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Tiberius Blackthorn: 1997-

When Ty was much younger, he’d been puzzled by the way people talked and the way they exaggerated to make a point. Phrases like “raining cats and dogs” had caused him annoyance—and sometimes a small amount of betrayal, since he liked cats and dogs a great deal more than he liked rain.

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he wanted to reach down and draw emma toward him, capture her mouth with his - kiss the real emma and erase the memory of the leanansídhe - but he would have settled for curling her close against his side, holding her through the night and feeling her body expand and contract as she breathed. he would have settled for sleeping through the night with only their smallest fingers touching.


tda appreciation week, day four — favorite platonic ship. 

Livvy & Ty.

‘“Let him go!” A seraph blade appeared in her hand, already beginning to glow. She spoke to Mark through gritted teeth, as if she’d never met him. As if she hadn’t been carrying a patchwork of quilt for him through the Institute only moments before. “If you hurt Tiberius, I’ll kill you. I don’t care if you’re Mark, I’ll kill you.”’

  • Malcolm: I've tried to be kind to you, have I not?
  • Julian: You've taken over my home, stolen my brother, tortured half of my family, and killed some of my friends.
  • Malcolm: But I haven't killed you. Think about it: I've killed a massive amount of people this week, but I haven't killed you.