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tda appreciation week, day four — favorite platonic ship. 

Livvy & Ty.

‘“Let him go!” A seraph blade appeared in her hand, already beginning to glow. She spoke to Mark through gritted teeth, as if she’d never met him. As if she hadn’t been carrying a patchwork of quilt for him through the Institute only moments before. “If you hurt Tiberius, I’ll kill you. I don’t care if you’re Mark, I’ll kill you.”’

From High Lady to Shadowhunter

Now that I got ACOWAR, how about that Lord of Shadows? Another waiting game and it’s killing me all over again.

Me and Cassandra Clare probably:

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  • Malcolm: I've tried to be kind to you, have I not?
  • Julian: You've taken over my home, stolen my brother, tortured half of my family, and killed some of my friends.
  • Malcolm: But I haven't killed you. Think about it: I've killed a massive amount of people this week, but I haven't killed you.
So I have a TYPE, sue me

I recently realized that I am super gay for powerful blonde bruiser girls who’ll fuck you up one minute and then giggle and flip their hair the next.

Rachel from Animorphs (She was actually my first fictional crush). Blonde, everyone thinks she’s just a Valley Girl who likes to shop, but she’s the most lethal fighter and goes out like a BOSS.

Minako Aino/Sailor Venus. Starts off silly and reluctant, but she fights as a Senshi on her own for over a year, wields the Holy Sword and fuckin’ murders WitchQueen Beryl, she even kicks Jupiter’s ass when the poor girl gets brainwashed. Minako and her golden hair will kill anyone who threatens her Princess.

Yang Xiao Long. First of all, THAT GORGEOUS MANE OF GOLDEN BLONDE CURLS. KILL. ME. The way she winks and grins right before she wrecks your entire day with one punch. Her confidence and strength and just omg everything about her. The way her hair lights on fire!

Then we have Emma Carstairs from TMI/TDA. Blonde, wields a bitchin’ sword that can cut through ANYTHING, gives literally zero fucks about the rules (“The Law is annoying but it is also flexible…”). She’s pure sass and determination with white blonde hair, freckles, and a smile that can go from warm and loving to “bitch I will HAPPILY kill you myself” in like 0.03 seconds.

These ladies are my life goals.

(Minus the long blonde hair; looks gorgeous on them but I’m happy with short and fun colored)

things that should have happened in total drama all stars

only post i will make regarding this bye

lindsay should have continued the rivalry with heather from season 1

lightning should have gotten more sha-development

jo should have gotten to get more development with the amazing rivalry with heather and maybe an awesome friendship with duncan

sam shouldnt have even been there
brick should have been there and jock should have become canon

heather should have been more manipulative and had the rivalry with jo
and make it at LEAST to the merge (not saying aleheather because there may be hope in ep 13)

sierra should have been able to kick ass and not need to be obsessive over cody to even exist

duncan was supposed to be over courtney and go after scott and have
some sort of interaction with cameron and maybe even lightning

cameron should have been eliminated either 1st or 2nd

alejandro shouldnt have been walking on his hands the majority of the time he was on the damn show and he should have told everyone about mal.

courtney should have fucking won this season first of all. courtney should have been single the entire season. courtney should have had her head in the game the eNTIRE SEASON. NOT JUST THE ONE EPISODE.

gwen shouldnt have been as rude to duncan as she was. sure she probably would be pissed off, but she wouldnt be a full out bitch about it.

scott should have been more like he was in season 4. scott should have had a friendship with gwen and a rivalry with courtney not a relationship. scott should have overcame his fear of fang. scott shouldnt have made it this far - maybe i would think differently if he actually did something

zoey should have listened to duncan. zoey should have been more smarter and less useless. zoey should not have won around 4-5 challenges in a row. favortism 

mike/mal should and could have been amazing antagonist. breaking electronics. ooh how terrifying and manipulative. <–sarcasm.  

i would add so much more to this list but theres just so much
kill total drama all stars