Enid’s. You meant nothing to anyone. Carl was right, you had nobody. So nobody would care what you did. You packed your bags and left Alexandria and that was it. Nobody followed you, nobody cared.

Carl Grimes// Take Me Back To The Start

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Just because that’s such a cute gif of Chandler… Take a good long look. Also this is my first Carl x Reader insert because I normally pair him off with my OC, but here you go! Please enjoy!

Requested By Anon: You and Carl were best friends when you went to school together before The Turn. When the end of the world came raining down, you sought out protection with his mother Lori because much to your displeasure, your family could not be contacted. When you grow up so close to one another in a world that has no hope.. You allow your feelings to run your heart. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

  “Hey Carl!” You cried out, laughing wildly as you kicked your legs higher and higher, causing your swing to raise further into the sky. Up. Up. Up. “Look at what I can do!” 

Carl smiled as he closed his eyes to listen to the sound of your laughter. The two of you had been best friends since Kindergarten, having grown up a block away from one another. You were never much for typical girl things- so you spent most of your time getting dirty with the child of Lori and Rick Grimes.

  “I bet I can go higher then you y/n!” He yelled victoriously, joining you on the opposite swing. Before you knew it, he was swinging back and forth in sync with you at the same height. 

Up. Up. Up. 

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TFP and the drink code, a.k.a. John truly hates himself - Mycroft Edition

[This post is my first addendum to the drink code after being written, in light of new canon content. (I wrote the drink code in July 2015. And yes, I didn’t write about TAB because the “CONFIRMED” was pretty obvious).]

One thing that has become clear about S4 is that is false af, and whatever you believe it’s happening there, you also know there’s meaning behind all that fuckiness.  I like the “TFP is John’s Bisexual Bunker Nightmare while dying” theory (and this meta is largely based on that assumption), but even if you believe in something else going on, the symbolism remains. 

We’ve seen John drinking through S4. As a matter of fact, he  is the only one seen drinking in the two episodes before TFP. Or one of his mirrors. Molly has a champagne flute when Baby Rosie is born, he drinks red wine while looking at the camera (fucky…), Vivian Norbury is said to be sort of an alcoholic… It seems alcoholic beverages were used in S4 as an indicator of John’s inner emotions.

So I expected to see him drinking in TFP.  But no. I noticed there’s only one sight of alcohol in TFP. At the first two minutes of TFP, we have Mycroft like this:

Drink code says when a character drinks whisky, they’re scared and are looking for some “liquid courage” (As TAB later confirmed).

If you consider TFP being John’s bisexual Bunker nightmare, everyone in it represents a part of him. The fact Mycroft is the only person drinking in TFP is a sign to indicate something not common in the show’s narrative: Mycroft will serve as a mirror for John. A mirror for that part of his personality that has been in charge of repressing his bisexuality. A mirror working during most of the episode and that could certainly explain why Mycroft is so out of character in TFP.

The drink code just makes it clear that the part represented by Mycroft is scared and looking for some sort of control.

So, what is he scared of? And what does that fear mean?

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It’s Her, Isn’t It?

Author’s Note: I have not written fanfiction based so directly off of an episode, so please do cut me some slack.  I am not sure how much I like this, but whatever.  I hope that you enjoy despite my confidence in it.

Warning(s): Spoilers to The Final Problem, mentions of murder, hallucinations, unedited.

Part II can be found here!

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“The girl,” Sherlock interrupted Eurus.  “Where is she?  Can I talk to her again?”

“Poor little thing.  Alone in the sky in a great big plane with nowhere to land.  But where in the world is she?  It’s a clever little puzzle.  If you want to apply yourself to it, I can reconnect you; but first…”  Eurus trails off.  She sits back in her chair and turns to face a woman who is being held prisoner.

“Ooh!  She is most definitely a Holmes; all of you are such drama queens,” you say.  Sherlock glances at you, but does not reply.

“That’s my wife!”  The governor exclaims, his eyes growing wide.  “Oh, God; that’s my wife.”

“I’m going to shoot the governor’s wife,” Eurus states casually.

“Now she is psychopathic!  I see why you get so defensive when people call you a psychopath now, Sher!”  You say in an almost sing song voice.

“Please, no!”  The governor turns to Sherlock in a sort of panic.  “Please,” he begs, “Help her!”

Eurus interrupts before Sherlock can respond.  “In about a minute… Bang. Dead!”

“Please don’t do that,” Sherlock says.

“Well, you can stop me.”

“How?”  Sherlock asks eagerly.

“There’s a gun in the hatch.  Take it.”  Sherlock moves across the room, opens the hatch, and takes out the promised gun.  Sherlock then turns to face Eurus on the screen again.

“You want to save the governor’s wife?  Choose either Doctor Watson or Mycroft to kill the governor.”  John’s face contorts into a bitter smile at Eurus’s words while Mycroft merely straightens his posture.

“Oh, my.  Are you going to play along, Sher?  You are, aren’t you?”  You say in a inappropriately excited sounding voice.  Sherlock closes his eyes in a mixture of concentration and frustration.

“Oh… oh, God!” The governor exclaims frightfully.

Sherlock opens his eyes and moves a step closer to the governor.

You can’t do it, Sherlock.  If you do it, it won’t count; I’ll kill her anyway.  It has to be your brother or your friend.

“How original,” you sigh.  “Why do all bad guys say that?”

“Shut up!”  Sherlock suddenly yells, looking at you.  Everyone’s attention is suddenly on Sherlock.  Mycroft and yourself raise an eyebrow, John is watching Sherlock with a look of pure concern, the governor just looks terrified, and Eurus is smirking.

“This isn’t going to be good,” you state.  Sherlock keeps his gaze on you until Eurus speaks again.

“Sherlock, you’re staring at a wall, and you keep glancing at that same spot.  Do tell: what are you staring at?”

“It’s her, isn’t it?”  John asks sorrowfully.  Sherlock merely nods his head.

“How interesting!” Eurus exclaims with a malicious looking smirk.

Sherlock takes a deep breath, composing himself.  He begins to turn, flipping the gun in the air and catching it by the muzzle in the meanwhile.  He extends the gun to Mycroft.

“Right, then,” Eurus says, “Back to this.  Countdown starting.”

A crude summary of the Jekyll and Hyde Musical...
  • Jekyll: I have daddy issues, I must fix him with drugs.
  • Jekyll: Can I give a person (my dad) drugs?
  • Board of Governors: WTF?! No!
  • Jekyll: Fine, I'll do the drugs.
  • Jekyll: *Does the drugs and becomes Hyde*
  • Lucy: I'm a floozy.
  • Hyde: YES!
  • Hyde: I'M INVINCIBLE, I FEEL ALIVE!!! *goes back to being Jekyll*
  • Jekyll: Aw sheit.... everything's fucked up.
  • Jekyll: *stays in his room trying to fix shit*
  • Utterson: Jekyll, get the fuck out of your room, you have to marry your fiancee!
  • Lisa: Oh yeah, I exist.
  • Jekyll: Go away, I'm busy!
  • Hyde: *kills people*
  • Board of Governors: *die one by one* Aw sheit!
  • Lucy: I don't want to be a prostitute, I wanna be with the doctor guy, he's nice.
  • Jekyll: No... I'm getting married?
  • Lucy: No.
  • Hyde: *Kills Lucy*
  • Lucy: Shit. *dead*
  • Jekyll: That's it, I'm fucking done!
  • Hyde: No you're not!
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Confrontation.
  • Lisa: Okay, finally we're getting married.
  • Jekyll: Yeah.
  • Jekyll: *gets hyde cramps* What? NO! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOoooooo
  • Hyde: Guess who's back? Back again? Eddie's Back, tell a friend.
  • Everyone: What the actual fuck Henry!?
  • Jekyll: Utterson! Kill me!
  • Utterson: But... *sort of bromance* I can't Henry.
  • Jekyll: Oh come on *stabs himself*
  • Hyde: AW, SHIT SHIT! SHIT! NO!
  • Jekyll and Hyde: *Dead*
  • Everyone Else: WTF?!

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Can u please recommend me some classic must read fics?

sure! i’m going to link you to some fics and if there is more than one story by an author that is also well known  ill link the writers info below it :D

also im sorry if i didn’t link all of the fics  these are the ones that was on top of my head but please reblog and add any fics that i missed as well as the author!! i want to make sure every author is appreciated. 


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  • Eurus: *leaves tiny child to die in well*
  • Eurus: *threatens to kill brother*
  • Eurus: *commits arson on family home*
  • Eurus: *brainwashes prison guard into killing his family*
  • Eurus: *forces John or Mycroft to kill the Governor*
  • Eurus: *shoots the Governor's wife*
  • Eurus: *is basically Jigsaw*
  • Eurus: *kills three men*
  • Eurus: *forces Sherlock to shoot his brother or his best friend*
  • Eurus: *locks John in a well to drown*
  • Sherlock: does someone need a hug from their favourite bro?

Gif by @livingthegifs

This thread (which is interesting in its own right, you should read it!) made me reflect for a bit on why I find this scene so damn annoying.

My first instinct is yeah, this is wildly out of character for Mycroft. The man is responsible for many deaths, in the tens of thousands if we’re to believe the jokes about him starting wars. For him to say “I will not have blood on my hands!” is not only hypocritical but silly. And sure, I’ll buy that Mycroft’s a hypocrite – that he avoids legwork precisely because he can’t handle this sort of thing – but I don’t buy that Mycroft’s unaware of his hypocrisy. A truthful response would be “I can’t do it” or, if that’s too vulnerable, “I won’t do it”.  

And this is where the annoyance comes in. Because: why do the writers have him say something so transparently hypocritical? Why do they have him vomit when the Governor ends up killing himself? It seems almost like they’re mocking him. Fucking Mycroft, they want us to think. Willing to order people killed but not willing to kill people himself. They want us to see him as a weak hypocrite.

But where does that leave us? It leaves us rooting for murder, narratively. It leaves us thinking, “If Mycroft were a better man, he’d have killed the Governor.” It leaves us comparing him to John, and esteeming John in comparison, because he comes closer to killing the Governor, because he actually tries to do it, because he doesn’t vomit afterwards. Of course, John can’t do it either. I’m glad of that. Just as I’m glad that Mycroft is being a hypocrite. But I find the whole thing very distasteful.  

The series of moral dilemmas at the heart of TFP is incredibly trite, not just in themselves but also in the context of a show that let’s people kill without consequences or reflection. To be fair, we knew this going in. In the very first episode, John kills a man, the ethical dilemmas resolved with a joke: “He wasn’t a very nice man.” Given that, it’s hard to expect a reckoning for Mary shooting Sherlock, or Sherlock killing Magnussen, or Mycroft starting wars and abusing state power. I mean, we complain about Eurus being forgiven for murdering a bunch of people but at least she ended up back in prison. That’s more consequences than any of the other characters got.

I’m just so sick of plotlines where people commit crimes and we’re meant to approve of them or find them badass. (And oh, the irony of writing this sentence about a Sherlock Holmes adaptation!) I’m sick of fiction where we’re meant to think less of people for not being able to kill. I was willing to ignore it when I first watched BBC Sherlock but I’m over it, I’m done with it. There are too many high-functioning sociopaths in real life for me to want to spend any more time with them in fiction.



You just went the wrong way last time, that’s all. This time, get it right.

This is what Sherlock tells Eurus before he lands the plane and brings them both back to the ground … to London. It seems at some day in the past, Eurus made a wrong choice. Interestingly a great deal of ‘The Final Problem’ circles around 'choices’ as well. And the consequences thereof.

  • Choose either Doctor Watson or Mycroft to kill the governor.
  • Also, you may have to choose which one to keep
  • Just two of you go on from here; your choice
  •  It’s an elimination round. You choose one and kill the other. You have to choose family or friend.
  • Jim Moriarty thought you’d make this choice.

Going by the assumtion that Eurus and Sherlock are aspects of one and the same character, it seems reasonable to suppose that - at some point in the past - Sherlock made a wrong choice himself.

Does the story give any indication for an occurance which fits with a scenario like this? Yes, it does.

Another look at a metaphorical Pilot-Verse scenario. Rest is under the cut …

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Mycroft wank

You know, I think what they did with Mary was foreshadowed with Mycroft.

I mean, when he first appeared, he was clearly coded as a villain. Later in that episode, it became clear that he wasn’t the baddie-baddie in this ep, but still remained a very shady and morally ambiguous figure that could easily be more than he seemed, perhaps even the driving evil force in the background, together with Moriarty. No wonder many of us saw him in cahoots with Moriarty - if as the actual Moriarty or under his thumb.

I mean, he had Moriarty - and he let him go to destroy Sherlock and drive him to suicide. Just - why? Because Eurus wanted him as a Christmas present??? This is all equally stupid and illogical as Mary’s actions in CAM tower - shooting the man who offers her help while letting her enemy live.

What was Mycroft’s motivation in the series? First, we are to believe he’s a controlfreak, meddling with Sherlock’s life, Sherlock’s arch enemy. But suddenly, we are told that he is protecting his little brother? Well, how about show, don’t tell? But I don’t see Mycroft caring… Sherlock has chosen a profession of fighting violent crime. Does Mycroft think he can’t handle the truth as an adult, that he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he has a sister who killed his best friend? Perhaps Sherlock would now be old enough to work through the trauma, even figure out what happened, could find closure to this festering wound that allegedly - so we are told - shaped his whole life. Doesn’t Mycroft see that his so-called ‘protection’ (that we are told about but that actually seems like emotional manipulation to me), the not talking about the trauma, disguising it as the death of a dog, drives Sherlock into drug addiciton? That his way of telling him that caring is not an advantage prevents Sherlock from truly engaging with other human beings. How is that a good thing?

Mycroft is just as manipulative with Sherlock as Mary was with John, exploiting Sherlock for his own purposes (government business, utility): Mycroft repeatedly humiliates Sherlock (calling him slow and stupid) - like Mary did with John. Mycroft tries to scare off potential other friends of Sherlock - like Mary tried when she shot Sherlock. Mycroft tries to control his brother’s life - like Mary did with John (’you can’t go, I’m pregnant’). And so on.

But suddenly, Mycroft becomes the protective big brother, who only wanted to keep Sherlock from harm, who cared for him? Seriously?

Mycroft’s character turn is just as unbelievable and badly written as Mary’s: set up as a villain or at least a shady, ambiguous figure, he gets his cheesy redemption as he first can’t see the governor killed and then offers himself up for killing in Sherrinford, only to vanish at the showdown. Suddenly, we are told he’s the good big brother, and Sherlock forgives him via telling Greg to look after Mycroft, just like John forgave Mary for shooting Sherlock. There’s never any real talk about what Mycroft did to Sherlock and Eurus, separating them, locking her up, manipulating Sherlock; what Mycroft did to the whole family. Mummy just scolds him like a naughty boy and that’s it - no emotional pay off, no working through their issues, no consequences for his character development, nothing.

We could have been warned. We saw what would happen to Mary in what happened to Mycroft - a great set-up reduced to a farce in a fat suit.

IRAQ. Al Anbar governorate. Fallujah. April 30, 2003. Iraqi mourners at a funeral for a man who was killed by American troops after they fired on a crowd of anti-American protesters.

The Fallujah killings of April 2003 began when United States Army soldiers from the American 1st Battalion, 325th Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division fired into a crowd of Iraqi civilians who were protesting their presence at a school within the city of Fallujah. The soldiers claimed they were receiving fire from the crowd, whereas the civilians said they were shot at first. Human Rights Watch, which inspected the area after the incident, found no physical evidence of shots fired at the building where U.S. forces were hiding.

This incident, among others, led to the First Battle of Fallujah (2004).

Photograph: Yuri Kozyrev/Noor for TIME

Tell me what you know // [ Daryl x Reader ]

For @jodiereedus22

Request: Wondering if you could do one where the reader and Daryl are kidnapped by the governor, they are held in different rooms, but when Daryl refuses to give and info up the governor brings reader into the same room and starts torturing her in front of Daryl, even though reader tells him not to he has to give it up to save her. 

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: Angst, mild torture

“Daryl, believe me when I say it’s in your best interest to comply. I’m a reasonable man, tell me what I need to know and you’ll walk away an unscathed man.”

“The hell am I tellin’ ya shit!” Daryl snarled, tugging persistently at the restraints on his wrists, the skin burning raw. 

The Governor chuckled, it was a low dark chuckle that didn’t settle well with Daryl. He could do whatever the hell he wanted to him, he wasn’t going to get nothing in return.

The Governor gripped Daryl’s chin tightly in his hand. “Last chance Daryl.”

Daryl bared his teeth, jerking his head defiantly away from his grasp, spitting at his boots.

The Governor sighed, retrieving the walkie talkie from his belt. “I really didn’t want to have to do this, but I warned you.”

“Bring her in,” he spoke into the device, Daryl suddenly hearing a commotion from the room next to them.

Daryl felt his stomach drop as he came to the realisation that he wasn’t the only one taken from the prison. 

Suddenly the door was swung open and you were thrown onto the floor in front of his feet. 

“Y/N!” Daryl growled, fighting harder to get out of the chair they’d constricted him too.

You braced yourself on your hands, swiping quickly at the split lip you were now sporting, crying out when someone suddenly wrenched you up by your hair.

“Don’t you fuckin’ touch her!” Daryl yelled, shaking with anger as he fought fruitlessly to get free.

“Hey!” The Governor shouted back. “I warned you, every choice you make has consequences, unfortunately your stupid choice has fallen back on this one here.” 

The Governor pulled you so your back was pressed to his chest, the glint of a light catching your eye before a knife was pressed to your throat.

“She ain’t nothin’ ta do with this,” Daryl spat, beads of sweat forming on his brow with his struggle.

“It’s okay Daryl,” you tried to soothe, you knew Daryl would cave if The Governor threatened your life.

“Ah ah ah!” The Governor scolded kicking in the back of the legs so you fell onto your knees hard. 

“Now,” The Governor said keeping the knife pressed to the pulse point in your neck, a tight grip on your hair. “Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going tell me what I want to know, and if you don’t? Then I torture her.”

Daryl practically whimpered as he tried to reach you, he couldn’t live with himself knowing you were in anyway damaged because of him, he’d tell that bastard whatever he wanted to know.

“What d’ya wanna know?” he asked gruffly, chest heaving with anger.

“No!” you seethe. “Don’t you dare Daryl, we have to think about everyone, think about-”

You whimpered when The Governor rounded to kick you in the stomach, Daryl practically roaring at him.

“You’ll do well to shut up,” he warned, crouching down to where you lay on the ground, you hands bound behind your back meaning you couldn’t move from the floor.

Daryl knew you were right. It was selfish of him to tell The Governor anything when there were so many others back in the prison, children included.

He wanted desperately to save you though, the thought of you in any kind of pain made him sick to his stomach, The Governor had been watching them, finding his weakness. 

The Governor stared expectantly at Daryl, shaking his head in disappointment. 

“Oh Daryl, and I thought you cared about her…” The Governor murmured before abruptly booting you in the stomach once again, knocking the very wind out of you. 

You gasp desperately for breath, knowing that he had in fact winded you, feeling like the bruising was almost immediate.

Daryl wanted to cry as you rolled over onto your back, your hair covered in dirt, a tear escaping the corner of your eye.

“I’m fine,” you told him, trying to control your breathing.

Daryl’s face stayed like stone as The Governor got close to his face, searching his eyes for any sign of emotion.

He nodded with a dangerous smirk.

“Okay, fine, I’ve tried to play nice,” he growled before wrenching you back onto your feet by your hair.

You tried, and failed, to not let out any noises of pain as he did it, knowing Daryl would start to fall apart the second you did.

The Governor grabbed a chair from the corner of the room, forcing you to sit down so you were just out of Daryl’s reach. 

There were tears in your eyes, and you refused to meet Daryl’s insistent gaze, not wanting him to see straight through you.

The Governor called two of his men in, bringing in a towel and a large bucket of water.

Your stomach dropped, you knew what this was. Waterboarding, a form of torture to make you feel like you were drowning. 

You started visibly shaking, drowning was one of your biggest fears and you had to try and focus on not panicking, they wouldn’t kill you not if they wanted anything from Daryl.

You winced as The Governor once again yanked you back by your hair so your head was facing the ceiling, one of the men covering your face with the towel.

Y/N,” Daryl’s voice cracked. He was in just as much pain as you, watching you tremble as the water was lifted over your head.

“It’s okay,” you whispered, tears over spilling down your face.

You were gripping the arms of the chair so hard your knuckles had gone white, threatening to break through the skin you were squeezing so hard.

“God you’re a heartless son’ve a bitch,” The Governor laughed. 

Daryl knew your fear of drowning, he couldn’t do this to you he couldn’t-

“Stop!” he yelled just as they went to tip the water, his heart pounding from within the confinements of his chest. 

“Daryl don’t-” you began, only to be silenced again when a hand went to your throat, the towel being whipped back off your face.

“Y/N, I can’t,” Daryl broke, “I can’t sit there and let that happen.”

The Governor nodded smugly. “So you’re going to talk now? Because if you don’t, I’m not going to stop until that whole bucket is empty and that’s even if she survives that long.”

Daryl gritted his teeth through a strained yes, he won’t let them kill you.

“Excellent,” The Governor grinned, clapping his hands together. “Now tell me what you know.”

It was at the moment the door was smashed open, Rick, Glenn and Michonne executing the two guards, becoming distracted as three more appeared behind them. The Governor slipped away out the back door quickly, hauling ass back to Woodbury before anyone could get to him. 

Michonne quickly cut both you and Daryl free as Rick took out the last of The Governor’s men, Michonne trying to pursuit the Governor, growling in frustration as she watched his truck kick up the dust as it pulled away.

Daryl didn’t hesitate, hauling you into his arms, suddenly retracting when he felt you wince in pain.

“Shit m’sorry,” he murmured, running his hands through your hair softly, pulling you gently back into the warmth of his embrace as he apologised over and over.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for Daryl,” you assured, feeling overly safe wrapped in his arms, relieved the group had turned up when they had.

“Should’ve just lied or somethin’,” he mumbled into the crown of your head, guilt overwhelming him. 

“You did the right thing,” you said, sighing contently into his chest, knowing the moment was about to end. 

He pulled away on cue, surprising you though by lacing his fingers through yours, keeping hold of you the whole way back to the prison, his thumb playing soft circles against the back of your hand. 

You’d tell him how you felt one day…

The mysterious case of the vanishing and reapparing glass

Or evidence n°58766548 that The Final Problem isn’t real and all in Sherlock’s mind.

Let’s keep track of the glass that never existed, okay?

Five years ago, it was definitely there.

For all the attraction there is between them, there is a physical barrier stopping any contact. Moriarty can’t touch her and Eurus can’t touch Moriarty, it is a safety.

Now, the glass has definitely vanished since then and Eurus showed Sherlock that he isn’t safe from her.

HOLMES: We all have a past, Watson. Ghosts, they’re the shadows that define our every sunny say.

Well, this tangible ghost can escape and wreck havroc in his life. She can even attack him.

But then?

Eurus and everyone else switched places. She is in the governor’s, now Mycroft’s, office and they are stuck in her cell.

And the glass?

It’s back, we can clearly see their reflections. And even better-

-you even literally hear the glass shattering when the governor kills himself.

Well, it certainly wasn’t bullet proof.

So, did she mindslave everyone to pose the glass back in under less than the time John and the rest were unconscious? Like, in less that ten minutes, max? Because John was the last one to wake up, they had enough time to stare at this brand new glass and think ‘What the fuck’?

They also brought a TV on wheels so they they could talk to Eurus, just saying.

And anyway, we have to applaud the genius of Sherrinford’s architects.

I love secrets doors inside the prisonner’s cell.

One would ever wonder what was the point of the guards.

No place to check the security on the other side, isn’t it nice when you only put security on one door out of two?

SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK is all I can say. Even though there was no Richonne (😔) I really enjoyed this episode. I cried when Ben died it was so sad because he’s so precious and Morgan called him Duane😩😩😩 Morgan is one of my favorites so when I saw him back on that ‘Clear’ sh*t I got mad, I really hope he doesn’t go back to being crazy but I want him to kill
Richard’s Governor looking ass pissed me off but I get why he did it, it was stupid but I get it.
Carol knows about Glenn and Abraham and I’m so happy they’re going to fight. Carzekiel at the end of this episode thoooo🙂🙂🙂

anonymous asked:

Hi, lovely Sian💙💙 I love your michonne and rick reflections. Someone shared this with me and I didn't know how to answer without getting furious with SG and AMC. Could you please do me the honour of sharing your thoughts about this issue. I share it in part since I can't fit it in all one ask. Thank you beforehand. Part 1 As obsessed as Negan is at getting to and at Rick, the obvious and most entertaining route would be going after Michonne.

Part2 With her being such a force to be reckoned with, it would be gold, but as usual Gimple skirts the issue and instead basically has Michonne being challenged by another woman for Rick with Michonne being written as mostly invisible to Negan.

Part 3 Rick has never had another man challenge him for Michonne - well the Governor wanted her to take out his revenge on her and Rick handed her over, but since being together, other than Michonne’s unerring loyalty to Rick, Rick has never had to fear or worry about another man going after Michonne because none has shown interest in her in that way and I find that pathetic in a way because it doesn’t ring true seeing as how sexy and exotic Michonne is

Part 4 but Gimple’s writers refuse to have others in that world acknowledge her that way. While on the flip side, Michonne has had to witness other women’s interest in Rick (before they got together) and after. I resent their double standards in this.

Part 5 Rick fought and killed Shane over Lori. Rick fought and killed Pete over Jessie. Daryl fought and threatened Richard over Carol. Morgan went against his hard fought for code and killed the Savior over Carol. Ezekiel’s people kept telling anyone they could of Ezekiel’s protectiveness and guard over Carol. Gentle Glenn had a vendetta and thirst to kill Merle & the Governor over Maggie. Daryl sought to knock out Negan over Rosita

Hi! Thank you so much. Sorry it took so long to get to this.

Let me first start off by clarifying that Rick never handed Michonne over to the Governor. He thought about it, even started to plan it, but changed his mind. We have to be clear about this as a canon occurrence: He changed his mind.

Ugh. Mate, that whole J-Bangs wanting to lay with Rick was so unnecessary. While his reaction was funny, it was most definitely out of place in that episode and to find they cut a beautiful Richonne Grimes Family scene only to leave that one in just annoy me to no end. I’m still like:

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

But yeah. I think you have a point here that the most vicious way for Negan to get to Rick would be to go after Michonne. Now, while I don’t want any harm to come to her, this would be a gripping story arc. In saying that, I am not a fan of using women to force men into some kind of action or evoke a response.

Make no mistake, Michonne is worthy of fighting for, but if they were to take this route, they would need to be careful of how they wrote it. Rick and Michonne’s relationship is completely different to all of the ones you have listed here, Lor!ck included. He does love and care for Michonne; he would do anything for her; and hurting her would almost certainly break him.

Ultimately, I understand what you’re saying: You want to see Rick lose his shit over Michonne. I’d love to see that too. I just want the writers to take care with how they explore that idea because Michonne is the one who will bear the brunt of this narrative unfolding.

Thanks :)

** Merle Dixon successfully kills the governor and survives.

** Hes reluctantly allowed back with the group, although they still avoid him for the most part.

** One of the only people he actually strikes a friendship with is Michonne. He secretly likes the fact she could kick his ass.

** He’s with the group when they find Alexandria.

** Merle has always known that whoever Daryl fell in love with, it would only happen once, and gender would be irrelevant to that.

** Daryl doesn’t realize that himself.

** Merle is the first one who notices Jesus’s interest in Daryl. Daryl is oblivious.

** Merle notices how Daryl watches Jesus. Daryl is oblivious to this as well.

** Merle gives Jesus a shovel talk early on.

** Once Daryl realizes his feelings he’s terrified of Merle finding out.

** Right before Daryl is taken by Negan, Merle and him get in a fight after Merle makes a homophobic comment per usual and Daryl end up walking away.

** Merle says asshole comments on reflex (which nobody is condoning), but he doesn’t really MEAN it.

** After Jesus arrives back at Hilltop, a worse for wear Daryl in tow, he settles Daryl in his room, goes to get the doctor, than goes to get Merle.

** Merle gets to the room and doesn’t know what to say.

** Jesus turns to leave but Merle tells him he should stay, Daryl needs him there.

** Daryl just looks at him and tries to say he don’t need anyone.

** Merle says something like “don’t lie to your ole brother Merle, I’ve seen the way you look at em”

** Daryl is so exhausted. he says “you don’t know what youre talkin on about”

** Merle pat’s Daryl’s cheek, Daryl flinches, Jesus makes a move to defend Daryl until he realizes Merle won’t hit em.

** Merle says “I changed your diapers baby brother, I took pa’s beatings for you. Nobody will ever love you like I do, baby brother, and nothing’ll change that, nothing”.

** Merle isn’t as bad as he seems. He’s just a misunderstood asshole.

** He really just wants Daryl to be happy.


I tried to write a fic, but I can’t get Merle’s voice right. I’ve read a few fics where Merle find out about Daryl and Jesus and gets mad, but I like this alternative. I think Merle probably has always known it was a possibility for Daryl to love a man, and I think he knew if their dad found out about it, the was a real is possibility Daryl’s life would be in danger.

If anyone’s writes this, please let me know!