kill the bus driver

The San Antonio Railway Ghost Children - Texas’ most famous ghost story, arguably, is that of the ghost children that supposedly haunt a San Antonio railway track. An intersection of roadway and rail road track, which is located near the San Juan Mission, is the scene of this mysterious tale. As the tale goes, in the 1930′s, a school bus filled with children stalled on the rail road track. Tragedy struck, when an oncoming train crashed into the bus, killing all of the children and bus driver. Legend says that any car that stops in the same area, will be pushed by unseen hands over the train track until they reach safety. People believe the ghosts of the children haunt the area to protect people from another misfortune like the one that cost them their lives. Many curious people have driven to the area in an attempt to see if the famous legend is true; there have even been numerous reports of tiny fingerprints being left imprinted on the car and claims of ghostly children’s voices and laughter being heard in the area.

Connor Lassiter, the Akron Awol
“Connor Lassiter. Scheduled to be unwound the 21st of November-until you went AWOL. You caused an accident that killed a bus driver, left dozens of others injured, and shut down an interstate highway for hours. Then, on top of it, you took a hostage AND shot a Juvey-cop with his own tranq gun.”

Why no one here is talking about El Salvador?

They’re killing us all here.

Gangs are killing bus drivers and some are on strike while the ones working are risking their lives. Tons of people have no way to return to their homes after work, or they have no way to go to their works in the first place.

Our death count is at 20~30 per day. Criminals IN PRISON have better TVs than we do at our homes. They are threating people FROM PRISON with fucking iPhones and shit.

Schools and our public university, they had to cancel classes as a preventive measure so kids and teenages do not get kill.

Our goverment is doing shit. Our president keeps talking shit, well, no. He can’t even talking shit. He doesn’t know how to talk to an audience.

Our deputies don’t do shit either, they just blame each other until someone gets bored or cannot make a good comeback.

I can’t go to the university because my mom thinks it’s too dangerous, I just wanted some fucking books, you know? This is our situation and no one gives a single shit.

Oh, but there are some plans going on: TO KILL ALL GANG MEMBERS.

Yes. Because THAT IS THE BEST FUCKING WAY. Just kill everyone, that is the best way to heal a fucking country.

This is a historical problem. This is not new. In January, a lady died because of crossfire. That didn’t happen since our civil war, more than 20 years ago.

We just want peace, not to keep up the killing. We are scared. And no one is here to help any of us. Not even ourselves.

Men in miniskirts campaign for women's rights

How did men in miniskirts become a protest meme on social media?

Turkish men aren’t known for wearing skirts. But it’s expected they will turn out in large numbers in Istanbul later to protest about violence against women in Turkey.

They’re joining others outraged by the murder of 20-year-old Ozgecan Aslan who was abducted on 11 February and killed for apparently trying to prevent a bus driver from raping her.

It’s thought she tried to fend off her attacker with pepper spray but was stabbed and then hit on the head with a metal bar. Her body was discovered in a riverbed several days later.

As BBC Trending has been reporting all week, Aslan’s murder has led to a huge outpouring of anger, not only on the streets but also online.  More than 6 million people have tweeted her name and thousands have used social media to share their own stories of sexual abuse. Most of those seemed to be women. But it was in neighbouring Azerbaijan, where most people understand Turkish, that men’s reaction first seemed to trend. 

Azeri men in mini skirts are filling up the Twitter & Facebook timelines of people in Azerbaijan using the hashtag #ozgecanicinminietekgiy which roughly translates as “wear a miniskirt for Ozgecan”.

The Twitter hashtag started on Wednesday. To date, about 1,500 people have used it, with roughly equal take up by men and women online (51% and 49% respectively.)  Their rallying cry on Facebook states: “If a miniskirt is responsible for everything, if [wearing] a miniskirt means immorality and unchastity, if a woman who wears a miniskirt is sending an invitation about what will happen to her, then we are also sending an invitation!”

However not everyone is convinced the campaign is either necessary or a good idea. “What’s to get? What inept action!” said one Azeri tweeter, Javidan Aghayev. He told BBC Trending he thought the campaign was “Düşük,” which means stupid in Azeri slang. “Instead of supporting women in a real, practical way, wearing a skirt or a wig is not going to have any positive effect,” he says. “In conservative civilizations like Turkey and Azerbaijan, this campaign is not going to help. Maybe in Europe, but not here.”

But other men felt the Aslan case was so horrific that it provoked deep reflection. “Very big incidents must take place in order for people to understand that something is wrong in Turkey,” says Cenkal Karakaya, a male tweeter in Turkey. “We can’t see  how deadly decayed buildings are until there is an earthquake. We can’t see the need to create safe working conditions for a mine until tragedies like Soma happen. We become aware only after things happen to us”.

If the point of this miniskirt campaign was to raise awareness and secure media coverage, then arguably it has worked. Most of the accounts tweeting images of the men in mini skirts were well-known news outlets such as Hurriyet.

The debate over the Aslan case has also been taken up by Azerbaijan’s officials, who held a parliamentary debate about rape and domestic violence earlier this week, led by MP Elmira Akhundova.


Mother Of ‘Bubbles,’ Little Girl Killed By Texting School Bus Driver, Says She Can Forgive, But Not Forget

A Tennessee bus driver tasked with safely transporting children on their way home from school pulled out his phone and began to text. Soon after, the yellow school bus slammed into another, killing two children and a teacher’s aide.

Sharon Glasper, the mother of 7-year-old Knoxville girl Seraya, who died in the accident, says she has forgiven driver James Davenport, 44, but will never forget the unimaginable hurt his actions caused last December.


The Juarez Serial Killer - Since 1993 around 260 young women, predominantly slim, with long hair and brown eyes, have disappeared from the Mexican border town of Juarez. Local residents believe that the true number is closer to 400. Officially, the authorities put the figure at 76 - all have been raped, had their hands tied, their hair cut or had their breasts mutilated. Some have had their heads crushed or driven over by a car. Most of the women were killed on their return from work. Over time, the killings have become more brutal. In November 2002, eight bodies were found and the police arrested two bus drivers, who confessed to raping and killing the eight women and three others. These were two men amongst the dozen arrested over the years, and every time the killings continued. The two new suspects later denied involvement and claimed that the police had tortured them into making the confessions. As in the past, the new arrests do not seem to have stopped the killings.


That dude in the bus was killing it. Angle that would make a Formula D driver jealous 

  • me: *Takes A Deep Breath*
  • me: I Wi-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you Wish You Could Turn Into Bowser So You Could Kill Your Bus Driver, we know, You Wish You Could Turn Into Bowser So You Could Kill Your Bus Driver so much, it's your reason for living, You Wish You Could Turn Into Bowser so much, you just want to Kill Your Bus Driver, we KNOW, You Wish You Could Turn Into Bowser so you could fucking Kill Your Bus Driver ok we know, we get it, YOU WISH YOU COULD TURN INTO BOWSER SO YOU COULD KILL YOUR BUS DRIVER. WE GET IT.

Last night, I took the bus to the airport to get back to [Redacted]. At this time, some trucks were fogging the road, so the bus turned up the windows. One of the tourists heading to the airport asked what the fog was for.

Bus driver: It’s insecticide to kill mosquitoes.

Tourist: Isn’t that bad for the environment?

Bus driver: Maybe it is. It’s still worth it. We have to kill them before they kill us.

Me: Fuck mosquitoes

All the other black passengers: Fuck mosquitoes

All the white tourists: *looks of confusion*